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Closure Exception...

Although Writers Exchange is currently closed to new submissions (and have been for a while), we want to reach out to the Desert Breeze authors who have recently lost their homes.

If you are a Desert Breeze author, with more than one book, you are welcome to send your submission to publisher @ writers-exchange .com (please remove the spaces when sending). Please mention you are a Desert Breeze author in the subject line and we will read your submission now.

This closure does not include authors already published with WEE or famous authors (we would hate to miss out on Stephen King, Piers Anthony or JK Rowling for example:)

Please do keep reading to see what our submission guidelines normally says...

Would you like to join our stable of amazing writers? Then read on!

Writers Exchange provides in-depth editing for newer authors who require extra work, and lighter editing for experienced authors. If you already have cover art for your books, please mention this in your submission because it could speed up the publication process, provided we also like the cover:)

(Please note, if you have a spam controller that asks us to visit a website in order for you to receive our emails, please use another email address. If you do not hear from us, the spam controller could be the reason, especially as we don't respond to spam filtering requests. If we cannot contact you directly by email, we delete your submission. Sorry, but as you can imagine, we are really busy).


There is a lot of useful information on this page:

* Manuscript Acceptance Times 
* The Genres we Accept
* Before You Submit
* Format
* Publication details: Editing, cover art, promotion and author royalties
* Printed Books
* Contract
* Message From Editing Department to Prospective Authors/Editing Advice


Manuscript Acceptance Times:

We give every manuscript our full attention, and we will always get back to you. If you do not hear from us within a month, just shoot off an email to make sure we really did receive your email the first time:)

The Genres we Accept:

* Action/Adventure
* Business/Finance
* Christian (Fiction and non-fiction)
* Fantasy
* General Fiction (Miscellaneous fiction that does not fit under any of the other categories)
* Historical
* Humour
* Mystery
* Paranormal
* Parenting
* Romance – This includes sweet, right up to sensual rating. Romances can include traditional romance or multi-genre (i.e. mixed with paranormal, time-travel, mythological creatures etc.) We are particularly looking for regency, vampire, werewolf and other paranormal romances. We do not publish erotica and homosexual romances. You can have homosexual characters in your stories, but we do not want romances featuring homosexual relationships. We also do not want stories that contain non-consensual relationships, bestiality, or undue crudity.
* Science Fiction
* Self-Help/How-To (this includes DIY, Health, Advice, hobbies etc.)
* Time Travel
* War
* Westerns
* Writing Advice

If your book does not fit any of these genres please send an email and ask if we would be willing to publish it.

Before you submit, give your manuscript the best possible chance of being published. 

Before you submit, we highly recommend that you read the following book and article. They will help to improve your writing while removing a lot of the usual problems that cause books to be rejected.

The article is:

The book is: "Pumping Your Muse" by Donna Sundblad.

Don't risk your manuscript being deleted, always send an email along with your submission. 

Always send an accompanying email with your submission because any submissions without an email will be treated as a suspected virus, and deleted.

Simply address the email to Mrs Cummins or Sandy Cummins along with a brief message stating that you're enclosing a submission for evaluation and possible publication. Please also include the genre, and approximate word/page count of your book.

Manuscript Format

To be honest, this actually doesn't really matter as I will scrap your formatting and format it our style when I do the final proof :) But for those who would like to have their manuscript already formatted our way:

Line spacing

Single line (with no spacing around it) and no double space between paragraphs

First line of every paragraph indented by .25 - Do not use tabs at all.

Preferred font size and type

Our preferred font is Verdana, with the text in 12 point and the chapter headings in bold 16 Point (centered).


Writers Exchange E-Publishing accepts attachments provided they are in a recognised format – docx, doc or rtf. Please inform us in the body of your email that a manuscript is attached. To prevent having to wait in the queue twice, please send your complete manuscript as an email attachment. If you wish to chase up your work, please wait one month and then send a polite email enquiry.

Publication details

PUBLICATION (EXCLUSIVE): If we publish your book it will be edited by our professional editors, we will provide cover art (with the Author's input), and we will format your book.

We also promote the book, but even though we promote your book, we strongly encourage you to promote it as well.

