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Incognito Series, Book 1: No Ordinary Love by Karen Wiesner (Romance: Contemporary Intrigue/Espionage)

Incognito Series, Book 1: No Ordinary Love by Karen Wiesner (Romance: Contemporary Intrigue/Espionage)
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NO ORDINARY LOVE, Book 1: Kira Gunn, 25-year-old wunderkind, remembers nothing about her life before 31-year-old Vincent Carson. He's been her guardian, her protector, her business partner and her passion for 15 years, yet he remains an enigma who seems to exist solely to give her everything she wants and needs. Who is he? Where did he come from? Who is she and where did she come from? The vague nightmares she's had as long as she can remember--gunshots, utter terror and the gentle eyes of salvation--and Vincent's tender resistance to help her discover the answers of her uncertain past are taking its toll on her body, her heart and her soul. How can she trust a man whose past is as gray as her own? But how can she leave Vincent, the only home she's ever known? For he is her salvation.

Kira has become the sole reason for Vincent's existence since the moment her vulnerable, trusting child eyes met his own. As Kira struggles with unseen demons, Vincent fiercely guards the truth, even as his own heart takes the wounds of her battle. She wants the one thing he can never give her. To seek out the truth of her past would be to put both of their lives in danger...and could mean losing the only thing in the world that matters to Vincent--Kira's love.

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Incognito Series, Book 1: No Ordinary Love by Karen Wiesner (Romance: Contemporary Intrigue/Espionage)
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Karen Wiesner
Jul 29, 2016
Awards & Honors:
2007 EPIC Award winner
2006 CAPA Award nominee
TRS Sweetheart Award nominee
L-Edit Slip finalist
5 stars from Huntress Reviews
5 angels from Fallen Angel Reviews
5 cups from Coffee Time Romance Reviews
5 beacons from Lighthouse Literary Reviews
5 stars from The Romance Studio
4 ½ stars from Once Upon a Romance Review
A Perfect 10 review from Romance Reviews Today
4 1/2 delightful divas from Dark Diva Reviews

5 Stars! "This is the first book in the Incognito Series. I found it to be a very solid foundation for what could very well turn out to be one of the best romantic suspense novels of the year. It overflows in action and drama, with just the right amount of romance. Outstanding!" ~Huntress Reviews

5 Cups! "NO ORDINARY LOVE is no ordinary book. Vincent and Kira are transcendent characters, almost larger than life, yet very human in their flaws and frailties. Love burns bright between them, but for Kira it is tarnished with fear, and for Vincent intertwined with duty. Can they possibly escape this baggage and build a real relationship? This is a page turner, taut, nail-biting thriller interwoven with a poignant, powerful romance. It is truly a book I could not put down. There are some spicy love scenes, but emotions far outweigh lust. My need to learn who actually are the good guys and the bad drove me to turn page after page. Revelations came just often enough to keep me off balance until the end, which is happy in spite of all the angst to get there. My recommendation? Buy it. Read it. Soon!" ~Coffee Time Romance

5 Angels! "NO ORDINARY LOVE is the first book in the Incognito Series. This fantastic, action packed story is one that I will be keeping in my favorites file. These well described and highly developed characters have such an emotional bond between them that it brought tears to my eyes many times while reading this tale. NO ORDINARY LOVE has a lot going on as it lays the foundation for the series and details the mysterious organization, the Network. This story for me was one that I didn't want to put down and when I absolutely had to, it kept calling my name until I could get back to it. Karen Wiesner has got herself a new fan with this captivating and enchanting book and I can't wait to read what else she has in store from the Network." ~Fallen Angel Reviews
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Sample Chapter


Angelo's footsteps resounded through the stark corridor of the underground compound as he walked toward the white room where they were keeping the child.

Drop the girl into an orphanage.

That was what Oversight Committee wanted to do with her. Angelo grimaced. He rarely agreed with the powers that be, but in their covert organization he did what he was told. This time he knew he had no choice but to allow the lamb to go into the system. She knew far too much. At just ten years old, she'd seen too much as well. She'd been in hiding for so long, running from the threat stalking her family. Only a few hours ago, she'd seen her father gunned down. The girl's confusion since then had been total, making Angelo wonder if she'd really understood what had happened on that dead end street. If she remembered...

Angelo gritted his teeth. Someday the girl would remember. Someday she would figure it out. Angelo couldn't allow that. Not when he was so close to getting what he needed. The girl's memory would have to be erased.

When he reached the door of the white room, he hesitated. Much as he wasn't looking forward to it, he'd have to tell Kyle what they planned to do to keep the organization secure. Better that Kyle hear it from him.

From the first, Angelo had seen that Kyle wasn't an operative who performed his duty like a well-programmed machine, the way he'd been trained to. He did his job, but he did it his own way. He was an operative worth more than an entire team. But, when Kyle found the girl covered in her father's blood out there tonight, something had happened to him. The child had gone into his arms--into the arms of a stranger--and refused to accept anyone else's comfort. From that moment, Angelo understood his prize operative had lost his allegiance to the organization. His loyalty was to the girl. Probably because Kyle had been, for all intents and purposes, abandoned as a child himself.

Kyle wouldn't agree with what they had to do to contain this leak, Angelo knew. But they had no choice. Focus on the mission. Right now, what mattered was that this girl had seen too much and she would have to be silenced. She would have to disappear. Permanently. It was the only way to maintain structural integrity.

Taking a deep breath, Angelo pushed his card into the scanner and waited for the door to open. By the time Kyle found out, it would be too late for him to change anything.

The white room was the shape of an octagon with flat, brilliant white walls untouched by decoration or places to hide. The bed they'd brought for the girl was empty save for a G.I. Joe action doll and an untouched sandwich. A full glass of milk had been spilled on the floor.

She was gone.

Swearing, Angelo turned back and flew down the hall before the doors had even hissed to a close behind him. God only knew what the girl's parents could have taught her about escape. If she'd somehow gotten out, an alert would have sounded instantly. Unless...

The realization growing in Angelo's mind seemed impossible. Unthinkable. Even when he had the undeniable proof right in from of him, he couldn't get himself to believe it.

Kyle had taken the girl. They'd trained him to disappear without a trace, to be a master of disguise and deception. He was one of the best operatives they had. Regardless, he and the girl would be hunted and they would be found.

Kyle had taken her before they could wipe her memory. Sooner or later, those memories would return.

The girl would be alone at some point, Angelo acknowledged while he unconsciously held the action doll in a strangling grip. And then Kyle wouldn't be able to protect her.

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