New Vampire Romance ebook Release (May 2017)

Writers Exchange is thrilled to announce our first vampire romance by Margaret L. Carter, co-author of the Wild Sorceress Fantasy Series…

Crimson Dreams

Author: Margaret L. Carter

Genre: Fantasy Romance (Vampire)

ISBN: 978-1-925191-19-6

Word Count: 68, 752

The summer when Heather was eighteen, her dream beast’s nightly visits warded off loneliness and swept her away in flights of ecstasy. Now, returning to the mountains to sell her dead parents’ vacation cabin, she finds her “beast” again. But he turns out to be more than a dream. She meets Devin in the flesh, apparently not a day older. His first human lover, centuries in the past, died horribly because of her devotion to him. Does he dare to expose another mortal woman to that risk?

PRICE: $3.99


RELEASE DATE:  26 May 2017

A Beth-Hill Novel: Wild Hunt Series by Jennifer St. Clair

A Beth-Hill Novel: Wild Hunt Series, Book 1: Heart’s Desire

Author: Jennifer St. Clair

GENRE:  Fantasy

ISBN: 9781921314964

Word Count: 142, 583

The Wild Hunt roamed the forest outside of Beth-Hill until the Council bound them for a hundred years–a lifetime, to a human, but only a passing thought to one such as Gabriel. But a century has put its mark even on the Master of the Wild Hunt, and as the Council’s binding draws to a close, old enemies reappear to ensure that the Wild Hunt is bound again, to a Master–or Mistress–much worse than the Council could ever become.


A Beth-Hill Novel: Wild Hunt Series, Book 2: Fire and Water

Author: Jennifer St. Clair

GENRE:  Fantasy

ISBN: 9781921636219

Word Count: 95, 831

Erialas Morgan brought his mother back to life with a spell that shouldn’t exist, but he acted out of desperation and love.

There are others who wish to use that same spell for their own gain–and to destroy the Wild Hunt once and for all. Caught in the middle of a war between the Morgan clan of vampires and their human kin, Erialas turns to the Hunt for help. But even Gabriel cannot stop the tide of death and destruction once it turns.


A Beth-Hill Novel: Wild Hunt Series, Book 3: The Lost

Author: Jennifer St. Clair

GENRE:  Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-922233-09-7

Word Count: 109, 105

Almost sixty years ago, Darkbrook opened its doors to students of *different * natures, sending out letters of invitation to the elves, the dragons, and…the vampires. The three who responded banded together despite their differences, and vanished only weeks later, along with an entire class of students and their teacher.

Someone summoned a demon to Darkbrook and trapped that demon in a body the shape of a human boy. That demon is still in Darkbrook after sixty years, and all he wants to do is go home.

The Wild Hunt has healed, and grown closer together, keeping the forest safe and secure for those who live there. Malachi has adapted to Josiah’s spell, but when the demon boy disrupts this newfound calm, the Hunt–and those they protect–are thrust into a struggle that should have ended almost sixty years ago–when a vampire, an elf, and a dragon–among others–vanished into the Mists.



New Release: Ancient Egyptian ebook by Best Selling Author, Max Overton

Writers Exchange is thrilled to announce Max Overton’s latest Ancient Egyptian novel…

Strong is the Ma’at of Re, Book 1: The King

Author: Max Overton

Genre: Historical: Ancient Egypt

ISBN: 978-1-925191-21-9

Word Count: 131, 143

If there was one thing that filled Ramesses III with pride, it was that he was descended from Ramesses the Great. Elevated to the throne following a coup led by his father Setnakhte during the troubled days of Queen Tausret, Ramesses III set about creating an Egypt that reflected the glory days of Ramesses the Great. He took on his predecessor’s throne name, he named his sons after the sons of Ramesses, he pushed them toward similar duties, and he thirsted after conquests like that of his hero grandfather.

Ramesses III assumed the throne name of Usermaatre, translated as ‘Strong is the Ma’at of Re’ and endeavoured to live up to it. He fought foreign foes, as had Ramesses the Great; he built temples throughout the Two Lands, as had Ramesses the Great, and he looked forward to a long, illustrious life on the throne of Egypt, as had Ramesses the Great.

But it was not to be. Ramesses III faced troubles at home; troubles that threatened the stability of Egypt and his own throne. The struggles for power between his wives, his sons, and even the priests of Amun, together with a treasury drained of its wealth; all forced Ramesses III to question his success.

