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Angelfire II Quartet, Book 1: Only the Lonely
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Angelfire II Quartet, Book 1: Only the Lonely

Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)

Mikey Lund has spent thirty years being the odd man out and believes he only fell into being in a popular crowd as an adult because of a friendly association at Foxx Body Shop, where he's the head mechanic. Truthfully, he's been in love with most of his female friends from afar for years yet he's never considered any of them truly an option for him. He's spent a lonely existence, only imagining the perfect romance but never coming close to it. When Mike's drop-dead gorgeous friend Diane Hoffman quits her job after learning her boss and long-term boyfriend Robert Drake is married with children, Diane comes to work at the garage. Afraid she'll be weak if she relies on herself, she asks Mike if he'll help her convince Robert she's over him. Mike sees an opening to show Diane not all men are losers and creeps, unable or unwilling to be faithful to one special woman. 

Diane is devastated about having unwittingly been "the other woman" for so many years and she'd determined to make a clean break from the unsatisfying relationship she's had with her lying, cheating beau. Though she's wallowed in her grief for far too long, packing on the pounds in her lonely misery, Mike is willing to help her put on a good show for Robert, who continues to pursue her. Diane has counted on Mikey's friendship for years but never really saw him as boyfriend material before, partly because of how overweight he'd always been. But now Mike is fit and trim--and he's the perfect "pretend" boyfriend... so perfect, she can't help wondering if their amazingly sweet, sexy romantic relationship could last in the real world. 

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Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
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  • Harriet Klausner
    Aug 22, 2017, 13:09
    enjoyable contemporary romance

    Global Pharmaceutical District 2 Administrative Assistant Diane Hoffman and Pharma Sales Rep Robert Drake have been seeing each other for years though he travels a lot. After being away for four months, Robert acts odd when he tells his girlfriend he is too tired to see her. She soon learns why as Robert is married with two children. Mortified and heartbroken she quits her job and goes on a sugar binge to the consternation of her friends.

    Diane obtains a position at Foxx Body Shop where Mikey Lund works. Mikey has always been on the fringe of their crowd partly because he was overweight and mostly because he is shy. He wants to help his friend Diane to get over her former lover; while Robert tries to persuade her to renew their relationship. Not wanting to be the other woman, Diane turns to Mikey to insure she does not return to Robert like an addict in need. Mike prays that he can persuade Diane to take a chance on him and his love for her.

    The first Angelfire II tale is an enjoyable contemporary romance as the inadvertent other woman and the once obese still alone man fall in love while pretending to be an item. Karen Wiesner delightfully captures the mindset of the protagonists; as he lost the weight but psychologically feels fat and she lost the cheater while psychologically feels a need for the chutzpah philanderer. Readers will enjoy this entertaining tale as Only the Lonely know how the lead couple feels.
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