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    Authenticity is, unfortunately, not much found in the church. As Christians, how do we know for sure we're walking the talk, living the example, being the salt and light we're commanded to be in the Bible? Do nonbelievers see the joy and authenticity in our lives? 

    Radically Real is a wakeup call to believers to look at the way we live our lives and to return to biblical Christianity. To be Fishers of Men, we must leave judgment on the doorstep. Instead of following legalistic rules, we're charged by Jesus to reach out to those around us about our faith and meet them where they are, just like our Lord did! 

    Radically Real reminds believers of the high price our Savior paid for us out of His great love, gives guidance in keeping our "swords" sharp by staying in the Word and being the fire that burns brightly with the light of Christ in a dark world in need of the Gospel's message. Christianity isn't a cold, lifeless, ruthless set of rules that believers must endure in order to get to Heaven. To be a child of God is to have access to a vibrant, exciting and fulfilling life...if only we leave the middle of the road and make the choice to stand with our transforming Lord. 

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    Should Christians study eschatology--the part of theology concerned with death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind? What does the Bible say about End Times and how can laypeople learn about it without having to scale "Mount Prophecy" to get there? Biblical prophecy is the topic of countless books, many that are long and use theological language that often escapes the average, faithful member of a Bible-believing church. The Future in a Nutshell covers in simple language the basic tenets of Biblical eschatology, providing a useful overview about what the Bible teaches about the future. 

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