Peter Woodruff resides in the rugged northwest corner of Illinois. The scenic countryside offers inspiration for his novels and stories. Woodruff is trained in the equestrian arts through the British Horse Society. When not writing, Woodruff is active in choral singing and Community Theater.

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    Living history through the eyes of a young German girl. Based on a true story.

    Like many little girls, Helga Reiter dreams of horses. More than anything, the six-year-old wants to learn to ride and become a great equestrian. But, in 1941, the world is at war...

    Having overrun much Europe and North Africa, Germany's glorious military has no spare horses for frivolous childhood dreams. Stubborn as any good German shoulder, Helga, contrives several ill-fated attempts to ride. By late 1944, Helga has no choice but to forgo her dream and face a terrible reality. Her country is losing the war. As Germany is crushed between the Soviet and Allied advance, the Reiter family struggles to survive one day at a time.

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    Within twenty-four hours Jill Hathaway loses her job, her niece is brutally murdered, her house burns to the ground and her life is threatened--all because of a photograph.

    Jill is a professional horse show photographer. She never expected to capture the murder of an international dressage competitor on film. Pursued relentlessly by a trio of murderous gangsters determined to destroy the only evidence of their crime, she finds herself in mortal danger and takes refuge in a remote, northwoods cabin. Jill's only hope is to trust the courage and resourcefulness of a police detective and a surly, adolescent boy. Before long, she realizes trust is not enough when friends can be bought and betrayal is deadly. 

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