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Wounded Warriors Series, Book 6: White Rainbow
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Wounded Warriors Series, Book 6: White Rainbow

Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)

Women who have faced pain, loss and heartache. They know the score and never back down. Women who aren't afraid to love with all their passion and all their strength, who risk everything for their own little piece of heaven...

Men who live their lives on the blade's edge. Knights in black armor. The only thing more dangerous than crossing these men is loving them...

Jessie Nelson has been telling herself she doesn't deserve or believe in second chances, especially when it comes to love...until her white rainbow appears in a corporate pirate who conquers her, heart and soul.

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Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
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  • Karen Wiesner
    Jan 7, 2018, 15:28
    5 star review from The Romance Studio
    The Romance Studio Sweetheart Award Nominee
    5 star review from Dark Diva Reviews
    Recommended Read Nominee from Dark Diva Reviews
    Monthly Top Pick from Dark Diva Reviews
    5 star review and Reviewer's Top Pick from Readers' Favorite
    5 star review from Coffee Time Romance
    GOTTA Read rating (highest) from You Gotta Read Reviews
    4 1/2 star review from Single Titles

    5 Hearts and Sweetheart Award nominee! “Ms. Karen Wiesner quickly became a favorite author of mine. I will admit, however, that this is the best of her books I’ve read. Each time I believe it is the best, but I am amazed at the intricacy written into this story. It would not be unusual for me to lose interest with so much conflict. That didn’t happen. The poignancy of this book was incredible. The storyline’s main characters were so diligently written it was as if they were living in front of me. This couple faced tremendous adversity and each found their way to God, salvation and each other. The supporting characters were loving reinforcement that, fortunately, was willing to stand by both Jessie and Flint. The white rainbow was symbolic of second chances. The way that was incorporated into her book was beautifully presented. I absolutely couldn’t wait to reach the end and then I didn’t want it to end. There was also such a major bombshell near the end that I wasn’t expecting. I highly recommend this book as another major hit for Ms. Wiesner. I cannot say enough how convinced I am that each reader will be thrilled. This offering will make her a “must read” for others as she is for me. My hat’s off to you, Ms. Wiesner. You truly are an inspired author. Thanks for giving of yourself!” ~The Romance Studio
    You GOTTA Read (highest rating!) “I enjoyed the first five books in this series and this one is my favorite: full of hope and emotion! I was prepared to struggle to like Jessie based upon her very selfish and self-absorbed behaviors from the prior books. How does Ms. Wiesner turn Jessie into a character that could be liked and embraced? By showing that God finds us worthy even in the depths of our sin. Where there is love, there is hope to become a new creature. The hero has his own bitterness and revenge issues. The emotion that Ms. Wiesner evokes is truly engaging. She has created characters that you root for and you care about. You want to know what happens to each character and of course you are glad when they overcome obstacles to reach a happy ending. This last book of the series is inspirational, but is not preachy. It very smoothly includes in the plot and character interaction a message of hope and second chances. This is a lovely and uplifting story that will cheer your heart. Although this can be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend that you read RELUCTANT HEARTS, the first book in the Wounded Warriors Series so you meet all of the characters. Jessie also plays a big part in the second book, WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE. Now that I have read all of this series I am ready to read more books by Ms. Wiesner. Her writing style is full and rich; it enhances the well-developed, emotional characters and the deeply engaging plots.” ~You Gotta Read Reviews
    5 Cups! “WHITE RAINBOW is a magnificent look at hardships, betrayals, loves lost, loves found, and the one love that finds a way to crack open the softness of the heart. Karen Wiesner has done it once again with her excellent storytelling, wonderful romance and in-depth characters. She makes the reader ache for each and every one of the players. Ms. Wiesner knows how to pen a story that really snatches the reader. I could feel the agony, the conflict among each of the characters, and the rejoicing afterwards. This compelling story gives an uplifting feeling where one can find a way back to happiness and wash away all hurt.” ~Coffee Time Romance & More
    5 Delightful Divas, July 2010 Top Pick, and Recommended Read! “I was quite surprised to find that Jessie had a story of her own! After all her hijinks, her manipulations and her out-and-out disdain for anyone at all, I was hard put to think that she could be redeemed. Just goes to show how much I know. Truly though, without the group, Jessie would not have survived; how she did was miraculous, but the continuing support from everyone is what made the difference. Yes, Jessie’s now a Christian, but with her it’s not the preaching type of conversion--that goes right down to the core of her being. Seeing Jessie as she’s come to terms with her past and the responsibility she accepts for her actions is a stunning testimonial to the power of love--any type of love you want to name. Although the self-love that has been lacking for so much of her life is now something that Jessie is conscious of and nurturing. Flint Jackson is her counterpart; their relationship goes back 3 decades to when they were children of 11 years old. As odd as it may seem, the connection that Flint and Jessie had all those years ago was the strongest in both