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Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 3: Reckless Rose
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Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 3: Reckless Rose

Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)

Amethyst, WI is a small, peaceful town on a pristine lake with an active tourist season in summer. When the air turns chill, the area is transformed into a ghost town with only a handful of lifers who stay. Amethyst is bursting with mystery, romance, and jealousy all-year-round.

Even bad girls need love... When Reece Childs rolls back into Amethyst to stay, Lona Rose realizes her reckless crush on the older brother of a former beau is still waging hot and heavy. But how to prevent the rumors and mistakes of her past from ruining the start of something wonderful? Reece has just the plan to head off the rumor mill...and make this reckless rose his own forever.

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Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
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  • Karen Wiesner
    Jan 5, 2018, 16:20
    5 star review from Fallen Angel Reviews
    Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read Award
    4 1/2 star review from BTSemag and 2014 BTSemag Red Carpet Book Award Nominee

    5 Angels! "Reckless Rose tells the tale of Lona, a former bad girl whose old habits threaten a budding relationship. Lona and Reece are finally finding the love the past denied them, but small-minded people with long-term memories threaten their happiness. I have to say that the setting is so original that it's a character on its own. I would gladly love a first-hand look at Amethyst, especially the pristine lake. Another strength that flows through these four stories is the way this author writes her characters, so filled with human emotion in such a wide range. I felt a connection to the characters in this book. I wanted happy things for the good ones and waited for the creepy guys to get their due! This is a very entertaining book, one I highly recommend reading." ~Fallen Angel Reviews
    "Ms. Wiesner has created a wonderful town with colorful characters and continuous excitement. Amethyst is a small town riddled with jealousy, mystery and romance. Her vivid descriptions make the main characters come alive. The rivalry between the two sisters, Melina and Lona Rose, is totally believable. The men who live in Amethyst are sexy and powerful. Don't miss the wonderful town of Amethyst where anything is possible and the colorful townspeople that live there." ~Writers Unlimited
    4 1/2 Books! "This contemporary story all take place in the small town of Amethyst where the characters' lives intersect, drawing you into the drama of small town life. Reckless Rose follows Lona, the wild sister who has built for herself a reputation she finds hard to shake. Constantly under the critical eye of the community, Lona finds it hard to listen to her heart instead of the gossips. This was one character I started out not liking at all, but by the end of the story I felt a strong compassion for her. I think everyone can identify with Lona. Each person has made mistakes in their life and had to face the consequences. This is a powerful story of learning to live despite them. Karen Wiesner uses finely tuned skills to draw the reader in and make you live the story. She tugs at your heartstrings, pumps your adrenaline and sends you falling into love. And all with a masterful attack of words." ~Long and Short Reviews
    4 Hearts! “The tiny town of Amethyst keeps the reader engaged. The continuing threads and characters make for a most enjoyable read. The characters are engaging—especially Sheila's adorable child Devlin. Author Wiesner lets the reader know you can go home again." ~The Romance Studio
    4 Stars! "I think this series begs to be read in its entirety. I look forward to more adventures from this quirky town. Reckless Rose: A poignant story where the bad girl became a decent girl, one who deserves to be loved by a great man. My only complaint was that this novella was so short. Karen did a great job of getting the story filled out so it doesn't lack anything, but I still wanted more. I wanted more time to see them fight each other and fight the township. I could have read about Lona and Reece all night long. I think you are in for a real treat. You won't be able to put this one down. It picks up speed and you'll stay up all night to finish the story." ~Once Upon A Romance Review


Even bad girls need love... 

When Reece Childs rolls back into Amethyst to stay, Lona Rose realizes her reckless crush on the older brother of a former beau is still waging hot and heavy. But how to prevent the rumors and mistakes of her past from ruining the start of something wonderful? 

Reece has just the plan to head off the rumor mill...and make this reckless rose his own forever. 

Chapter 1

Just a year ago, Lona Rose couldn't have imagined a life that including showing and selling houses by day, membership in the local garden club, and going home each night to an empty house, her rose bushes, and no social life whatsoever. Nor could anyone who knew her imagine the quiet life she'd led.

Lona looked around the table at her fellow garden club cohorts, eagerly preparing for Amethyst's annual upcoming 'beautification project'.  Amethyst's push for tourism in the last few years had resulted in astounding summer surges in the population, but the same seventy-five year-rounders remained in Amethyst throughout the seasons. The Garden Club always filled the parks, Main Street, the town hall and various other points of interest with a profusion of colorful flowers and plantings. For the first time in many seasons, the four of them were actually talking business deeds instead of dirty deeds.

