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Incognito Series, Book 2: Until Death Do Us Part
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Incognito Series, Book 2: Until Death Do Us Part

Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)

Network operatives Kirsten Ulrick and Ash Barnett have sacrificed their personal identities to live in the shadows and uphold justice for all--no matter the cost.

Captain Shannon McKee has restored order to the Network, a covert government agency. However, corrupt former Head of Operations, Giles Jameson is MIA, intent on destroying the reporters who uncovered his corruption. Operatives Kirsten Ulrick and Ash Barnett go undercover to protect Raven Harris and her husband from their seemingly invisible enemy.

When Raven and Casey Harris lost their child to a supposed accident, they lost their marriage as well. Raven and Casey live together as guilt-ridden strangers, afraid to love and trust each other again... and just as afraid to let go of the bond they once shared. When Raven's life is threatened because of evidence she and her partner uncovered on a dangerously corrupt man of power, and old, unhealed wounds are pierced again, Raven and Casey must renew their vows or let go forever...dead or alive.

Ash and Kirsten accept that they can't protect the Harris' without becoming involved in their lives, but seeing the couples' pain reflects their own private torment. For them, there is no life and no love, only duty.

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Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
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  • Karen Wiesner
    Jan 3, 2018, 16:27
    2008 EPIC AWARD Finalist
    L-Edit Slip Contest Finalist
    5 star review from Coffee Time Romance Reviews
    5 star review from Lighthouse Literary Reviews
    5 star review from Fallen Angel Reviews
    2006 eCataromance Reviewer’s Choice Award Nominee
    5 star review from The Romance Studio
    The Romance Studio Sweetheart Award Winner
    5 star review from ReviewYourBook
    5 star review from Long and Short Reviews
    5 star review and Reviewer's Top Pick from Readers' Favorite
    5 star review and Recommended Read from Dark Diva Reviews
    5 star review from Huntress Reviews
    4 1/2 star review from Euro Reviews
    4 1/2 star review from Ecataromance

    5 Cups! "I have just found my new favorite suspense author! It is no wonder that UNTIL DEATH DO US PART took third place in the L-Edit Slip contest. This story ably demonstrates the professionalism Ms Wiesner brings to her writing. The entire book showcases her talent brilliantly, a seamless plot that held me in its grip, realistic scenarios and dialogue, and a skill with language that took me out of merely reading a book and transported me through the world she created. I read on, despite the need for sleep, spellbound from first page to last, gasping outrage even while accepting that there could be no other 'ending' than the one presented. I only hope the next book in this series of five will include an update on Kirsten and Ash as they come to terms with being torn between duty, loyalty to the Network and their love for each other." ~Coffee Time Romance

