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What are Ebooks and Ebook Readers? (And software required downloads)

An ebook is an "electronic book". These books are called "electronic" because they are files that you access on your computer. Like a normal paper book they have cover art, an author, editor, illustrator, publisher and story. E-books are available in any genre, any length, and many formats.

Many of us read similar files every single day....

You can get ebooks that open in your word processor, just like the report you might type at work, or that Assignment you just handed in. There are HTML ebooks that open in your browser and look just like a webpage (only with a lot more text usually).


What Formats Do Writers Exchange Sell?

WEE novels are currently available in 9 formats.

  • pdf (iphone [running IOS4 onwards], Kobo - even picture books will display on this, but in monochrome)
  • html (opens in your browser, can run on the iphone or other mobile phones)
  • Microsoft Reader (lit)
  • Mobipocket Unencrypted (mobi) for the Kindle and other devices
  • Ebookwise: imp 1150 (for the ebookwise and imp 2150 (color version)
  • Rocket
  • Palm/Ebookreader
  • epub (for the ipad, Sony, Kobo reading devices and many others)
  • By customer request, we have our novels in two "page flipping" formats. These formats are specially made files that make the ebook appear similar to a print book with pages that flip over as you turn the page.

    These two formats are: .dnl and .exe. The exe is a normal Windows executable file, so the moment you click on it (after saving it on your hard drive) it will run in Windows. The other requires the download of the dnl reading software (later versions do work on the Mac). You can download this here. We do not frequently update this download, so for the latest version of the reader just type "dnl reader" into a search engine.

    Children's Picture Books:
    The Flip Album books also requires special programs to open: Windows Version and Mac Version. We do not update these all the time, so you can probably get more recent versions from the flip album website.

    How do I read my ebook?

    There are a number of choices, depending on the book format you buy.

    The "formats" let you know what file type the book has been made in. The most common is "htm" which is opened in your browser (Internet Explorer usually). There are also programs designed specifically for ebooks:

    Microsoft made the Microsoft Reader program, that has "Clear Type Technology" and is supposed to make reading on screen much easier on your eyes.

    Adobe Acrobat made PDF, files which are used in most business for documents that you want to look the same no matter what kind of computer opens them.

    The Palm, Gemstar and Rocket formats are usually for use in an electronic reading device (such as the Palm Reader, Ebookwise and the Rocket).

    There are also many other types of software that make executable files that do not require the purchaser to have the program installed on their computer to run. You just need the purchased book - this is a lot like zipped files that are made to self-extract, so that the recipient doesn't have to have WinZip to open the file.

    Some of these programs make books that display two pages on screen at once and when you click on the next page they actually show the page turning - so it almost feels like you are reading a print book!


    Do I need special Software to Read an E-Book?

    As I stated earlier some books use your normal web browser, but some do require special software, which are usually free to download off the internet.


    Do I have to read at the computer?

    No, you don't, there are dedicated e-reading devices such as the Kindle, or of course you can read on your smart phone or tablet.

    The good thing about the Kindle is you can read it on all devices including downloading the software for your computer as well as mobile devices, and all versions can be synced.


    Why would I Want an E-Book When I Can Read Print?

    There are many people who find reading print books uncomfortable, inconvenient or even unhealthy. Due to the paper dust, people with dust allergies find ebooks a godsend. Because e-readers are so light and can contain so many books, those with RSI or arthritis who find heavy books difficult to hold (or painful), no longer have to worry.

    Hopefully one day school children will have electronic textbooks so they won't need heavy backpacks that damage their spines. Electronic textbooks are already for sale in America, but are not yet common place in the school system.

    Also if you are looking for particular text you can search an ebook very quickly using a "find" function, which is much better than skimming through a print book for the item you are looking for.

    In some formats, on some reading devices, you can also highlight the text without damaging the file. Unlike a print book and highlighter pen, which is impossible to remove when you are finished with it.
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