PRICE: $4.99



RELEASE DATE:  25 May 2017

Free Short Story: “Rules of War” by Fran Jacobs

Rules of War
By Fran Jacobs

The creature in the cage wasn’t moving. It sat still and silent in the centre of its prison watching Arathy approach, impassively and unconcerned, with its dull violet eyes. When Arathy’s father, Kyther, had returned from patrol duty and unloaded the cage from the cart, the creature had been shouting in its own language and rattling the bars that surrounded it, but it had quietened down when Kyther had threatened it with an iron rod, and it hadn’t moved since. Even so Arathy still felt nervous as he crept towards the cage. His heart was pounding, his breathing was ragged and his palms were slick with sweat, but he knew that was as much to do with the fear of his father coming back out of the farm house and catching him avoiding his chores, than because of the nervous anticipation he felt at finally being able to see one of the fey.
They had been at war with the faerie race since his great grandfather’s time, but Arathy had never actually seen one. He’d heard stories about them, though, ever since he was a child, how they stole mortal children and enslaved them, made women and animals infertile, spoiled crops, soured milk and sank ships, but he had always thought that he would have to wait until he was eighteen, and joined his father and older brother, Rodir, on patrol, before he would catch a glimpse of one. He’d never dreamed that his father would actually capture a faerie, so he had no intention of wasting this opportunity, even if he would face a thrashing if he were caught.
Inside the wooden cage, cringing away from the iron disks that Kyther had hung to the outside of the bars, was a female faerie. She was a slender, androgynous creature, but her breasts, small and delicately formed, clearly defined her sex. She was probably as tall as Arathy, but in the small space of the cage, with her long limbs curled up around her, it was hard to tell. She seemed to be wearing nothing more than a sheer piece of gossamer as a dress. It was like a spider’s web draped around her, cut low at the back where her wings would have been, only they were gone now and all that remained were two stubs, surrounded by red, torn skin, and dried blood. Kyther had chopped the wings off to make sure that she couldn’t fly away, before cauterizing the wound and wrapping the wings in cloth. He would take them both to market, to sell separately, and could expect to make a small fortune, as faeries were always popular, especially women and children. Male faeries were less desirable, they were considered to be more dangerous, but Arathy wasn’t sure about that. The look in this faerie woman’s cat-slit eyes was one of pure murder.
But she looked scared, too.
“Can I get you anything?” Arathy asked her softly, not sure that she could even understand him. “To eat or drink?” There was a pause and then the faerie woman shook her head, milky-white hair flying about her face. “Are you in pain?” There was another pause and then an uncomfortable nod. “I-I’ll get you something, some water from the well, try and clean you up. Just hold still.” Another nod and Arathy turned and hurried away, heading towards the well.
Arathy worked quickly to fill the bucket with icy cold water and then stumbled back to the cage as fast as he could across the uneven ground, spilling a little of the water as he went. When he reached the cage he gave the faerie a nervous smile, one he hoped would comfort her, before heading around the back of it to squat in the dirt behind her. He soaked the hem of his cloak in the cold well water and carefully reached through the bars to dab it against the faerie’s pale skin.
The faerie girl cried out at his touch and flinched away.
“I’m sorry,” Arathy whispered. “I really am–”
“No,” the girl said, in a soft, lilting voice that showed that she could not only understand him, but speak his language. “Please, continue.”
Arathy hesitated but the girl squared off her shoulders and shoved a fist into her mouth to mask any cry that she might make, leaving Arathy no choice but to take a deep, slow breath and raise the damp cloak corner again to dab at her back.
He did his best to clean away the dried blood and soothe the sore flesh without hurting her, but every now and then the faerie would hiss in pain, or flinch away from his touch. Arathy didn’t blame her. Her once glimmering wings were gone and nothing remained but the stubs and sore and cauterized flesh. It had to hurt, but there was nothing that Arathy could do to except be as careful as he could.
And then his mother was calling him in for breakfast.


The barn where Kyther moved the faerie, to keep her out of his way, was draughty and cold and hung all over with tatty cobwebs that fluttered in the breeze, but at least it was private. He’d moved her there later that first day, and, since then, he hadn’t shown her any interest at all! Instead he’d left her care to Arathy and Rodir, after setting down his stringent rules: they were not to spend any time with her, other than to push her food through the small slot in the cage and to empty her chamber-pot; they were not to talk to her; they were not to look her in the eye, and they were not to touch her. Faeries were evil creatures, Kyther had said, and could cast a spell on a man just by looking at them, so they had to be very careful.
But in the days that followed Arathy couldn’t see anything about the faerie that seemed evil, in fact, she seemed rather vulnerable and sad. And, even though he knew that he should heed his father’s warnings and avoid her, he couldn’t help himself. She was an exotic creature, strange and mysterious, with her violet eyes, white hair and feline features, and he couldn’t keep away. He was captivated.
He tried to win her affection by taking her gifts: his mother’s healing salve, for the wounds on her back; a blanket, to keep her warm at night; a comb and a mirror, so that she could make herself look pretty; and food, that he stole from the larder and supper table so that she wouldn’t have to eat the table scraps that his mother set aside for her. And the faerie girl certainly seemed to appreciate his care and attention. After only a few days of coaxing she’d told him her name, Ash’ia, and had started to smile when he entered the barn. Soon after that she’d started to ask him how his day had been, and that had quickly led to a proper conversation and now, only a week later, Ash’ia had taken to telling him stories about her home and talked to him as if he was an old friend.
Arathy loved to hear her stories about her life back in the Faerie Realm. Although she avoided telling him anything that was personal about herself, she was full of tales of her brothers and sisters, one of whom was a scout in the Queen’s Army, a warrior, which Arathy found incredible. A woman fighting alongside the men! But, judging from Ash’ia’s stories, things were very different in the Faerie Realm. Women could rule, they could fight, they didn’t have to get married and have children, they were equal to the men and worked alongside them. Ash’ia had actually been horrified at the idea that, in the Mortal Realm, a woman was expected to stay home and raise children and she couldn’t understand why any woman would accept just this for herself. And it was these differences, and the stories that she told, that intrigued Arathy more than anything else and lured him back time and again to see her.


