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Terms & Conditions

When you buy a book from our site you are agreeing to follow copyright laws and not illegally distribute the book to others.

Unless you have specifically purchased more than one copy of an ebook, then you are only entitled to one copy. Writers Exchange E-Publishing is happy for you to have your ebook copied onto any computer, reading device or backup system that you may have for your own use; but it is not to be given to anyone else as an additional copy.

Uploading any of our products to file sharing sites is piracy and if you are discovered your customer account will be deleted from our store.

We appreciate your honesty. As you know, if authors and publishers do not make enough money from their endeavours they will stop writing and will turn to other sources of income to survive, meaning less books for your reading pleasure.

Site Copyright Notice:

Under the Australian Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) all material on this website is protected by copyright. The overall website copyright belongs to Sandy Cummins, the graphics belong to the Writers Exchange E-Publishing or individual artists, the biographies and blurbs belong to the individual authors.

All reproduction is forbidden without the express permission of the owner.

All ebooks are also under copyright protection and may not be copied to other people.

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