In return, the version that we edit is only to be sold by us. However, if we should ever go out of business, we will be happy to provide you with the final version for your usage.

Please note, there is NO charge for editing, and cover art is provided.

The author royalties are 50%.

Printed books

Most of our books are coming out in print. For novels we use Createspace and Amazon direct.


This contract is identical to those sent out to the authors, unless specific arrangements have been made on an individual basis.

Writers Exchange E-Publishing PUBLISHING Agreement:

Writers Exchange E-Publishing Terms of Agreement:

Writers Exchange E-Publishing
C/- Sandy Cummins
PO Box 372

DATE: ____________________________________________

AUTHOR'S REAL NAME: ______________________________
PSEUDONYM: _____________________________________
STREET ADDRESS: _________________________________
CITY, STATE, POST CODE (ZIP): ______________________
EMAIL ADDRESS: ________________________________________
TITLE: _________________________________

LEGAL SIGNATURE: ______________________________
DATE SIGNED: ____________________________________

Writers Exchange E-Publishing SIGNATURE: __________________________
DATE SIGNED: __________________________________

This contract is between Writers Exchange E-Publishing and __________________ (Author's legal name).

You, the Author agrees to the following:

1. Author agrees to submit the complete work to us electronically with any revisions we have asked for at the agreed upon time and within reasonable limits or this contract will be void. Publisher reserves the right to final approval of the revised manuscript. The final manuscript will be provided to the Publisher in MS WORD or RTF. If the contract has been signed On Spec the Publisher reserves the right to cancel the contract if the finished work cannot be edited into publishable quality.

2. Author agrees to grant Writers Exchange E-Publishing the exclusive rights to publish and sell in digital formats (electronic download, disk, CD, or any other digital format known or unknown at this time) of the work mentioned above. This right is extended for the English version only, any foreign language rights remain the property of the author.

3. Author warrants and represents that the material s/he writes and submits is original with him/her: that it does not infringe upon any copyright, proprietary right, or any other right of any kind, that it does not libel or invade the privacy of any person and that the Author has the unimpaired right to convey the rights s/he has granted the Publisher in this Agreement. Author will indemnify Publisher and hold Publisher harmless against all claims, losses and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees) which result from breaches of Author's warranties and representations.

4. Author agrees to provide a bio that includes a photo of Author, a blurb to use for our website, distributors' websites and promotional material. Publisher reserves final right to rewrite or edit cover blurb.

5. Author agrees to give Publisher the right to use the Author's name, likeness, title of book, and bio material for publishing, advertising and promoting the work.

6. Author agrees to self-promote material to the best of his/her ability - and ensure that it is clear that their promotion is on their behalf as the Author, not as a representative of Writers Exchange E-Publishing.

7. There is no time-limit on this contract as either the Author or Publisher may terminate contract by email notice to the other party and all rights will revert to Author at time of termination.

8. Author will receive 50% of what Writers Exchange is paid by retailers for ebooks not requiring illustration. For illustrated books the author royalties will drop to 30% to allow 20% to the cover artist.

9. The Author may use an approved excerpt of the work at his/her website but must include a link from Author's website to the Writers Exchange E-Publishing website. (This link should be used for email signatures, or online bios that mention the book).

10. The Publisher's staff editors will edit the book, this edition is NOT to be sold elsewhere without the Publisher's consent, even after this contract is terminated. (The Author retains the right to sell their original version, just not the version edited by Writers Exchange).

11. Publisher will promote through online and offline sources and will keep an updated website but will not be responsible for site downtime and interrupted transmissions.

12. With advance notice, Publisher will work with bookstores, conference hosts, or Author for book signings or contests to provide any needed books. Details will be worked out between Publisher and organisation or bookstore.

13. All other sales, other than those mentioned above will be through the Publisher, via their website, phone, fax, email, mail, or other means as determined by the Publisher and Author will receive royalties after costs*. (When selling through our site Author will receive royalties on LIST PRICE).

*NB - we have received queries on "costs" for the above paragraph, by this I mean that the cost of production or fees from distributors/credit card companies are taken out, and the remainder is shared at the usual ratio between Author and publisher. For example the print books have the cost charged by the Printing company.

