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Welcome to Writers Exchange E-Publishing’s Blog!

Writers Exchange E-Publishing has been producing ebooks since 2000.  WEE also has a very large print range too;)

The purpose of this blog is to let readers get to know us and our authors better. As well as be informed of new releases and changes to the company and our books.


What is so Great About Writers Exchange?

Our differences set us apart.

Choice. Our ebooks are suited to all ebook reading devices.

Whether you want to read your ebook at the computer, on your tablet, or on a portable ebook reader such as Kindle, Kobo; our ebooks are completely compatible with all ebook reading devices. With WEE ebooks, you have the choice to read a few chapters while you’re taking a break at your computer, or you can kick back on the lounge or in the bus with your ebook reader/tablet. No restrictions. Just freedom to read a great book when and where you want.

Freedom. There is no limit to the number of times you can open your eBook, nor is there any need to remember security details to access it.

Our ebooks are Digital Rights Management (DRM) free.

DRM is a class of access control technologies that limits your use of digital content once you’ve purchased it. We believe that DRM serves to limit what customers can legitimately do with their purchased ebooks.

Once you have bought a book from Writers Exchange, your copy is yours to put onto any computer or e-reading device that you own. There is no limit to the number of times you can open it, and you do not need to remember security details to access it.

We want your eBook reading experience to be as easy as flipping open a paperback that sits on your bookshelf.

Naturally, you aren’t supposed to forward the eBooks to other people, but for your own use, there are no unnecessary restrictions.

Quality, award-winning ebooks. We don’t distribute random ebooks, we choose the best manuscripts, edit them and then publish them.

The reason we know our ebooks are page turners is because we’ve chosen them and published them. We carefully sift through the hundreds of manuscripts sent to us each year in the hope of finding the diamonds in the rough, and the gold nuggets that shine brightly.

From there, our editors embark on a thorough editing process with the author to ensure that their ebook becomes the best possible book it can be. The result is a story that has strong characters and an exciting plot – in other words, a riveting read!

Ease. It’s easy to choose an ebook from Writers Exchange.

We have hundreds of professionally edited and proof-read ebooks on our website, that’s why we’ve invested so much time and effort to make it as easy as possible for you to find a great ebook.

‘Turn the pages’ of our online catalogue

Do you love the idea of an ebook, but still want to flick through a catalogue to help you choose a book? With WEE, you can ‘flick through’ our catalogue and the pages will even make a sound as they turn. You can enjoy the realism of a catalogue without the wastage of paper. Our customers always find great books when they browse through our catalogue.

Peace of mind. Find out who is behind WEE.

Ebook publishers spring up everywhere, literally overnight – all they need is a website. Many ebook publishers are reputable and trustworthy, but just be aware that some are not.

WEE opened its online doors in December 2000 and we’re still going from strength to strength. We’re not a ‘fly by night’ publisher. When you purchase an ebook from WEE, you purchase with absolute peace of mind.

Flexibility. Purchase books using a sign-in account or purchase books as an anonymous shopper – the choice is yours!

At Writers Exchange E-publishing we like to give you a choice, that’s why we offer you two simple ways of purchasing books from us: either anonymously or by creating an account.

Creating an account and logging in does, however, come with benefits that aren’t possible with anonymous login:

  1. Not only do you receive an email containing your download link (like the anonymous customer), but your purchase is also recorded against your account so you can log in any time and re-download any book you have ever purchased with us!
  2. You earn bonus points with every ebook purchased and can use those to save money at a later date. Being logged in allows the system to assign these points to your account so you don’t miss out on future savings!

We offer gift certificates.

We love making our customers’ lives easier, that’s why we offer Gift Certificates. Gift certificates are the perfect solution when you just can’t find the right gift for someone, or if you’re short on time. Gift certificates are an ideal present for friends, family, and business associates. Avid readers will love our ebook gift certificates, and they’re also perfect for the person who has everything!


You have the choice of printed books too!

Although we specialise in ebooks, we know that sometimes you just want to hold a book in your hands. We like to cater to everyone, so if you ever want a printed book, please feel free to choose one from our fantastic collection.

We offer you bundles of fun with book bundles – you’ll have plenty to read and will save lots of money!

First of all, what are book bundles? Book Bundles are a number of ebooks zipped together and sold at a reduced price. Instead of $3.99 per book they sell at $2 per book when sold in the bundle.  At Writers Exchange we like to offer special deals that give you loads to read while saving you money.

Helpful reviews to help you choose a fantastic read

We understand that it can be hard to choose an ebook, especially when there are so many to choose from. So to make your life easier, we publish useful and interesting book reviews.

Respected by readers and authors.

We value and treasure our authors, which is why they keep working with us. Feel free to read their testimonials.

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