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Guardians of Glede: Next Generation Book 3: The Coven
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Guardians of Glede: Next Generation Book 3: The Coven

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Pepin has reclaimed his title as DragonMaster and his allegiance is in question--are his loyalties to Mere Odain or the elves? The timing of this political crisis could not have been worse, as the Crown Prince is to leave the next day on a diplomatic visit to Dalziel. 

Once in Dalziel, things rapidly begin to fall apart. Politically, Kyel and Jansson are at each other's throats, Vantann and Thomlin make friends in the wrong places, and Treyas finds out that his SoulMate and squire, Druce Sinclair, is suffering from a horribly painful and incurable disease. 

To top it off, Treyas discovers that Dalziel has been overrun with Nydiri, who have the power of Illusion. He is no longer sure who is talking to--a trusted friend or an imposter.

When Vantann, Thomlin, Elecka Sylvain and a kitchen girl disappear, it becomes a cat and mouse game to find them without alerting the Nydiri that their deception has been uncovered. At least until Treyas can find a way to free the captives and destroy the Nydiri threat once and for all...

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