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Rasheed, Winona

Winona Rasheed is a children's writer who lives in Washington DC with her husband. She is surrounded by loving grandchildren who inspire her to write. She has three self-published children's books available through www.lulu.com. Several of her short stories for children have been published with online magazines. Her latest short story, "Say What You Mean" is in the June 2007 issue of "Stories for Children" e-zine. Ms Rasheed loves children and loves writing for them. Winona is not only a children's writer/author, but also an entrepreneur with her own writing and editing business, "Dream Writers' Essentials". Writing and editing is a big part of her life because she is also the managing editor with www.authorme.com. She loves creating and editing manuscripts.

Her motto is: "You can't succeed if you don't begin. So, don't be afraid to write, let your imagination shine through your words."


Wohali and the Little People by Winona Rasheed (Mid-Grade Reader)
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To Wohali, a ten-year-old Cherokee Indian boy, the thought of changing his life style, and going to school for the very first time is not so exciting as he anticipates this new adventure; afraid of losing his identity and having to give up his Cherokee heritage in order to fit in, afraid that no one will like the new kid in school...

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