their lives. After being separated by life, both lost a big part of who they were and a rare and very powerful love. Unfortunately outside influences took more of their souls and they spent the ensuing decades living lives of complete and utter debauchery. Jessie’s had a year longer than Flint’s to reclaim her soul and life, and I truly believe that without her subsequent reappearance in his life, the changes that he had just begun would have been too overwhelming...she grounded him in a way that no else could. In WHITE RAINBOW—and I love the symbolism of the white rainbow—Karen Wiesner has come up with a powerful conclusion to her Wounded Warriors Series, one that will keep fresh the impact that the characters and books have had. Much of the series is, it’s true, inspirational and, in the past, I’ve often shied away from stories like that. All told, even being Christian myself, I’ve found that I was left feeling as though I’d been preached at, or that because I didn’t believe as they did I was lacking. Not a feeling that you want at the end of a story—at least not one that I enjoy. But, even with the very strong Christian theme in book 4, WAYWARD ANGELS, I never felt the pressure that I usually equate with inspirational stories. And honestly I feel that each of these books is easily viewed just as well-told, intriguing tales each with a memorable romance and their own unique flavor. And for that I thank Karen Wiesner for the chance to connect with Wendy & Paul, Steve & Kristina, Gwen & Dylan, Gregg & Stormie, Jessie & Flint and Tommie... always Tommie in the background.” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews
    5 Stars! “This book captured my attention from the beginning and held it to the last page. The characters are well developed. The plot is perfection. It is easy to recommend this book.” ~Readers Favorite
    4 1/2 Stars! "Compelling and moving, Karen Wiesner’s WHITE RAINBOW tells the story of one woman’s triumphs over her demons with the help of her faith. It is hard to express the depth of emotion you feel when reading one of Karen Wiesner’s Wounded Warrior Series books. The characters are realistic and flawed. What they go through as they struggle with their lives is so similar to what many of us have experienced in some way in our own lives. We met Jesse in earlier books and followed her downward spiral. Her uplifting story in WHITE RAINBOW can give many inspiration. Flint needed Jesse for his own uplift and she was there for him. A tremendous story from a tremendous author, WHITE RAINBOW, like the others in this series, will stay with you long after the last page is turned.” ~Single Titles
    4 Stars! “Hearing Jessie and Flint's personal tales gave me an inspirational boost. It is always amazing to me that no matter how badly you have lived your life or harmed others, there is forgiveness. And these two did some pretty bad stuff! If you are going through a rough time, this story may be just what you need.” ~Huntress Reviews
    4 Stars! “Jessie Nelson is a self-destructive type as are a few of Karen’s heroines, and she has run her course all the way not regretting a single thing she does until she realizes that self-destruction can only go so far before she is dead. WHITE RAINBOW is two people’s success story once it reaches the end, as the both of them know that they have missed each other for so long and discover they can’t ever be apart as no one else they have been with has ever come close to what they had. This story reminded me of one of those life changing stories you hear about with people who have come close to death and managed to survive through faith and love. As is normal in any of Karen Wiesner’s novels, there is a sense of being uplifted once you have read them and want to get your hands on more of her books almost instantly. Hers is a singular talent not many have, and her imbuing a little religious faith into her stories is without her trying to force her beliefs onto the reader.” ~Love Romance Passion
    “The plot of WHITE RAINBOW takes one through mixed emotions of tremendous love and hatred at the same time. The author has immaculately presented the story of a couple who has faced extreme adversities while being on a path of self-destruction yet found their ways to God, love and triumph over their demons through faith. Jessie Nelson and Flint Jackson have lived their lives on their own terms and only for themselves, which leads to agony and pain—not only for them but also for those who loved them until they met life-altering accidents that gave them a second chance to live and learn the real truth about life that “life is only worth living if it’s lived for others and not for oneself.” This story is a strong affirmation to the fact that everyone deserves and gets a second chance and the “white rainbow” symbolizes that second chance in this book. The story beautifully represents that no matter how devilish a person’s deeds may be, s/he would certainly should get a chance to make amends. One feels immense depth of emotions while reading this book. The characters are realistic and flawed. It’s easy to relate oneself with the hardship the characters go through as we all experience difficult times in some way or the other in our respective courses of lives. The author’s flawless storytelling ability and creativity in bringing out the perfect blend of love lost and love found keeps the reader glued until the last page.” ~TCM Reviews
    5 Stars! “The sixth Wounded Warrior tale stars two interesting lead characters who share in common a life of destroying others until both face death and know miraculously they survived. The story line is fast-paced from the moment a bitter, cynical Flint watches with joy from a distance his father buried and never slows down until the pirate and his lady find one another. Christian romance readers will enjoy the redemptive second chance at love tale.” ~Genre Go Round Reviews
    “Book Six of the Wounded Warrior series is well written, and the author certainly shows the power of redemption.” ~RT Book Reviews

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