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Family Heirlooms Series, Book 2: Shadow Boxing
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Family Heirlooms Series, Book 2: Shadow Boxing

Score: 4.67 (votes: 3)

Book Two Family Heirloom: Building Love

Joined before God and family out of a sense of responsibility? Or love? 

As a teenager, Justine Morris's escape from the pressures of caring for her dying father was stolen moments with Joshua Samuels. But their tender, desperate liaison found them facing teen pregnancy. Afraid of their Christian families' responses to the situation, they married quickly and built a life for their child. 

But now that their daughter is ready to fly the nest, Justine can no longer ignore the truth: She and Joshua haven't had a real marriage for a long time. Maybe they never had one at all. 

Joshua is only too aware that his busy, professional attorney wife is an independent woman who never really needed him. After nearly two decades of marriage, he's quit trying to get more than a piece of her at a time. Without their daughter holding them together, he knows the chasm between them will grow to epic proportions. 

Their empty nest looming, they face the hard questions. Had they married in love... or out of a hasty sense of responsibility? Was it God's will for them to be together? And now, is it worth the effort to learn to become one as the Lord intends for a man and a woman... or better to simply let go? 

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Score: 4.67 (votes: 3)
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  • AprilR, My Book Addiction and More
    Aug 29, 2017, 05:04

    SHADOW BOXING by Karen Wiesner is book #2 in the "Family Heirlooms" Series,but can stand as a stand alone with re-appearing characters. "Shadow Boxing" was a good Christian Book. I liked all the characters. Most of all they loved God. I enjoyed reading book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys inspirational romance,small towns,and family heirlooms.

    RATING: 4

  • Love 2 Read Novels (Amazon customer)
    Aug 29, 2017, 05:02
    An emotionally packed tale

    Joshua and Justine grew up together. Justine's life was full of responsibility between keeping up with school, keeping house and taking care of a dying father. The only respite was seeing and being with Joshua. When Justine finds out she's pregnant, she and Joshua marry. Now their daughter is grown and ready to leave for college. So where does that leave their marriage when all that's held it together is caring for their daughter. Can a marriage born out of responsibility ever be more than that? They just might find the answer to that in an unexpected missions trip planned by their daughter.

    What an emotionally packed tale! I read this very quickly because I found myself so immersed in the lives of both Joshua and Justine. You can tell (feel actually) that they love each other very much but don't really know how to express it. Once again this author allows you see inside the heads of our lead couple so you know just what they're thinking and I really do enjoy that. I loved Joshua. He was all the things a good hero should be. Kind, gentle and protective but he really had difficulty with expressing his feelings. I liked Justine. She was very capable and yet unsure. I enjoyed watching this couple strive to redefine and save their marriage, grow as individuals and learn how to be with each other. I also loved their daughter Vashti. She was so bubbly and interested in helping her parents. There is a little twist near the end that was great. I must confess that the missions trip is my favorite part in this story. I can see myself going back and reading that again. Great dialog. If you've ever had problems in your marriage many aspects of this story will be relate-able. It deals with sin, guilt, forgiveness and love. Shadow Boxing is the second book in the Family Heirlooms Series.
  • Diane Craver (Amazon customer)
    Aug 29, 2017, 05:01
    An Outstanding & Enjoyable Story!

    Karen Wiesner's book, SHADOW BOXING, treats readers to a beautiful love story that speaks to the heart. From the first page I was captivated by the characters Justine and Joshua Samuels. I enjoyed reading this second book in the Family Heirlooms Series. I felt so invested in both characters, Justine and Joshua, that I wanted to reach out to them and offer them advice with their struggles in their marriage. Wiesner pulled me into the thoughts of her characters by giving more depth to their big worries and concerns about their married life together. Wiesner includes quotes about love at the beginning of each chapter which I also enjoyed.

    Vashti, the teenage daughter of Justine and Joshua, is an important part of the story because she forces her parents to deal with their problems by giving them a mission trip to Mexico for their anniversary gift. Vashti fears that her parents will divorce when she goes off to college and they become empty nesters. She keeps her parents focused by a unique approach while they are all three in Mexico.

    I highly recommend SHADOW BOXING by Karen Wiesner and it's a relevant Christian book that makes an emotional impact about love that you won't forget. If you haven't read Book One in the series, that's no problem because this can be read as a stand alone.
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