    5 Delightful Divas and Recommended Read! “Honestly I didn’t know which way the second story in Karen Wiesner’s Incognito Series, UNTIL DEATH DO US PART, was going to go. You’d think that after being completely taken by another series written by Ms. Wiesner and the first book in this series—NO ORDINARY LOVE—I would have a better idea, but no. And I find it hard to pinpoint why this was so. I think that it may, perhaps, have been because this time both hero and heroine were members of the Network. The training that they underwent was, at times, totally barbaric; the goal was to completely obliterate all sense of individuality, to erase the trainee’s personality and to turn the agents into soulless, unfeeling robots who could, would, do what was ordered without thought. Not my favorite agency! But a funny thing happened; in all their efforts to produce robots there was one very serious flaw to their reasoning. Throughout history the human spirit has undergone much, much worse—although in Kirsten’s case possibly not much worse—and still not only survived but thrived and grown. What many of these people don’t realize is that human beings can be extremely resilient, and to totally destroy someone is not as easy as they think. And there are hidden depths to both Ash and Kirsten. Are there ever! “Kirsten was a difficult person to get to know. The walls that she’s built up over the years, not only as an agent, but due to her previous life as well, are nigh on impenetrable. It’s a very good thing that Ash is more than just determined and that the attraction between these two is off the charts. Add to that an extremely likable, charismatic and understanding mentor—and you get to discover their identity yourself—and you’ve got all the ingredients for a romance that, in reality, supersedes the rather insipid descriptor ‘romance.’ What Kirsten and Ash have is beyond describing. The only way to discover it is to immerse yourself in not only this story, but the series. I have a feeling that by the time I’m done, I’m going to have difficulty ascertaining which way is up. While there are a lot of serious—thankfully backward—looks at the maltreatment that Kirsten, especially, undergoes, overall I was left at the end of UNTIL DEATH DO US PART with a strong sense of hope. And while the Network is still trying to overcome the deliberate sabotage, I can see that further down the road—and there are at least nine other books… Yippee!—there are going to be some very interesting, to say the least, developments. Once again Karen Wiesner has written a story that is not always easy to read—don’t expect that it will be—but it’s compelling and riveting, thrilling and heartbreaking and with a suspense that really will keep you on tenterhooks, never mind inciting the emotions like you wouldn’t believe! When the ending was done, even though I was thirsting for a “better” ending—and there’s nothing wrong with this one—knowing that we’re still at the beginning of a series that goes on for some time is simply exhilarating. I only hope that I don’t explode in the meantime. *grin* Next time, if there is one, if begin to doubt the power of Ms. Wiesner’s writing, I’ll know better. Wow!!” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

    5 Hearts! "UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is a thrilling ride that makes the adrenalin soar. I kept expecting the action and the characters to bolt from the pages and come to life that is how real this story draws in the reader. The emotions with Raven and Casey, losing their son, could be felt in this reader. The sensations are so in-depth, not to mention the atmosphere between Kristen and Ash. I adored the way Ash supports Kristen and the way their eyes continue to make contact. I could almost feel the love growing inside their hearts. Karen Wiesner once again composes an excellent well-written drama that keeps the reader on the edge-of-the-seat spellbound. She never disappoints and every story is cleverly constructed. She is so skilled in her talent that I always look forward to reading her stories." ~The Romance Studio

    5 Stars! "Karen Wiesner does it again! The Incognito Series is entertaining. Love, danger, and suspense will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. I could not put this book down. From the action in the beginning to the surprise ending, I hung onto every word. Wiesner successfully draws readers into the plot. The characters are multi-dimensional. I like that she mentions characters from Book 1. Wiesner once again proves how talented she is. Fans of romance and suspense, do not miss this one."

    "[NO ORDINARY LOVE] Book 1 of the Incognito series introduced The Network, a covert crime fighting organization. UNTIL DEATH DO US PART takes the reader further into the world that Karen's clever mind has constructed to thrill and chill us. As I read this story, I felt at times as if I was in a world that combined Mission Impossible, The X-Files and 24; it kept me on the edge. I appreciated the breakdown of The Network hierarchy in the beginning. It put things in perspective; that this is a huge undertaking with the potential for some incredible storytelling in the future, of which this book is a part. It opens with action and it keeps you riveted as you meet Shannon, the top dog in the agency who's in the middle of an attack on her life. By the time I finished reading this story, I had the intense desire to demand that Karen have Shannon fall flat on her face in love. If this is in anyway a set up or foreshadowing for the future, good. I am ready and committed to seeing this great lady get slapped with the reality that is love.
    "Angelo is a carryover from Book 1 and a strong and compelling character. In this installment, the reader gets a glimpse into his painful past and you start to connect with him as more than just the hard hitting third in command. He has humane elements that have not been programmed out of him and I appreciated the many nuances that Karen gives him. Yet with the attack on Shannon and its repercussions, will he remain truly an ally to the other operatives or will he become a foe-following the company doctrine?
    "Finally, I can talk about Kirsten, the heroine and focus of this story as well as Ash, the hero, Kirsten's hero. I have to remind you that The Network frowns on any relationships, on love or focus on anything other than the mission, duty and The Network. For Kirsten and Ash to fall in love, which they do, is dangerous and doomed to be unrequited. Or is it? UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is a roller coaster of a ride taking the reader from critical conflict scenes to hair-twisting scenarios and onto moments of passionate love that leave the reader aching for more, never mind the main characters. The major conflict that drives this story is the defection of the number two honcho and his nefarious and devious plans to destroy The Network from within. Kirsten has a horrible past with the creep, Giles Jameson ( #2), that might give the reader shudders - so beware. Fortunately, Ash is such a wonderful support for Kirsten when the truth comes to light. As much as I can rave about this story, I have to say that the HEA is unconventional. It's there, but Karen wisely has kept it within the reality and confines of The Network. It may frustrate the reader but... think about it. How must Kirsten and Ash feel? How intense must the feelings be of love and passion, repressed emotions, yet filled with the hope that there is more? That there can be more? I'd say quite a bit. Enough to keep me reading and wanting more too. I can't wait until the next book!" ~The Long and Short Of It

