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Norris, Sharon L.

Sharon L. Norris lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her two young daughters Shannon and Ainsleigh, and her mother, Jan. Not surprisingly, they all live in a pink house, complete with matching pink cubby-house! Sharon has been writing for children since 1996, and Finders Keepers was the very first story she ever wrote. It is her second children's novel to be published.


Finders Keepers by Sharon L. Norris (Mid-Grade Reader)
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What would you do if you found a dinosaur egg? Would you donate it to a museum, sell it for lots of money, or claim "finders keepers" and keep it for your very own, seeing as you found it? This is the dilemma facing young Nathan and Ashley, who find a dinosaur egg buried in the sand dunes at their local beach. When their discovery becomes public, thanks to their unscrupulous uncle who wants to sell it for big money, it seems as though everyone wants their dinosaur egg...

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