The costs taken out are the exact amount that has to be paid by Writers Exchange E-Publishing, there is no extra going to the publisher.

14. The Publisher is responsible for sending out at least three (3) copies of the work for review. The Author may send out such other review copies as he/she deems advisable. The Publisher and Author shall maintain communication as to where the review copies are sent and the reviews engendered by such copies. Getting the word out on the work is agreed by both parties to be a continuing joint effort and full cooperation between the parties is of the highest priority.

15. Publisher can provide cover art for your book. If however Author has cover art he/she wishes to provide, Author must warrant that provided cover art in any form generated either by computer, hand, or photo is owned by Author or doesn't infringe any copyright. Publisher has final approval of any and all cover art. Author will provide cover art to specifications of the Publisher to size, clarity and content.

16. The Publisher will provide the Author with at least one copy of the finished cover art and at least one copy of the finished book.

17. The Publisher is solely responsible for obtaining an ISBN number for the finished work.

18. If the Author chooses not to register the copyright, the Publisher shall not be held responsible for any harm the non-registration might cause the copyright holder in the future. The copyright shall at all times be in the Author's name.

19. The Publisher has the sole right to set the prices of the download and may decide to drop periodically to stimulate sales.

20. Royalties will be constantly displayed to the author by way of an online royalty's page. This page will be update as needed.

21. Royalties will be paid to an Agent or other person in representation of the Author if the Author so specifies.

22. The publisher reserves the right to cancel this contract if the work cannot be polished to a publishable standard.


Note that there is no time-limit on the contracts. Contracts can be cancelled easily by an email from either party. If everyone is happy we see no point in having to renew contracts every so often.

Message from the Editing Department To Prospective Authors:

Before sending us your manuscript, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you sending us the very best you have to offer?
  • Have you checked for spelling errors?
  • Have you checked for sentence structure problems?
  • Have you checked for Point of View (POV) problems?
  • Have you checked for plot problems?
  • Have you checked for story consistency?
  • Do you know how to 'show' not 'tell'?
  • Do you understand how to use dialogue tags? Do you know what they are?

The biggest concern for our Senior Editor

The biggest concern for me is Point of View (POV). Shifting POV in mid-scene is usually considered 'head-hopping'. Yes, I know that some well-known authors do this, but they are well-known. Most of you are new authors, trying to find your place in the world of writing. You don't have the luxury to break the same rules that the well-known authors do.

Sorry, but that's the truth.

POV should only be changed at a scene break or a chapter break. I can usually tell when it is intentional or the author really doesn't know what POV is.

Please show rather than tell

Another big issue is telling versus showing. Here's a simple example:

Telling: Jacob was hot

Showing: In the searing heat, droplets of sweat slid down Jacob's spine.

Showing rather than telling allows you to retain and strengthen intimacy with your reader, and the reader remains engrossed in your story. Whenever my sister is totally immersed in a good book, I can shout her name right beside her, and she won't even register it. *G*

On the other hand, when you tell rather than show, readers begin to skim your story, and they're prone to losing interest.

Have you ever read a history book for school? Which parts did you remember? Was it the pages of narrative where you were told what happened? Or was it the pages where the story was shown either by dialogue, quotes, or as a piece of fiction?

I bet it was the latter.

You need to create a world with your words. You need to paint the picture, show the reader what you are saying so that they can become immersed in your world. A good book will engross the reader to the point that they won't want to put it down. Then when they've finished it, they'll want to return to it ASAP.

Improper spelling doesn't endear me to your manuscript

Another peeve of mine is improper spelling.

Please, don't assume that I know everything either. I don't. I look it up. So should you. Microsoft Word will not catch everything. Trust me.

Name repetition isn't necessary

The last several books I've edited, I've noticed that authors are continually repeating character names in the dialogue, as in:

"Ted, I don't know what you mean."
"Well, Ned, let me explain."
"Oh, yes, Ted, please do."

Do you talk like that? Do you realize how little you say another person's name when speaking to the person? Listen to conversations around you, listen to your own. You'll see how little you actually use another person's name when speaking to them.

Simultaneous actions

A really big pet peeve of mine is what I call simultaneous actions:

"Going to the door, he opened it. Picking up his pants, he put them on."