After the divorce from her second husband was finally over a year ago, all Lona had wanted was to be alone. Especially when she saw everywhere she looked ecstatically happy husbands and wives settling into a life together, putting down roots, having baby after baby. She'd needed to go it alone since her divorce, needed to cultivate some roots instead more rumors of scandal. At the moment, she felt desperately and profoundly lonely. 

Why in heck do I feel so sick inside with misery now? It feels like my life is over, and I wasted it in frivolous pursuits. 

Lona sat back in her chair, only half listening to the gaggle of honking geese around her. When the four of them went at it, they had a tendency to sound like wild, disorganized geese.

President of the Amethyst Garden Club was Myrtle Simonson, looking for all the world like a perky daffodil in a shocking yellow sundress and wide-brimmed, straw hat. At thirty-four, she'd been divorced from her deadbeat hubby for almost a year and half now. 

Samantha Spyri had split from her husband of ten years just two months before the guy dropped dead of an unexpected heart attack. Every time the topic came up, Samantha went off on an "I had no clue!" defense, like she'd had something to do with Dick's sudden death.

Heidi Mann got fed up with her philandering beau long ago, cut him loose, and declared herself forever footloose and fancy-free. Her exploits around town had become nothing short of legendary.

Phyllis Arquette had come to Amethyst five years ago, newly divorced and ready to settle in with her two young daughters...

A realization hit Lona in the head with shock. This wasn't a gardening club. It was a divorce club! The thought made her want nothing more than to hot-foot it out of the building pronto. Sooner or later, this conversation would turn into a gossip-fest. She didn't want to be here when it did. 

"Look, I need to get back to work," Lona interrupted, pushing back her chair. What made me ever think I belonged in this group? The second I walk out of here, the four of them are gonna be comparing notes about what scandal I've supposedly gotten myself into now. I know they do it every single time the door closes behind me.

"I'll call you, lovey," Myrtle called, clearly a little startled by her abrupt decision to go.

Lona nodded, sick with a shame that she didn't want to feel anymore. She stood and retrieved her purse from the refreshment table, digging inside for her keys and sunglasses. 

"You all hear Deke Childs' older brother's back in town?" Heidi murmured behind her. 

At the name, Lona stood stark still, her shades askew across her nose. Reece. Reece Childs. She'd convinced herself the man would forever be married to his rig. He'd been a truck driver from the time she met him. After his father died, he'd taken over his old man's truck route in order to care for his mother and younger brother.

"Deke helped him get a job with Mason Construction," Heidi divulged. "You know Scott Romero and Reece used to be buddies in high school."

"He plannin' on stayin' for good?" Samantha asked the very question on the tip of Lona's reluctant tongue. 

She is closer to his age than I am...and she's likes her fun the same as whoring Heidi. She's just better at keeping her nasty deeds quiet.

"Sounds like it. Mona Childs' is mighty pleased about having both her sons close by again. First time in...what? twenty-five years."

"Twenty-seven," Lona said on automatically, without thinking before she spoke.

She didn't wait around to gauge the reactions of the rumor-mill. Her heart slammed painfully against her chest by the time she got in her sports car. She had no doubt at all that the gaggle of gossiping geese had now been reminded, with her own careless correction, that she'd had a short-lived relationship with Deke Childs. 

Not that it matters or that any of them will care that it only lasted as long as it did with Deke because I lived for a glimpse of Reese rolling back into town...

Reece Childs, 6'2', sexy-scruffy beard on that gorgeous face, lean and mean. Forever in that hard, straw cowboy hat that allowed only glimpses of his midnight blue eyes.

The memory of the one time she took a chance on following her heart by cornering and kissing Reese, telling him she loved him--only him--flooded her with devastating humiliation. Darn near as humiliating as his rejection had been.

She couldn't be considering anything with this hunk with the dreamy, velvet eyes; a grin that stole a woman's breath and heart every single time...and a backside so irresistible, her fingers flexed each time it was in reach.

"My brother's sick in love with you, Lona Rose. For Pete's sake, you're a little girl. What do you think's gonna happen here?"

No, she couldn't even consider swinging by Mason Construction's building site on the pretense of seeing her brother-in-law Scott, who owned the company. She couldn't consider running into Reece accidentally. She couldn't make a fool of herself a second time. 

But she was thinking about it.

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