“It’s good to see you this evening, Arathy,” Ash’ia said, as Arathy slid into the barn. “I grow bored alone in here. It’s nice to have someone to talk to.”
“I brought your supper,” Arathy said, digging out the food that he had stolen earlier in the evening from his breech pocket. Ash’ia took it with a bright smile, her soft hand gently touching his as he passed them through the slot.
“Thank you.” She took a bite of the apple. “How…how much longer will it be until I’m taken to market, to be sold?” Her voice shook a little as she spoke but that wasn’t surprising. She had to be terrified of what was to come. Arathy knew that he would be, too, in the same situation.
“We’re taking you next week,” he said quietly.
“Oh.” Ash’ia’s mouth twisted. “Oh.”
“Will you be all right?”
“Would you?” she countered. “If you were locked away in a small cage, with no room to stand up, would you be all right? I can’t stretch my arms or legs, they’re so cramped that they’re a mass of pain.” Her violet eyes welled up with tears. “It hurts so much, that I’m actually looking forward to being taken to market! Can you imagine, I’m looking forward to being paraded around in front of gaping mortals, listening to their catcalls, being bid on as if I were a fine cow, just so that I can get out of this damn cage!”
Arathy swallowed. “I-I wish that I could let you out…”
“I know,” Ash’ia said, with a forced smile. “It’s all right. I do understand. I’m an exotic creature, a pet, I’m worth a lot of coin, you can’t take the risk that I might escape if you were to let me out for a bit.”
Arathy flinched as he shook his head. “No,” he said. “It’s not that. I can’t let you out. My father has the key for the lock and he keeps it with him all the time, I don’t see any way that I could steal it from him to be able to let you out for a little while. I’m sorry.”
“Oh.” Ash’ia’s gave him another weak smile. “It’s all right. I…I will be free of this cage soon enough and you have made it very comfortable for me. Thank you.”
Arathy laughed nervously. “My father would tan my hide if he saw half of this! I wasn’t even supposed to talk to you! He said you would put a spell on me!”
“No,” Ash’ia said sadly. “No spell. If I could use magic in such a way I wouldn’t be here now, away from my family, from my friends.”
Arathy blinked. “Yes,” he said. “Yes, I suppose that’s true.” He bowed his head, reaching through the bars of the cage to touch Ash’ia’s slim fingers gently. Her touch was warm, her fingers calloused beneath his. “You…you don’t blame me for this, do you?” he whispered. “I-I couldn’t bear it if you blamed me for all of this.”
“Why would I blame you?” the faerie asked. “You’re just a child, it isn’t your fault. Our people are at war, this is how your people fight, they kill our men, imprison and sell off the women and the children. It is one of your rules of war and I knew what might happen to me when I came to your world, I knew the risks. This is no one’s fault but my own.”
“I’m not a–” Arathy began, but he stopped before telling Ash’ia that he was fifteen, almost a man, and not a child. It wasn’t her fault that she hadn’t realised that, after all, she was a faerie, from a strange realm, she couldn’t understand how things were in the mortal realm and he didn’t want to make her feel bad by correcting her. “Oh,” was all he said instead, then there was a long pause as he tried to think of something else he could say, but in the end he just shrugged. “Will…will you tell me another story? About your home,” he added quickly.
Ash’ia smiled fondly at him as she shook her head. “It’s getting late, Arathy, your father will wonder where you are and I would like to eat my meal in peace. I will tell you another story tomorrow.”
“Can I get you anything? Do you need me to tend your bruises… or…or…”
“The stubs? No. No they’re fine, your mother’s healing salve did a good job, I would thank her for it, if she did anything more than spit at me.” Ash’ia yawned, a clear sign of Arathy’s dismissal. “Good night, Arathy.”
“Good night Ash’ia,” Arathy whispered, getting to his feet. With a heavy heart he left the barn, closing the door on the faerie firmly behind him.


Ash’ia was quiet as she carefully dabbed healing salve onto the large, fresh burn on her arm. It was starting to blister and it looked extremely painful. Arathy wouldn’t have believed it was caused by iron touching the faerie’s skin, if he hadn’t seen it for himself.
When he’d come into the barn that afternoon, following his chores, he had walked in on his brother threatening Ash’ia with an iron bar and mocking her with tales of what would happen to her when she’d been sold. Arathy had been furious, when he had seen his brother threatening his faerie, and told him to stop and threatened to fetch their father. But the older boy had just laughed and Arathy had lost his temper and struck him, the first time in his life that he had laid a finger against his bigger, stronger brother. It had taken Rodir by surprise, but, once he had recovered from the initial shock of it, he had struck Arathy back and the two had fought until the commotion had brought Kyther running.
When he could breathe easily again, Arathy had explained what had happened and the burn marks on Ash’ia’s skin, from where the iron had touched her, had been enough proof to convince Kyther that Arathy was telling the truth. He’d beaten Rodir for what he had done, called him all sorts of names, angry that Rodir had damaged his prize, then forbidden him from entering the barn again, leaving the faerie girl solely in Arathy’s hands, much to Arathy’s secret delight. But the look of pain in Ash’ia’s eyes, as he had returned to hand her the healing salve, had quashed that. He’d wanted to be the only one to take care of Ash’ia, but not at this cost. He didn’t like to see her hurt.
“Are you all right?” Arathy asked Ash’ia in a quiet voice. The faerie girl nodded her head, but the tears shinning in her eyes betrayed her. “I’m sorry about that…about Rodir…”
“No,” the girl said, “you saved me from him.”
“He wouldn’t have killed you! Just…just…”
“Tortured me?” Ash’ia shrugged. “I’m glad that you came in when you did. I’m glad that it was you who saved me.” She lifted her eyes. “Was…was it true what your brother said?” she asked in a quiet voice. “Am I to become a whore?”
“I…I don’t know,” Arathy whispered. “I have heard that there are brothels in the cities now, where a man can buy a faerie woman to bed…but Rodir was just saying that to be cruel. I’m sure it won’t happen to you. I’m sure that you will be well taken care of–”
Ash’ia’s face became very pale and pinched. “As well taken care of,” she said slowly, “as I have been here? Locked in a cage in a draughty barn, threatened with iron, mocked and called a…a monster?” Arathy swallowed back a tight lump that had formed in his throat and he slowly shrugged. Ash’ia’s jaw set. “You have been kind to me,” she said in a flat voice. “But I’m not foolish enough to think that I will always be so well looked after. I’m to be sold into slavery. If I’m lucky, I will be put on display like a prized animal, if I’m not, I will be raped day and night while men pay another man for that privilege! This is the life that awaits me and I don’t see why I should lie to myself and pretend it will be otherwise.” She tilted her head to regard Arathy with flat eyes. “But you can pretend it’s otherwise, Arathy, if it will make it easier for you to spend my blood money. You can pretend I’m well, with kind masters. You can pretend that I don’t miss my family and my friends, or my freedom, if it makes it easier for you and your family to enjoy your new farm tools or new clothes, or whatever else your father and mother purchase with coin for my life! You can pretend what you wish, Arathy, but do not hate me if I don’t do the same!”
“I-I could never hate you!” Arathy gasped. “And please, please, don’t talk like this. Ash’ia, please! You said that you don’t blame me for this, that this isn’t my fault!”
“I don’t blame you, Arathy,” Ash’ia said, in a flat, empty tone of voice. “I blame no one for my fate but myself.” She turned her back, presenting the still fresh scars from where her wings used to be. “Please, leave me. I want to be alone.”
“Ash’ia!” Arathy whispered, a protest, as a tight lump seized his chest. “Please, I’m sorry, but none of this is my fault! Ash’ia, you said yourself that it is a rule of war! It’s what we do! I-it’s not my fault…” But the girl’s back was a hard line and when she refused to even acknowledge him, Arathy had no choice but to leave.