    5 Beacons! "I didn't think Karen Wiesner's books could get any better and then I read UNTIL DEATH DO US PART. This series about a secret, seemingly inhuman organization had to have just the right amount of emotion to keep the reader interested and the author has done that and more! A perfect combination of loyalty to one's position and the inability to live without human contact, love and feeling. This second book, which was expertly segued by book one, has me panting for number three. There is never a dull moment in the Network. Karen Wiesner has me believing in this organization one hundred percent. I love how even the character names seem to fit the situation and surroundings perfectly. This entire series is highly recommended.and I haven't even read them all yet!" ~Lighthouse Literary Reviews

    5 Angels! "This series chronicles the intrigue and danger surrounding the covert, shadow-ops division called The Network, and Ms. Wiesner shows talent and imagination for telling a fast-paced, booty-kicking story with all of the pitfalls and suspense one would expect from a romantic suspense novel. Kirsten and Ash are lost souls, people who are wholly sold out to their careers, and they're shocked to find that they are wanting more than just the job for fulfillment. Ms. Wiesner gives us plenty of meaty story here, and fans of tautly written, danger's edge fiction will be in heaven. With multi-faceted characters, many-layered plot devices and a love found under surprising circumstances, UNTIL DEATH DO US PART pleases and completely satisfies." ~Fallen Angel Reviews

    5 Hearts! "This book was much longer and darker than what I usually read, but it was also more fascinating. It's one of the most powerful love and mystery/suspense stories I'll probably ever read. When I started it, I intended to read for a few minutes to fall asleep, but the first time I looked up from the book it was already five a.m. The story is quietly and subtly a thrilling roller coaster ride of suspense and intrigue. Ms. Wiesner proves herself an amazing plot master. The story line and delivery are exquisite. You don't want to miss this one." ~The Romance Studio

    4 1/2 Stars! "Once again Karen Wiesner produces a non-stop thriller jam-packed with all the elements of mystery, suspense, romance, cliffhanger moments, and heartstopping excitement. I highly recommend this entire series, which function either in the context of the series, or as stand-alone novels. If you're seeking a suspenseful story which throws you into the heart of the matter from the first sentence, and keeps you turning the pages long after your disbelief is suspended and you've forgotten you are reading the story, not living it, then pick up a Karen Wiesner book!" ~Euro-Reviews

