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Elizabeth, Zab

Zab Elizabeth lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her musical partner, Andrew and their gorgeous, ginger cat, Rastas.

Zab's passion for writing was ignited after trying her hand at various writing courses and finding herself addicted to them. When she ran out of courses locally she made the most important decision of her life, so far, and enrolled in the Professional Children's Writing Course at the Australian College of Journalism. After earning her diploma she quit her job and now writes full time.

Zab loves to combine her writing with her other love - animals. Lost animals often find their way into her home as well as into her stories. Although passionate about animals, Zab only has one cat and 18 or so goldfish and a garden full of birds. She hopes to have her own menagerie of animals when she moves to a larger property. She hopes to emulate Noah - two of every animal - without the beard.

Zab has been published in Countdown, a NSW School Magazine, and in SIRS Publishing's educational database, Discoverer. She is currently working on a fantasy novel for 8-12 year olds. 'Zapped' is Zab Elizabeth's first picture book.


Zap by Zab Elizabeth (Children's Picture Book)
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Toby is woken by the crash of thunder. He is alone in his dark bedroom. He hides under his covers. Then, there's a tapping at the window. Who could it be? He peers out from under his covers. It's too dark. He can't see. Then...Zap! Lightning flashes. What does he see?

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