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Trambu by Donna Louise (Mid-Grade Reader: Science Fiction)

Trambu by Donna Louise (Mid-Grade Reader: Science Fiction)
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Trambu came from the planet Voel. He had an assignment. It was to safely observe other planetary systems from his space mobile! However, Trambu's compulsive and curious nature led him into an inescapable, swirling journey to Earth.

Unable to return to Voel right away, his new mission was to learn more about Earth. Is there a connection between Voel and Earth? Could their statement, "Love comes from the Heart" have another meaning? Follow Trambu as he attempts to get some answers with his newfound earth friend, Katie. Going to school may never be the same for either of them!

Also available in print (paperback) - still with old cover currently.

ISBN/EAN13: 1921636041 / 9781921636042
Page Count: 88
Trim Size: 5" x 8"

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Trambu by Donna Louise (Mid-Grade Reader: Science Fiction)
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Joann Rohr author of Su Ling’s Kite
Stars rated out of 5: 5
TRAMBU is a heartwarming story for mid-readers, but sure to delight the young-at-heart in all of us, especially children between the ages of 6 and 12.

Trambu, the main character in the story, is a lovable alien that comes from the planet Voel. His assignment is to observe other planetary systems from his space mobile and report to his superiors. He has his own mindset about things and is somewhat compulsive in his behavior, which is not always a bad thing. His deep sense of curiosity brings him to Earth where he makes a new friend named Katie.

Trambu is very excited to learn that by rearranging the alphabet, it could bring a whole new meaning to his planet. He was determined to find out if his ancestors came from Earth. Since he was stuck here anyhow, he decided to make the best of his new assignment and explore.

Now that he was on Earth, what was he to do? His new friend Katie offered for him to live in her tree house. With a mixture of chemicals and making himself invisible, he went to school with Katie. Trambu’s keen sense of curiosity caused mischief and got them both in and out of trouble at school.

In the meantime, Trambu discovered computers and was fascinated at learning how to access information on the Internet.
Trambu was called home when the safest route was found for his return. He was sad that he didn’t have enough time to say goodbye to Katie. He also felt that he had failed his mission, since he never did discover if Voel came from Earth.

His superiors assured Trambu that his was their greatest mission and accomplishment. They explained how the wall of information from the World Wide Web that surrounded the earth would help them learn about and understand the planet. With being able to access the Internet and setting up a user name as Katie had showed him, Trambu was able to reach and transmit messages to her.

The gifted author brings home the true meaning of love, no matter where our hearts live in the universe. Her creative imagination brings the story to life as she skillfully crafted colorful, lively, story details and characters. As the story unfolds, you will find humor and magic mixed in with many surprises.

TRAMBU, by Donna Louise, is highly recommended by this reviewer.
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Ted J. Skolits
5 Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this childrens' book although I am an adult. This was a quick read. I must confess I had a difficult time putting it down once I started reading it. ALL kids will like this (boys AND girls). The writing is clever and has a few unexpected twists. Interestingly also, are the play on scrambled words which totally made sense once it is read! I highly recommend this book for children from grades K thru 8.
When is the sequel coming out?
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Sample Chapter

Chapter One
The Big Landing

I guess you're wondering how I arrived here on Earth. Well, it all began when I was given an assignment. I was to take my spacemobile outside my planetary system to carefully and safely observe other planetary systems. That meant I was supposed to look at them, NOT enter them. But while I was looking at your planetary system and observing the cosmic images floating across my panel screen, there appeared the most wild looking planet I ever saw! It had swirls of white, blue, and green. I had to get a closer look.

Yes, I was warned that I should never get my spacemobile too close to a planet outside my universe or it might just suck it in. I really didn't believe it. What did it mean that a planet would "suck it in"? Well, I certainly found out.

My spacemobile began to shake slightly at first. Then the vibrations became more intense and the rumbling noise that started off as a low groan grew louder and louder. I wondered if it had something to do with the size of my spacemobile. After all, the Pinderbay model was one of the smallest spacemobiles, but I liked it that way.

However, at that moment, my Pinderbay spacemobile was not doing what it should do. It was not flying where I wanted it to fly and I knew I was in trouble. I did everything I could to regain control. I shouted commands. "Level! Level!" But it didn't level off. I shouted, "Reverse! Reverse!" But my Pinderbay continued in whatever direction it chose.

In front of me was the panel screen. The view of your planet, something I was studying and admiring only moments ago, had turned into a whirling, swirling, blur of blue and green. My Pinderbay was trapped in a spiral suction and I had lost control.

My only hope was to switch to ACE (Automated Control Entry) and see if anything had been programmed into my Pinderbay to get us out of this situation and direct my spacemobile home. My quivering arm frantically aimed for the orange switch and I finally managed to flip it to the "on" position. To my disappointment, nothing happened. Nothing changed. My Pinderbay was still spinning wildly.

Where was I heading? What was the name of this amazing planet? With great difficulty, I maneuvered my wobbly bouncing body to the Destination Identifier switch and flipped it on before I was knocked back to the other side of my Pinderbay (spacemobile). I glared at the screen, which still displayed the fuzzy, swirling, twirling colors of your planet. Then it appeared in flashing blue letters! I couldn't believe my eyes as I read the destination of my Pinderbay. The bright blue message blinked with great urgency as I read, "DESTINATION EARTH! ?DESTINATION EARTH! ?DESTINATION EARTH!" And then I heard it, a loud "thump!"

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