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Reunions by Audrey Reinert

Reunions Kindle coverWhen Sara Foster reluctantly decides to go to her ten-year class reunion, her wariness is replaced with happiness as she reconnects with old friends…and quickly falls for her high school crush Evan Fox. Right from the start the new relationship encounters a myriad of challenges. When the reunion is over, will love blossom or wither under the biggest test of all?


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GENRE: Young Adult Romance     ISBN: 978-1-922066-13-8        ASIN: B008HACO5E     Word Count: 53, 959


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5 stars!5.0 out of 5 stars Great Story!

Loved this book. Very good read and a very good representation of how one would feel heading to a 10 year class reunion.
Just a flat out nice book.



5 stars!5.0 out of 5 stars

Reunions is a true love story by a first-time published author. There are many twists and turns to peak anyone’s interest. There are also many local south-eastern PA sites (obviously some are not real) mentioned for anyone from that area looking for local interest. I like to compare it to Sleepless in Seattle as a true romance/love story without the sex. I think that sometimes our imagination should be permitted to take us places, not the other way around. I am an avid reader of all types of books and this one was a very enjoyable read.

Sandy Werstler

Chapter 1



I set off to jog outside for the first time in a month after seemingly endless weeks of temperatures in the teens. Though winter was more than midway through, the extreme cold and back-to-back snowstorms had me doubting the season would pass. Today, however, Mother Nature was trying to re-assure the pessimist in me that spring was, in fact, coming. This brief warm front was doing its best to melt the waist-high frozen snow, causing steam to rise from the snow blown paths around me as I ran. It felt good to breathe in the cool, moist air after so many nights on the treadmill in my apartment.

But my pace and breathing were not at all in sync as they normally would have been, echoing the edginess I felt inside. I had been thinking about “it” for 30 minutes straight.

Only late February, yet I had received a myriad of mailings and emails about my ten-year class reunion. The first was an email stating where and when the meeting would be held to discuss it. Then other emails were sent, telling me where to register my contact information.  Another mailing advertised a book I could buy for the low price of $75. Today I had received a flyer in the mail of the official dates and places it would be held.  Each correspondence asked if I would help coordinate.

Coordinate? I didn’t even know if I wanted to attend my ten-year class reunion, let alone help to plan it.

I didn’t go to the five-year reunion, but a friend of mine did, and said it was like a frat party with a contest to see who could down the most Jell-O shots before barfing in the firehouse bathroom. I was glad I missed that.

Still, the ten-year almost sounded fun. I lived in a charming, small town, and a lot of the people I went to high school with had stayed in the area. Because of that, this reunion wouldn’t be just a weekend, but rather two weeks of activities. A picnic would start it off, with a different sporting event each day, then a party at the community pool. The grand finale was to be a fancy, prom-like dinner at a country club nearby.

It was all quite corny, but it might be nostalgic to re-live my carefree high school days again, this time with confidence in who I was. Plus, I was single and what else did I have to do?

On the other hand, the fact that I was single was the reason I didn’t want to go at all. I got enough grief from my family and friends about not being married yet. Did I really need it from people I hadn’t seen in ten years? I wasn’t sure I wanted to parade my singleness around a bunch of married people with children.

I had my own place outside of town that I loved. I was a seamstress at a great bridal boutique, so I loved what I did. I had a great group of friends and I got along well with my family. So why did I have a small anxiety attack every time I thought about this reunion? Why was I torturing myself? I wasn’t going!

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