    4 1/2 Stars! "How can I describe UNTIL DEATH DO US PART? Easily like: consuming, challenging and breathtaking. Voila, I think I said it all. Ms. Wiesner is a master story teller that caught my attention--my whole attention--in a wonderful and challenging love story." ~Anne Chaput for
    4 Delightful Divas! "This book opens as strongly, if not more so, than the first book in the series. In this book, we only get a small mention of the main characters in the first book. The hero and heroine in this book are Ash and Kirsten, two of the best operatives the Network has to offer. The Network is the basis of all the books in the Incognito Series, and Karen Wiesner obviously knows this organization well. The details on this organization, the operatives, and impending doom are nearly overwhelming. My head was spinning at all of the information, but it was well-written... The tension in this book was intense and kept me on my toes and turning the pages as quickly as I could. Kirsten has a painful past which was hinted at more than the full details were given. As read, I gathered the bits and pieces of her history, and she came alive for me in a very realistic way. I loved her and felt sorry for her. Her need to be the machine she believes she should be only hurts her more, because she is only human and as such, has human emotions, despite her efforts to hide her emotions from the other operatives. Ash is one of the few people who have seen her human side. He understands and loves her, and he was the perfect fit for her. We meet Angelo again in this book, and he understands and tolerates of the need for human companionship, giving him a high rank as a good man as far as I am concerned. I could go on and on about this extremely complex plot and very realistic characters, but I will leave it at this. Karen Wiesner is a talented writer who pulls you in on the first page. I could feel every emotion her characters experienced as my own. The plot, being so complex and fast paced, can leave your head spinning, but if you give it time, everything pulls together... I can’t wait to read the next book in the series and can only hope that I get to see Kirsten and Ash again..." ~Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews

    4 Stars! “Book 2 picks up with Angelo and Piper right where Book 1 left off. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait. It starts off with a lot of action and doesn’t let up. Kirsten and Ash are chosen in an Alpha Mission to protect a reporter that the traitor will attempt to kill. UNTIL DEATH DO US PART shows not only the developing relationship between the operatives and their pasts but the consequences of the traitor’s actions on civilians. This enhances the story and puts it in another realm when compared to similar stories. Truly excellent and kept me riveted.” ~Manic Readers

    “UNTIL DEATH DO US PART, Book 2 of the action/suspense filled Incognito Series is a very good read. Although it’s part of a series, the story stands alone and it’s a very intriguing one. This is a very enthralling book, the action had me glued to the pages and the romantic aspect had me hoping for the best between Kirsten/Kris and Ash/Nathan as well as for the Harris’. The author Karen Wiesner has a great talent of giving life and realistic personality to her characters. I really enjoyed UNTIL DEATH DO US PART, and I am looking forward to reading the other books in this series.” ~Joyfully Reviewed

    "If putting down NO ORDINARY LOVE, Book 1 of the Incognito Series, seems impossible, then Book 2, UNTIL DEATH DO US PART, is sure to provoke an addiction for Karen Wiesner's storytelling! Action packed, with every twist and turn...UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is another fabulous story by Karen Wiesner!" ~Rolling Seas Reviews

    "NO! NO! NO! was exactly what I was yelling when I got to the end as I realized Karen had done it once again--left me with that you-can't-leave-me-hanging-like-this feeling. The ending of UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is a beautiful segue into the next novel in the Incognito Series and it left me literally screaming for more. Once again Karen Wiesner's magic is apparent in this novel. While it is a wonderful novel full of intrigue, betrayal and mystery, it is the characters that take on a life of their own. The reader is drawn to these strong people with everyday problems. Karen Wiesner has a knack for making her characters real. UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is a dynamic title for this novel. To risk loving someone could very well mean a bullet to the brain for one of the operatives of The Network. Ashton Barnett and Kirsten Ulrick are two members of the covert and secret organization who are willing to take the Until Death Us Do Part chance. I can't wait for the next book to continue this story." ~Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited
    "The second book in the Incognito Series focuses on Ashton Barnett and Kirsten Ulrick, the Level 3 head operatives. As the chase continues, many unexpected twists and turns in the plot keep the read engrossed in the thrilling tale of two operatives who dare to love. The question remains, will they be able to separate their emotions from their work? This story is masterfully created, starting right where the last one leaves off. It is, however, not necessary at all to read the first one to grasp the plot of this one. This book is once again, an awesome read, from start to finish, and I personally recommend it to anyone interested in mystery, suspense, romance, or action. It has it all." ~TCM Reviews