Arathy could hear the sound of Ash’ia sobbing as he lay in his narrow bed and tried to sleep. He tried to ignore it, tried to pretend that he couldn’t hear it, but it was impossible. In the past week, since Rodir had attacked her with the iron bar, she hadn’t said more than two words to Arathy. She’d been detached, aloof. Arathy had tried to coax her out of it, tried to make her laugh, or even smile, but she’d barely acknowledged him until, that afternoon when, he had told her the news, that the following morning she was to be taken to market.
Then she had started to cry and she hadn’t stopped. Even now, in the dark stillness of the night, Arathy could hear her crying. He didn’t blame her for it, not for one moment, it had to be terrifying, to not know what awaited you, to be so helpless, to have no control over your own life. And, although Arathy felt sorry for her, for what she would face in the morning, he was relieved too. He was glad that she would soon be gone and he wouldn’t have to look at her or live with the guilt that came with having her trapped in the cage in the barn, because that guilt was incredible. Even though her eyes were violet and her hair was white, even though she had scarred and bloody stumps where wings had once fluttered in the breeze, she was little different to Arathy. She had a family, just as he did, and friends, and hopes, and fears. He found it impossible to see her as a monster, the way his parents did, he didn’t even see her as an exotic pet anymore. No, now she was just a sad, tragic figure and the sound of her crying tore at his heart.
Arathy rolled over, pulling a pillow over his head to try and mask the sound of weeping, only it seemed to be inside his head, echoing through his mind, heavy gasps, whimpers of pain, of misery. It was a never ending flood of tears and, in his mind’s eye, he could see Ash’ia, her pale face red from crying, her violet eyes watering, her slim body shaking. He couldn’t get the image, or the sound, out of his head, it was as though it was trapped there, like a captivating song, and nothing he could do seemed to shift it.
When it finally grew too much for him to bear, Arathy knew that there was only one thing left that he could do. He had to go and see her.
Arathy fumbled to strike his tinderbox, so he could light his lantern and see things more clearly, and then he reached for his clothes. He dressed quickly, his heart racing and his mouth dry, and crept out of his bedroom. He had to walk carefully, avoiding the creaking floorboards, as he made his way through the house, so as not to alert his parents. His heart was thundering inside his chest the whole time, like an insistent drum, and the only thing that drowned it out was the sound of the faerie girl crying.
“I want to go home!” the girl gasped, as soon as she saw Arathy. Her face was red, just as he had imagined it, her nose running; she looked a state, miserable and small. “I miss my sister and my mother!”
“I’m sorry,” Arathy said, setting down the lantern, before sinking to his knees beside the cage. He pushed his fingers carefully through the bars to try and touch her, hoping that would bring her comfort. “I-I really am. I-I wish things were different, I-I wish…”
“They will never find me, Arathy! My family. I sat here and I hoped and I prayed to the gods that they would find me, that somehow they would rescue me, but they haven’t come! They have left me here and tomorrow I will be gone and they will never find me!” She buried her face in her hands and her body shook with sobs that were so violent the iron disks on the cage rattled, clanging together.
With a heavy heart, Arathy got to his feet. There was nothing he could say, nothing he could do. He couldn’t help her. He turned to go, but as he was leaving he caught sight of his father’s tool rack and the glint of metal from Kyther’s work knife. Arathy had it in his hand, and was cutting the ropes that tied the iron disks to the cage, before he even knew it.
“What…what are you doing?” Ash’ia whispered.
“Setting you free.”
“Won’t you get in trouble?”
Arathy hesitated and then he shrugged. “Probably,” he said. “If my father finds out, but I’ll lie to him, tell him I don’t know what happened to you and maybe he’ll think it was someone from the village who released you. Someone who was jealous of the money he would have made from you. Even if he does discover it was me there isn’t a lot he can do. He can beat me, I suppose, but he has done that before. He may decide that I can’t be trusted and try to stop me going on patrol, or something. But I doubt he can actually do that. It is the law, after all, that all men of eighteen take their turn on patrol, to protect us all from the ‘evil’ fey.” He gave Ash’ia a quick smile as the last disk fell away and he turned his attention towards the lock.
“You will join the patrol when you come of age?” Ash’ia asked, sounding strangely calm.
“Yes,” Arathy said. “Of course.”
“And you will kill any faerie that you come across?”
Arathy hesitated before nodding slowly. “It’s war,” he said. “They’re the enemy.”
“Yes,” Ash’ia agreed. “It’s war. But you will not kill me?”
“No!” Arathy said, surprised that she’d even asked. “You’re a friend! I can’t kill you!” The lock broke and Arathy opened the cage and cleared away the iron disks so that she had a safe path to walk along. Then he stood back to watch as she climbed out of the cage and stretched her whole body, the way that a cat would after a nap.
“Thank you for giving me my life back,” she said, and her slim arms slid around him as she hugged him tight. “Thank you so much. Thank you for saving me.” She smelt of dirt and grime, her hair was lank against his face, and Arathy could feel the pounding of her heart, beneath her breasts that were pressed close against him. Her body was slim and all too real, all too warm, in his arms. She was all too real.
A sudden blast of pain shot through his back, making him cry out and pull free of Ash’ia’s grip. Blinking back the sudden flurry of tears that had filled his eyes, Arathy twisted his arm up behind him, seeking out the source of the burning pain.
And his fingers closed around the hilt of Kyther’s work knife, buried in his back.
Arathy gasped, with surprise and pain, and collapsed to his knees with a bone jarring jolt. His mouth was full of blood, it was thick and salty, and when he coughed, dark red droplets sprayed onto the ground. “Why?” he asked. It was all he could think of to say. Tears burned in his eyes and his vision was cloudy as he struggled to stare up at the faerie woman he had considered a friend, the faerie woman who had just taken his knife from his hands and plunged it into his back.
Ash’ia only shrugged. Her violet eyes were suddenly dry and they were clearer and calmer than Arathy could remember them being before. They weren’t the eyes of Ash’ia, the frightened faerie in the cage, now, no, these eyes were cold and calm and they regarded him impassively as he collapsed onto his side, gasping like a fish out of water. “It was nothing personal, Arathy,” she said. “In a few years you would have joined the patrol with your father and killed any of my kind that you came across. I have just saved a few lives by taking yours.” She stepped over his fallen body as she headed towards the barn door. “It’s a rule of war, Arathy, to never leave a live enemy behind you. That’s all it is, a rule of war.”

