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Commonwealth Universe, Age 1: Volume 5: Nova Vendetta Part 1: The Injustice
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Commonwealth Universe, Age 1: Volume 5: Nova Vendetta Part 1: The Injustice

Score: 4.00 (votes: 2)

Before the Commonwealth existed, there was an expanding, multi-galaxy civilization referred to by its descendants/survivors simply as "First Civ". Due to the combined effects of a too-aggressive policy of expansion, civil unrest, the inequality and abuse of the classes, and the categorizing of augmented humans as a slave class, First Civ disintegrated.

The period of darkness and barbarism that followed is referred to as the Downfall. Various groups of people fled First Civ as they became endangered or more powerful people tried to have them classified as mutants or non-humans, and either sterilized or made them into slaves. Among them were the Khybors, the ancestors of the Leapers.

Some groups of people managed to get hold of ships and flee to distant galaxies. Using sleeper ships, they could spend centuries in travel and no one would age. This caused problems later, when different waves of refugees landed on the same planet, and the newcomers came into conflict with those who'd been there for centuries.

Niall Encardi is ready to graduate after long, intensive years of medical training and go home to the colony world of Sorendaal. His life-long dream has been to become a healer and help the people his uncle, the governor, leads. The revolutionaries who overthrow the current government of the Central Allied Worlds have other plans. When the homeworlds of Niall and his classmates don't immediately give support and approval to the revolutionaries, the medical students are labeled enemies of the state and transported to prison.

Despite every effort to stay focused on his first calling, healing and medicine, Niall becomes a leader, first on a prison planet, then on the prison space station known as the Abyss. Every time the government changes hands, he and his friends and then his allies in the prison society are labeled conspirators and sympathizers and condemned to yet more imprisonment.

By the time the Abyss is attacked, Niall and his people have become a force to be reckoned with in their goal of freedom...even if it means turning pirate, like the falsely imprisoned nobleman who once sailed the ancient seas, on a ship called the Vendetta.

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Score: 4.00 (votes: 2)
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  • Lelia Rose Foreman (Amazon customer)
    Aug 17, 2017, 14:53
    Great Adventure.

    This was a great adventure.
  • Catherine Mackay (Amazon Customer)
    Aug 17, 2017, 14:52
    Evenly-paced novel that explores the psychological aspects of false imprisonment and adaption

    The Injustice: Part One of Nova Vendetta was a fairly good read, though the pacing of the story was a little on the slow side, perhaps reflecting the fact this is a character driven novel that deals with the psychological effects of false imprisonment and the need to adapt to the prison environment. The main character is Niall Encardi who is on the verge of graduating as a doctor and the trials he and his friends endure when the central government is overthrown and they are unjustly arrested and imprisoned. Some readers may struggle to keep up with the number of times the government subsequently changes - I think I counted at least five times the government changed hands over the course of the novel, but then this does reflect the author's who has set the story at a turbulent period in the human worlds. However, Niall and his friends, no matter who was in charge, remained imprisoned and falsely accussed of collaboration - didn't matter what the latest incarnation of the central government was. Niall is a well-developed character who shows a high level of resilience through his trials and uses his skills and cunning to get what he and his friends need to survive. Overall, the author has written an entertaining novel and am looking forward to now reading part 2. Note: it may interest future readers to know that the author has written a number of books in the Commonwealth universe.
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