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Baze, R. C.

R. C. Baze Jr. was born in Houston and grew up in Huffman, TX a small town just outside the city. He received his BBA in Marketing from Stephen F Austin State University. R. C. developed a love for reading at a very early age with a fondness for science fiction/fantasy novels. He grew to appreciate the power of the written word, the depth of emotion and the imagery that could be born from a simple turn of phrase. He started writing as a teenager but it wasn't until a near fatal car accident that he gathered up his notes and set the goal of putting those scribbles into a coherent tale. Overseer's Island is the first novel to emerge from those musings. R. C Baze Jr. currently lives in San Antonio, TX with his wife of thirteen years Tamera.


Overseer's Island by R.C. Baze (Fantasy)
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Jack Murphy has been tormented by nightmares of death--his death in past lives--for as long as he can remember. Reliving those last moments in painful detail: while the scenes change, the end is always the same; murdered by a stranger come out of nowhere, without warning and without reason.

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