About the Author

Fran Jacobs lives in the UK and graduated from the University of Nottingham with a Masters degree in Ancient History in 2001. She now lives in Swansea where she runs an online gothic website, Megaera’s Realm. Fran mostly writes fantasy, with a penchant for the darker side of it, and her stories have been published in a variety of magazines including Forgotten Worlds, Nanobison, Chaos Theory: Tales Askew, Neo-opsis, Alien Skin, Dred, Art and Prose and a Tangled Script of Intangible Soul Engravings.

You can read more about her past achievements and future projects on her website:

You can also keep track of her books on her author page:

Books by Fran…

Ellenessia’s Curse Series

Book 1: The Shadow Seer

For generations prophets have foreseen the birth of the Shadow Seer, the oracle of dark visions and fallen kingdoms. But by the time of Sorron, King of Carnia, their warnings have mostly been forgotten and his name is known only to a handful of scholars.

When Sorron’s grandson, Prince Candale, falls deathly ill, the Seer’s legends are brought to light once again by his saviour, a witch named Mayrila. She believes that Candale is the fulfilment of those long forgotten prophecies.  She believes that he is the Shadow Seer…



Book 2: The Seer’s Tower

Prince Candale has discovered the truth about himself at last.  He is the Shadow Seer, foretold prophet of dark visions and fallen kingdoms.  The witch Mayrilla tried to teach him control, but now she lies dead, struck down by Candale’s own hand, and the ever-watching shadow has begun to talk.

It wants him to go the kingdom of Idryan, to the Seer’s Tower, and tells him that what he will learn there will change everything. It promises rewards, if he obeys, but punishment if he does not.

But is it the voice of the demon, Ellenessia, that talks to him, a voice to be obeyed, or just the beginnings of Candale’s prophecised descent into madness?




New Fantasy Anthology (3 short stories) ebook Release (May 2017)

Writers Exchange is happy to announce our latest book from Courtney Lynn Mroch, backstories for our existing book, Beneath the Morvan Moon

The Clock, the Cloak and the Needles: The Stories of the Enchanted Items from Beneath the Morvan Moon

Author: Courtney Lynn Mroch

Genre: Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-925191-17-2

Word Count: 12, 696

In Beneath the Morvan Moon, a cloak made of wolf’s clothing factors heavily into the plot. The cloak possesses the power to transform a man into beast. The cloak’s story, as well as that of a clock and a pair of knitting needles, are enchanted items with stories of their own. Stories finally shared together in one collection.

PRICE: $1.99


RELEASE DATE:  9 May 2017

New American Civil War Historical ebook release!

Writers Exchange is thrilled to announce our latest book by Dr Herb Marlow…

Winchester Battles Series, Book 1: Winchester Doctor

Author: Herb Marlow

Genre: Historical: American Civil War

ISBN: 978-1-925191-16-5

Word Count: 34, 137

Jonas Slaton, M.D. is a local Winchester, VA doctor when the Civil War begins. Because of its proximity to Washington D.C., and its many productive farms, the Shenandoah Valley is of vital importance to both North and South, and it will be fought over many times during the conflict.

