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Hardin, Valerie

Believes all are awkward angels. She is a published gothic poet, writer, children's ebook writer and artist.

At an early age Valerie was put on the drug Ritalin for a time to combat her dyslexia and hyperactivity. She stopped taking it due to side affects. Valerie's mother taught her read and took her to alternative treatments, which sometimes were pretty bizarre. They included breathing out of something that looked like a gas mask and crawling on special mats. She eventually fell in love with reading, and making up stories in her head.

Valerie still had problems with handwriting spelling and grammar. Naturally she wanted to become a novelist, poet and writer.

In 8th grade she wrote her first sci-fi story and was surprised that it actually got high marks even with a torn cover. She slowly learned that every child is gifted.

She is a three time Eppie finalist.


I Am Gifted Too by Valerie Hardin (Children's Picture Book)
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Kara the bunny rabbit hates school. It is not because she doesn't have friends, but rather that her "learning disability" makes her feel stupid. Her special teacher tells her she is gifted too, but she doesn't believe him. How could a dyslexic rabbit ever be worth anything?

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Monster Cat Valentine by Valerie Hardin (Children's Picture Book)
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This tale is about a cat's journey to create the perfect valentine for his favorite 'Creature Feature' host. This book is not just for kids it's a fun book for all who love comic books, valentines, cats and not so scary monster movies.

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