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Richdale, Ross

After a career as a teacher and principal of mainly small rural schools, Ross Richdale now writes both mainstream and science fiction novels full time. He lives in Palmerston North in the North Island of New Zealand and is married with three children. His wife, Kay, still carries the burden of teaching children at a local primary school.

After his wife goes off to work every morning, Ross shares his living room with two cats who demand to be fed at least six times a day. In this congenial atmosphere he pounds away on his computer to form the characters and plots for his novels. Ordinary people rather than the super rich, the super powerful or violent, are the main characters in his novels.

When he is not writing, Ross enjoys drawing, usually on the computer. Other interests include wandering in the countryside and, in the summer, swimming in mountain streams or bounding through the rapids in a tractor tire inner tube. Many of his novels reflect his interest in the rural lifestyle as well as the cross section of personalities encountered during his years as a teacher.


Behind the Fire by Ross Richdale (Australian Adventure Teen Romance)
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Teenagers Abbey and Cooper are in their final year at high school, both have problems they are trying to escape from, and run away together.

Faced with bushfire, criminals on the run, and possible murder charges, will they even survive?

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Stretched Horizons by Ross Richdale (Contemporary Romance)
(0 reviews)  
Police in England tell Colin, Bree has been involved in an air crash and is missing. Colin flies out to New Zealand but his intentions are not those one would expect from a worried husband...

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