The story opens in May 1862. At that time the Union Army under General Banks is occupying Winchester, but Stonewall Jackson’s Valley Army is still intact, and expected to attempt to retake the town.

Preparing for the first Battle of Winchester, Dr Slaton invites a number of people to stay in the safety of his house for the duration, including the newly met storekeeper’s sister, Elaine, whose spell he instantly fell under…

Many medical and surgical techniques from the time period are described in the book. All historical characters and places are accurate, and the history of the battles is well-researched and clearly explained.

PRICE: $2.99


RELEASE DATE:  8 May 2017

Faxinor Fantasy ebook Series by Michelle Levigne

Faxinor Chronicles Book 1: Heir of Faxinor

Author: Michelle Levigne

Genre: Fantasy/Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-925191-16-5

Word Count: 81,372

When Andrixine falls ill and spends the winter recovering at Snowy Mount, a community of holy folk, scholars and healers, she never dreams it will be the first step of an adventure that will change her life. But her illness came from a murder attempt, and the same enemy tries to kill her traveling party on the way home.

When she seeks a weapon to rescue her mother, she is chosen by the mystical Spirit Sword to lead in the defense of her country, Reshor, against its ancient enemy. First, she must rescue her mother and uproot treachery from within her own castle and family. The friends she gathers along the way become her closest allies and supporters–and she is surprised when friendship with a young warrior turns into something more.

PRICE: $2.99


Faxinor Chronicles Book 2: Lorien

Author: Michelle Levigne

Genre: Fantasy/Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-925191-20-2

Word Count: 82, 062

Lorien vows to do whatever it takes to serve Reshor and protect her pregnant sister, Andrixine, the Sword Bearer. Even if it means making a loveless political marriage. She learns that the game of politics and courtly manners is a harsher duty than swordplay and battle. Then Ambassador Lord Arand of Eretia comes to Reshor to make politically astute marriages to protect his kingdom against Sendorland. He has been ordered to win Lorien for his queen’s grandson.

Arand and Lorien discover they have much in common and their resolve to put duty ahead of their own dreams soon becomes a torment. Arand has a gift for healing and music, but has denied both for the sake of following family tradition and serving the throne as an ambassador.

When enemies inside Reshor conspire with Sendorland to steal first Lorien’s brothers and then Andrixine’s newborn sons, Lorien and Arand find themselves in the middle of danger, but exactly the right place to avert total disaster. They wonder if all their sacrifices mean anything when they are both so miserable. Doesn’t Yomnian want his servants to be happy?

PRICE: $2.99


Faxinor Chronicles, Book 3: Traitors

Author: Michelle Levigne

Genre: Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-925191-26-4

Word Count: 74, 077

Lord Edrix Faxinor regretted his brilliant diplomatic insight the moment he realized it landed him in the role of ambassador to Sendorland, the hereditary enemy of his country, Reshor. Still aching from the death of his betrothed, he set sail in the hopes of bringing peace between the two warring nations.

Arriena of Traxslan was the lowest of the low–a poor relation, living on the charity of her domineering, cruel cousin, Lord Mordon Traxslan. She had dreams of being a scholar, despite the “sin” of being born a woman, with supposedly limited intelligence.

Then her cousin offered Arriena a chance to have some choice in her future–but it could cost her life. Because she resembled Faxinor’s dead betrothed, she was ordered to enchant and ensnare him, to give Sendorland power over him, and force him to betray Reshor.

Arriena had grown up unable to trust anyone. Could she trust Edrix with the truth, and possibly her heart? To save Arriena, could Edrix risk becoming a traitor?

PRICE: $2.99


Faxinor Chronicles, Book 4: Sword of Faxinor

Author: Michelle Levigne

Genre: Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-925191-15-8

Word Count: 97, 074


PRICE: $2.99

The Faxinor family prepares to travel to Eretia for the birth of Lorien and Arand’s first child. Their sea voyage is an adventure as they learn about sailing and legends of the seafarers. More than just pirates and enemy nations hide over the horizon and beyond the next wave.

Then a legend rises from the deep waters and before he knows it, Derek is overboard and then stranded on another ship, separated from his family.

Captain Silas of the Sea Storm is willing to reunite Derek with his family, but legends and visions and the laws of the seafarers interfere.

Prophecy and visions guide the crew of the Sea Storm, and what starts out as an accident might just be the hand of Yomnian as Derek has a chance to recover the ancestral Faxinor sword, as well as help his new friends and allies. He is reminded of the visions of his grandfather, who saw all the Faxinor children spreading light throughout the world.


New Fantasy ebook release (May 2017)

Writers Exchange is thrilled to announce the latest book in Michelle Levigne’s awesome fantasy series…

Faxinor Chronicles, Book 4: Sword of Faxinor

Author: Michelle Levigne

Genre: Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-925191-15-8

Word Count: 97, 074

The Faxinor family prepares to travel to Eretia for the birth of Lorien and Arand’s first child. Their sea voyage is an adventure as they learn about sailing and legends of the seafarers. More than just pirates and enemy nations hide over the horizon and beyond the next wave.

Then a legend rises from the deep waters and before he knows it, Derek is overboard and then stranded on another ship, separated from his family.

Captain Silas of the Sea Storm is willing to reunite Derek with his family, but legends and visions and the laws of the seafarers interfere.

Prophecy and visions guide the crew of the Sea Storm, and what starts out as an accident might just be the hand of Yomnian as Derek has a chance to recover the ancestral Faxinor sword, as well as help his new friends and allies. He is reminded of the visions of his grandfather, who saw all the Faxinor children spreading light throughout the world.

