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Falcon's Bend Series, Book 6: Pretty Fly
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Falcon's Bend Series, Book 6: Pretty Fly

Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)

Falcon's Bend is a small, sleepy town in Wisconsin that owns more taverns than churches, but fills both on the appropriate days. Teenagers talk of escape from the one-horse town because nothing ever seems to happen. But, even here in the Heartland, police investigators Pete Shasta, Danny Vincent and Amber Carfi fight a never-ending battle to keep their beloved families and hometown safe and sound.

Will you walk in, pretty fly...and will you walk out once you're trapped inside the spider's lair?

Shayna Vincent returns home to Falcon's Bend after her romance turns disastrous. When she and Gage Keveris became a creative design team at the prestigious Bethany Advertising Agency, she'd had no idea he was married to a career-ambitious woman who traveled more often than she came home. Over the last year and half, Shayna found herself falling in love with her partner and friend without a clue what he was hiding. Now that she knows the truth, she can't bear the pain of being near him when they can't be together. 

While staying with her little brother Danny, a Falcon's Bend Police Department detective, she meets up with an old crush from high school. Shawn Futrell has been widowed twice, his third wife is missing, and he's the father of a sixteen-year-old from his first marriage. When Danny finds out his vulnerable sibling has been in contact with Futrell, he tries to put a stop to it by telling her that Shawn's wives' deaths were more than a little suspicious--regardless of whether or not the police have been able to find any evidence to pin on him. 

But bad boy Shawn is still movie-star gorgeous, and Shayna can't stop recalling how besotted she was with him as an impressionable teenage girl--one Shawn never took seriously back then but seems intent on making up for lost time now. What pretty fly could resist the invitation of such a seductive spider?  

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Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
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  • Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews
    Aug 27, 2017, 09:43
    ***** FIVE STARS! There is never a dull moment in this mystery drama (and romance). The focus switches between the relationships of Danny’s family, Shayna and Gage, and a serial killer who has unusual way of killing someone with small chance of discovery. Something is always going on. This is the type of story where you really must pay attention or you may miss something vital. As I read, my rainy afternoon seemed to fly by. (I looked up and was surprised to notice the sun had gone down.)

    Karen Wiesner packs a lot in each Falcon’s Bend novel. Even a couple of secondary characters (two dating patrol officers) get a bit of time in the spotlight. I cannot recommend this story highly enough. *****
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