You cannot do both actions at the same time. You first go to the door, then you open it. You first pick up the pants, then put them on. Besides reading better, it eliminates 'ing' words, which in most cases are weak words.


Punctuation is a big peeve as well.


Some problems that I see consistently are the use of pronouns.

Incorrect: "I want to go there," He said.
Incorrect: "I want to go there." He said.

Correct: "I want to go there," he said.

Correct: "I want to go there." He said it with a grin.


Commas are a big issue with me, mainly because of the worldwide tendency not use them! I like commas. They seem to make the sentence read better. I use them where they make sense. I know that some books will say that you don't just use commas where they make sense, that there are rules for commas. I agree, but with the media failing to use them, I guess it's not a huge issue if authors fail to use them. *Sigh*

Commas relating to the word "too"

I still like commas before the word "too" when it ends a sentence, and on both sides of the word "too" when it's in the center of a sentence (if it means also).

It's versus Its

BTW, it's means "it is" (Note from Sandy: or "it has"). Don't use it when you mean its. Look it up.

All writers should have a thesaurus, a dictionary, and some sort of grammar book on their desk. They should also use them. *G*

[Note from Sandy: We use Style Manual for authors, editors and printers 6th edition published by John Wiley & Sons as our overall standard. So if in doubt, get a copy of this book (you can buy it online) and read it for our editing standards. This is an Australian book and will be a bit different from the US standards that most authors/editors will be familiar with from the States]

Please go over your manuscript with a fine tooth comb

If you double check your manuscript before sending it in, it will speed up the process considerably. Writers Exchange is open to helping new authors get their break, but we won't accept manuscripts with obvious errors. Basic editing is your job. It's part of being a writer.

Some further editing advice from author Dotti Enderle

There is a wonderful "Highlighting" method of self-editing that I teach in my writer's workshop. It's simple. Take four highlighters - pink, blue, yellow, and green. Then highlight your manuscript from beginning to end like this:

Pink - action
Blue - dialogue
Yellow - thoughts and feelings
Green - narration

When you've finished, you should have a fairly balanced manuscript of colors. If you have lots of green, watch out. You're probably telling, not showing.

Remember that action, dialogue, and emotion (inner dialogue) are story.

Description is NOT story. So be careful not to stop your story to describe something.

Example of stopping the story for description:

I hurried to the food court, knowing I was uber-late meeting Sandy and Jenna. They were already five minutes ahead of me, scoping out the hot guys at the video games.

"It's about time you got here," Sandy said. Jenna nodded, rolling her eyes. She wore a t-shirt with the cutest pink kitty on the front. Sandy had on her usual low-cut camisole.

Looking down at my own clothes, I knew I couldn't compete. This had disaster written all over it.

Keeping the story flowing:

I hurried to the food court, knowing I was uber-late meeting Sandy and Jenna. They were already five minutes ahead of me, scoping out the hot guys at the video games. "It's about time you got here," Sandy said, her bra straps peeking from her low-cut camisole. Jenna nodded and rolled her eyes. Even the pink kitty on the front of her t-shirt looked cuter than me. This had disaster written all over it.

Writers Exchange is a Christian publishing house, although we do publish many, many other genres and not all our authors are Christian:)

We have been publishing and selling books since 2000, but in 2017 we decided to sell MOST of our books exclusively from Amazon. A number of our books are also available from other retailers. We have made it very easy for you to find our books from whichever retailer you prefer, either in the "buy" links on each book page, but also by the Menu Item "Our Books by Retailer" which will show you our books at Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

So what is here, that is not available at Amazon and other distributors?
* "Universe" pages that go into a lot more detail about the various fictional universes some of our authors have created,
* Free Short Stories by our authors (which will also be on our blog)
* upcoming: author interviews - which will also be on our blog (where you can get new content/releases emailed directly to you!)
* and other fun things as we think of them :)

We hope you enjoy!

If you wish to contact us by email (including for submissions), please email:

We have supplied the address as a graphic, to prevent bots, so you will have to type it into your email program manually :)

Our books are also sorted by size to make your buying decisions easier:

Word Count
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