    "The second Incognito book is a fabulous romantic suspense that keeps the intrigue at stratospheric levels throughout without diluting the key players' personalities. The fast-paced story line is character driven as Kirsten and Ash are attracted to one another, but know their mission comes before their desires, while the subplot involving the Harris's couple estrangement and grief augments the tale as neither has been able to turn to the other for solace since their child died yet need one another badly--even while Raven's exposing of Jameson put them at risk. Karen Wiesner is a sure shot to entertain her audience... UNTIL DEATH DO US PART will enhance her deserved reputation as one of the sub-genre's consistent best." ~Harriet Klausner

    "This is book two in the Incognito Series, and most definitely one that will have readers on the edge of their seats. UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is a magnificent tale with distinctive characters that will have fans feeling as if they are involved in the story. A thrilling, action-packed, sensually romantic book not to be missed. Magnificently fast-paced, sexy romance."

    Very Highly Recommended! "Ms. Wiesner does a brilliant job of mirroring the problems in Casey and Raven's marriage with those in Kristen and Ash's relationship. As Kristen and Ash are forced to eavesdrop on the Harris marriage, they are alternately moved and uncomfortable about what they see, and readers will be equally so. Ms. Wiesner's writing is tight, and she creates complex characters, even minor ones. There is that saying, The devil is in the details, and there are a lot of details in this story, but Ms. Wiesner never leaves readers dangling. She has thought of everything, therefore creating a world that is believable and intriguing. Kristen and Ash lead messy lives, so there is no traditional happy ending for them, but there is a compromise that readers will think is just and fitting for the characters. There is enough background information so readers unfamiliar with NO ORDINARY LOVE will not feel lost reading this story. But I would suggest reading it anyway just for the enjoyment. In fact, read UNTIL DEATH DO US PART before reading NO ORDINARY LOVE because then you will have a better understanding of what those characters' lives were like before. UNTIL DEATH DO US PART has plenty of action and passion; it is a book well worth reading and one which I highly recommend." ~Romance Reviews Today

    "Wiesner's tale begins quickly with a strong opening scene... The story moves quickly, and the tension stays high." ~reviewed by Roseann Marlette for Romantic Times BOOKreviews

    5 Stars! "I am happy to say that even though [UNTIL DEATH DO US PART] is the second book in the Incognito Series, it is still a stand alone story. You do not have to read book one (NO ORDINARY LOVE) to fully understand and enjoy this adventure. Nor will you be left hanging with loose ends, waiting on the next book in the series. To make a series that readers can read in, or out, of order is an outstanding idea, in my opinion. Very few series succeed in accomplishing this difficult feat. So author Karen Wiesner has done what few before her could do. It is even harder to write about a couple's romance, while also adding in enough about a secondary couple AND a dangerous element. One minute I found myself hoping the main characters could make their attraction to each other work, and the next minute I was left breathless due to a sudden attack. This book had me on the edge of my seat often, and had my full attention constantly. Outstanding and highly recommended reading!" ~Huntress Reviews

    "I thought it would be tough to beat the first book in the series, but the second book came close. UNTIL DEATH DO US PART definitely stands on its own two feet with all new action and romance. Karen Wiesner does a great job at keeping this story both steamy with romance between these two forbidden lovers and with action and gives us just the right amount of detail and keeps the story flowing from scene to scene, urging the reader to keep reading. This series appears to keep getting better, so hopefully Book 3 will live up to its expectation… This is definitely a series to read if you are someone that likes a little bit of steamy romance, and a whole lot of action-packed, edge-of-your-seat fun. She shows us that regardless of what job you are asked to do, you can’t ignore your human emotions and feelings, regardless of the consequences. It is the ultimate sacrifice." ~Front Street Reviews

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