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Kaleidoscope Series, Book 1: Perfect Cadence by Karen Wiesner (Contemporary Romance Novella)

Kaleidoscope Series, Book 1: Perfect Cadence by Karen Wiesner (Contemporary Romance Novella)
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Thirty-year-old Keri Woods has had it with her no-commitment, no-way boyfriend Rob. Planning to get her head on straight, she accepts her boss Angela's offer to use the Lewis family's cabin for a two-week skiing vacation over the Christmas holiday. Little does Keri realize that her boss's cousin, Joshua Lewis, is already occupying the very same cabin at the very same time.

Ten years earlier, Keri and Joshua had shared a single, unforgettable day and night together that ended with a kiss that left them both desperately smitten. Yet Joshua's life had been too complicated. At only twenty-six, he'd realized that there could be no long-distance, long-term relationship between them. He hadn't been ready to have his whole life happen to him at once. His decision to leave and never see her again had come back to bite him in the butt. For years after confiding to his closest friend Dandy--the foreman on his father's cattle ranch in Fever, Texas and the true father figure in his life--Joshua had had to listen to the old man encourage and berate him for not following his heart with Keri Woods.

Joshua has come to the family cabin after the recent death of Dandy, who'd made him promise to return to the cabin to "mend old regrets". The last thing Joshua expects to find is the drop-dead beautiful woman he'd regretted abandoning a decade earlier naked in his bed.

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Kaleidoscope Series, Book 1: Perfect Cadence by Karen Wiesner (Contemporary Romance Novella)
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Karen Wiesner
Jun 9, 2015
Awards & Honors:
5 wings from Classic Romance Revival
5 stars from ReviewYourBook.com
5 hearts from The Romance Studio
4 ½ pixies from Dark Angel Reviews
4 ½ books from LASR
5 stars from Huntress Reviews
4.25 fang review from Fang-tastic Books

5 Stars! "What could make a better story than a cabin and an old flame? Karen Wiesner is a talented author; I always look forward to her art. Sure to be a cherished favorite. Thank you for another good read." ~ReviewYourBook.com http://www.reviewyourbook.com/review.cfm?reviewid=608

5 Hearts! "So much fabulous reading enjoyment I could not read it fast enough. Some of this era’s greatest writing—above and beyond the levels I have come to expect. The characters were spectacular, the storyline enthralling, and the actions by even the lesser characters were spell-binding. Kudo to the authors. I highly recommend this to everyone. You will definitely not be disappointed. I guarantee it." ~The Romance Studio http://theromancestudio.com/reviews/reviews/christmaswisheswcpantho.htm

5 Wings! “This delightful read gives you a wonderful sense of family, relationships, and the joy of the season. Wonderfully paced stories. I give this book a high 5 wings and recommend to anybody looking for a uplifting book to read any time of year.” ~Classic Romance Revival http://www.classicromancerevival.com/component/resource/article/crr-reviews/27-anthology/101-christmas-wishes-jewels-of-the-quill.html

5 Stars! "An anthology filled with Christmas love… Perfect Cadence by Karen Wiesner: What could make a better story than a cabin and an old flame? Karen Wiesner is a talented author; I always look forward to her art. The six stories in CHRISTMAS WISHES are sure to be cherished favorites. Each story centers on Christmas and a wish or need. Pirri, Wiesner, Toombs, Woods, Carter and DeSmet make a formidable team of authors. Each brings their own unique perspective [to this Jewels of the Quill holiday collection]. While this anthology is filled with love, it is not all romance. Thank you, ladies, for another good read." ~ReviewYourBook.com http://www.reviewyourbook.com/review.cfm?reviewid=608

4 1/2 Pixies! "Sure to delight readers, offering a delectable morsel for the reader's imagination as the hopeful and optimistic approach to a happy ending brings joy and the glory of the Christmas spirit straight to reader’s heart. A powerful helping of romance, tension, and the proverbial happy ending." ~Dark Angel Reviews https://www.darkangelreviews.com/Christmas_Wishes.html

4 1/2 Books! “These two extremely independent people have lots of stumbling starts before they find their way in this emotion called love that they are both rather leery of. Josh’s cat, Leonardo the Maine coon, tries to help in his own special way. For the ‘keeper’ shelf of your library.” ~The Long And The Short Of It Reviews http://www.longandshortreviews.com/LASR/1208/ChristmasWishes-AN.htm

4.25 Fangs! “If you love Christmas stories, this book is one to keep on your shelves. You'll want to pull it out every year and cuddle up by the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa while reading (if you don't have a fireplace snuggle up in your favorite blanket like I do, imagining a fireplace in front of me). Perfect Cadence is a story of second chances, a tale of the one that got away being found again. I loved the setting--a perfect winter romance set in a cabin in the mountains.” ~Fang-tastic Books http://fang-tasticbooks.blogspot.com/2010/12/review-of-christma-wishes-jewels-of.html

4 Cups! “A warm and hopeful tale of true love lost and found again, this story made me want to book a mountain cabin with my own true love, my own Perfect Cadence. Of course, like Keri, I would let him do the cooking and wood chopping. A good, light, seasonal read that had me looking for my fireplace and hot cocoa.” ~Coffee Time Romance http://www.coffeetimeromance.com

"This will leave any reader of this genre satisfied and wanting more. This will definitely get any reader into the Christmas spirit." ~Front Street Reviews http://www.frontstreetreviews.com/

"Family oriented and heartwarming." ~RT Book Reviews http://www.rtbookreviews.com
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Sample Chapter


December 1st

"Keri is miserable with Rob." Angela's voice revealed her concern and frustration. "She doesn't even need to say it to anyone. She shoots daggers at every man who comes through Kaleidoscope. She'll definitely take my suggestion of a skiing vacation at the cabin over Christmas. No worries about that, Dandy."

The long-time foreman on Angela's uncle's ranch in Fever, Texas sounded old and frail. Following a burst of wet coughing, Dandy came back on the phone line. "And I'll get m'boy Josh up there to the cabin 'same time, Angel-face."

"And once Keri and Josh are back together again...they'll fall in love and everything will be fine."

"Everything'll be jes' fine," Dandy agreed. "Ain't no way I'll let m'boy make the same stupid mistakes I made at his age."

Are you all right? hovered on the tip of Angela's tongue when his coughing began again. What held her back was knowing the sweet old guy would just say he didn't plan to live forever anyway.

Lately, Dandy seemed fixated on making sure Josh was happy. It was almost as if...well, as if Dandy believed this might be his last chance to make sure Josh got the future happiness he was currently denying himself. Dandy had called three times in the last week to check up on Angela's progress in their matchmaking scheme.

Christmas was a season of miracles, wasn't it? Her and Dandy's Christmas wish for their friends and family just had to come true.

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