There’s a Dinosaur In My Closet by Denise and Greg Michel

It’s “Barney Meets Sesame Street” in the new series, “There’s a Dinosaur…” Artie the Apatosaurus and Dave meet in the unlikeliest of places…Dave’s closet. From there, Dave and Artie learn about each other and how to deal with childhood fears. Each book celebrates overcoming a particular fear in an unobtrusive way.

Each book is filled with brightly-colored drawings that invite young readers into the story.

Book 1: Artie is a baby apatosaurus. He hides in Dave’s closet. Dave helps Artie overcome his fear of big places. Artie discovers bananas in the kitchen and a wonderful friend in Dave.


Illustrator: Moonstar

ISBN: 978-1-920741-74-7