PRICE: $2.99



Children’s Picture Books at WEE and sold on Amazon…

Writers Exchange has been updating our children’s picture books, up at WEE and at Amazon, this is not our complete listing, as this page will be added to as we complete more of the books. We hope you enjoy our current updated range…


A Chef for the Queen

Author: Helen Ksypka

Illustrator: Alexandra Lillis

GENRE:  Children’s Picture Book

ISBN: 1920972927 (978-1-920972-92-9)

Look out!  It’s meal time and the Queen is about to throw a tantrum.  When it seems no chef in the entire world can please her fussy palate–a young peasant boy prepares the triumphant treat.

Do you think you know what it is?  The spirited verses of prize-winning poet, Helen Ksypka, will keep you guessing to the end.

PRICE: $2.99


An Elephant Named Fiesta

Author: Josie A. Okuly

Illustrator: C. Iannaccone

ISBN:   1920972226 (978-1-920972-22-6)

GENRE: Children’s Picture Book

With a flower behind his ear, Fiesta loves to dance the tango. Everyone makes fun of him until a new friend comes along.

PRICE: $2.99


Baby Monster

Author: Sally Murphy

Illustrator: Rodger C. Francis II

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

ISBN: 9781921314438

“I’m hungry! Hungry! Hungry!” says the Baby Monster.

But when his mother offers him a tasty treat, he isn’t interested. What is it that Baby Monster wants?

An easy to read first picture book, perfect for sharing or independent reading.

PRICE: $2.99


Being Kind to George

Author: Jo Dunningham

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

ISBN: 978-1-920741-29-7

‘Being Kind to George’ is based on a true story and real life characters. Set in a beautiful Country Park nestling in the heart of Wiltshire, England, it tells the tale of how man can affect the wildlife around him.

The story tries to show how even in kindness, man can damage not only the delicate balance of the environment in which animals live, but by befriending a wild animal they can remove the instincts that help it to survive.

PRICE: $2.99


Brave Buster

Author: Aileen McLeod

Illustrator: Murray McLeod

ISBN:   1920972447 (978-1-920972-44-8)


An unwanted Collie dog is rescued, after an accident, by a caring family. But later his security is threatened by the arrival of an unwelcome caller.

Buster shows just how brave he really is.

PRICE: $2.99


Christopher Cuthbert Caterpillar

Author: Daphne Taylor

GENRE:  Children’s Picture Book

ISBN: 9781921314322

An unusual friendship exists between Christopher Cuthbert Caterpillar and Mervyn Magpie.

Christopher Cuthbert has been warned it will be too dangerous to attend Mervyn’s birthday party, but full of bravado, he thinks he can take care of himself.

In trying to prove this, he learns the hard lesson that we can’t always do what we want to do.

PRICE: $2.99


Gordon and the Aliens

Author: Jenny Smedley

Illustrator: Jehane Horwood

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

ISBN: 978-1-920972-37-0

This illustrated story is a real page turner.

What’s going on? Who is Gordon? Are the aliens real?

Small children will love the fact that this is a story with suspense and a surprise at the end.

PRICE: $2.99



I Am Gifted Too

AuthorValerie Hardin

Illustrated By: Mary Lacro-Mauritz

ISBN: 1876962437 (978-1-876962-43-2)

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Kara the bunny rabbit hates school.  It is not because she doesn’t have friends, but rather that her “learning disability” makes her feel stupid.  Her special teacher tells her she is gifted too, but she doesn’t believe him.  How could a dyslexic rabbit ever be worth anything?

One special friend will show Kara that despite her dyslexia, she has gifts that make her just as special as everyone else.

PRICE:  $2.99


Introducing the Adventures of Wally Pendergast the Penguin World Traveler and Bon Vivant!

Author: Lynda S. Burch

Photographs: Lynda Burch and MarySue Roberts

ISBN: 1920972439 (978-1-920972-43-1)

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Wally Pendergast, the Penguin is a picture chapter book of a marvelous little Antarctic penguin on a quest to discover the world around him. Not satisfied with the limitations of his life in the frigid South Pole, he sets forth on an epic journey of discovery in a world where Wally learns there are injustices and problems that even a little penguin can help to solve.

Wally makes many friends along the way. Eloise Tortuga, an enormous turtle on the Galapagos Islands just wants to lay her eggs safely. The little penguin witnesses a hunt of penguin’s common enemy, a whale named Humperdink Wayland, who is only different and not an enemy. Book 1 travel adventures range from the South Pole, to Galapagos Islands, Panama Canal and ends in Los Angeles, California, USA. The book is loaded with pictures and maps!

Encountering mankind and many others species, Wally journeys of exploration lead him to become an advocate of a safer, cleaner world for all. Wally learns that caring for the ecology of our surroundings will be beneficial to both man and animal alike and shares his discoveries with each individual little reader.

PRICE: $2.99



Jesus on the Beach

Author: Pauline Young

Illustrator: Aileen McLeod

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

ISBN: 1 920972 41 2

Jesus’ friends have gone fishing in their boat. They have worked all night and have caught no fish.
Who is the strange man on the shore who calls out to them to throw their net on the other side of the boat in order to catch a lot of fish?
Does what he says come true?
PRICE: $2.99



Kangaroo’s Visitor Gets a Surprise

Author: Peter Taylor

Illustrator: Gail C. Breese

ISBN: 1920972056 (978-1-920972-05-9)

GENRE: Children’s Picture Book

What is this invention all the other animals are talking about? Koala decides to find out…but will he ever be the same again?

What a surprise! What a laugh!

A picture storybook for children aged 2-8.

