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Red Queen Series, Book 1: Red Queen Dawning
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Red Queen Series, Book 1: Red Queen Dawning

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The Red Queen series of books is set in a post nuclear holocaust society. Civilisation has reverted to a medieval type, complicated by societies of mutants each jealously guarding their racial purity and home lands. Racism is rife, and warfare is common.

 Into this tumultuous and unstable society comes the influence of the Red Queen. She seeks to conquer countries about her by fomenting wars, and so weakening them. Her chief weapon is the ability to possess minds, and control them. Her agents, beautiful young women with mind powers, first seduce, and then corrupt and control, the Kings and leaders.

In this first book, the Red Queen has brought something from the past, the "Before Time", to influence the war she is fomenting. Three diverse mutant outcasts must go on a dangerous quest through warring nations, religious fanatics and the supposedly impassable "Fire-Time Sands" to discover just what the relic is, and to find a way to neutralise its influence, or warfare will rip the civilisation apart.

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