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Milward Chronicles, Book 3: Whispers of War
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Milward Chronicles, Book 3: Whispers of War

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The barrier between the world of men and the world of shadow begins to thin. In the tiny village of Beri, brother and sister twins find themselves thrust into the ongoing war between magik and sorcery. The freedom of all those populating the world depends on their ability to survive...

War is in the wind. Twins and the last scions of the House of Labad, Charity and Adam--each unaware that the other is alive--face the oncoming strife filling the land on opposite sides of the conflict. The wizard Milward, parted from Adam during an angry row yet continues to do his best to guide the siblings unawares as the wall between the worlds weakens. Adam has become the officer of the guard under the son of the mad Duke of the city-state Grisham, and joins the army as they begin fighting the soldiers from the south. 

Charity, with her companions Flynn and Neely joins the Southern army, befriend the strange half-elf lad Circumstance, and march upon the city of Grisham. 

After saving the world from the magik war in ages past, the dragons of Dragonglade are ever vigilant though reluctant to involve themselves in the affairs of younger races. Shealauch, a young dragon, has had a discouraging meeting with men. As a result, his tough hide has been pierced with arrows, and many of the dragons believe they must withdraw altogether from world of men. While the wall between the worlds weakens, the sorcerer Gilgafed watches as the creature he created and infused with all the power of hell works its way north toward his citadel in the mountain called Pestilence. With the southern empire marching to war against the northern kingdom, can the twins survive to fulfill the prophecy?

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