PRICE: $2.99


Monster Cat Valentine

Author: Valerie Hardin

Illustrator: Candace J. Hardy

ISBN: 1920972048 (978-1-920972-04-2)

GENRE: Children’s Picture Book

This tale is about a cat’s journey to create the perfect valentine for his favorite ‘Creature Feature’ host. This book is not just for kids it’s a fun book for all who love comic books, valentines, cats and not so scary monster movies.

PRICE: $2.99



My Mommy is Insane

AUTHOR: Koni Coward

ILLUSTRATED BY Mary Lacro-Mauritz

ISBN: 1876962151 (978-1-876962-15-9)


“My Mommy Is Insane” is an adorable Children’s Picture book, written originally by Koni Coward as a poem.  This humorous look at Mommy’s frazzled nerves is illustrated by gorgeous artwork by Mary Lacro-Mauritz.

Every mother of small children will identify with this book, as will the children who love to drive their mother’s crazy!

PRICE:  $2.99




New Fantasy Noir (Detective with Supernatural creatures) ebook release (April 2017)

 Tony Mandolin Mystery, Book 6: The Clone in the Closet

Author: Robert Lee Beers

Genre: Noir Fantasy, Supernatural/Paranormal, Detective

ISBN: 978-1-925191-14-1

Word Count: 100, 940

Does a clone share a soul? That’s a question Tony has to figure out when he is suddenly confronted with reports of his partner Frankie committing violent crimes all over the city.

Someone is making Frankie copies, and it may take a literal trip to hell for a slightly worn PI to figure out who.

PRICE: $1.99


A Ring Realms Novel: Reality’s Plaything Series (Part of a massive fantasy/Science fiction universe)

A Ring Realms Novel: Reality’s Plaything Saga Book 1: Reality’s Plaything (ebook and print)

Cover Art by Gina Shellie

ISBN: 187696202X (978-1-876962-02-9)

GENRE: Fantasy

An impossible battle.

An unconquerable enemy.

A hero with one mission: to win.

Bannor Starfist has an enemy, a powerful and vengeful enemy. As the insane moon goddess, Hecate, and her minions close in on him, devastating the world he loves, Bannor realizes he must fight to save them all.

With the threat of being consumed by his newly recognized power, Bannor struggles to learn how to control it while clashing with the evil that confronts him.  Armed with a little more than an axe and his love for his wife, Bannor goes head-to-head against a god.  But how does one defeat a god?

PRICE:  $4.99


A Ring Realms Novel: Reality’s Plaything Saga Book 2: ‘Neath Odin’s Eye

ISBN: 1876962801 (978-1-876962-80-7)

GENRE: Fantasy

Surviving a battle to the death with a god would tax the greatest of heroes, but for Bannor Starfist it is only the beginning of something much worse–a war with a whole pantheon of gods!

The death of Hecate has triggered a rumble in the Vanir pantheon. AllFather Odin is not happy, Bannor and all his friends must be brought to justice for the crime of murder.

For the already battered Bannor, the ordeal is only beginning. Sarai’s mother and sister, and all the rest of his friends have been captured and imprisoned in Niflheim, the land of the dead. Somehow, he must find a way to get them out without Odin catching him as well. To add to the challenge, the battle with Hecate has a taken away his powers…

PRICE: $4.99


A Ring Realms Novel: Reality’s Plaything Saga Book 3: Eternal’s Agenda

GENRE: Fantasy/Science Fiction

ISBN: 9781921314308

Always a catch…

For Bannor Starfist, the savant of reality, nothing is easy…including getting married.

Fresh off a duel with allfather Odin, Bannor tries to start a new life in Malan with his cherished betrothed, Sarai. He hopes the worst of his troubles will be preparing for the elaborate royal marriage ceremonies.  As usual, things don’t go according to plan…

Creation, annihilation, perpetuity…the words boom in Bannor’s mind through his magical nola powers.  The message is just a pre-cursor to another big mess done Garmtur style.  Daena, the savant of attractions turned immortal goddess, is up to something and Advocate Eternal Koass is anything but happy.

Bannor goes to Eternity’s Heart to speak on Daena’s behalf and ends up the Shael Dal’s latest draftee.  The Protectorate has a problem.  A million blood-thirsty war-mages are running rampant through the Ring Realms destroying everything they come in contact with.  The difficulty is, nobody can find them…except maybe someone with the reality bending power of the Garmtur Shak’Nola.

Bannor decides to help but learns the hard way.  No good deed goes unpunished…

PRICE: $4.99



A Ring Realms Novel: Reality’s Plaything Saga Book 4: Savants Ascendant

AUTHOR:  Will Greenway (Amazon Author Link:

GENRE:  Fantasy/Science Fiction

ISBN: 9781921314537

Bannor and Wren are on another adventure doing what they do best…getting into and out-of trouble.  The two savants embark on a simple reconnaissance mission with their new friends from the Shael Dal.  Naturally there are the little bumps that make the danger duo’s life so interesting–massacres, spies, and hostile alien assassins…

At the behest of Koass the eternal, Bannor has pierced the veil of secrecy around the Baronians, and the soldiers of Baronia have a single response:


PRICE: $4.99



A Ring Realms Novel: Reality’s Plaything Saga Book 5: The Infinity Annihilator

AUTHOR:  Will Greenway

GENRE:  Fantasy/Science Fiction

ISBN: 9781921314766

The rogue Kriar Daergons have the ancient Jyril genemar, a weapon capable of destroying all the magic in Eternity.  A device so destructive it can slay any creature from a universe away.  Bannor is just lucky enough to have the weapon aimed at him.

Infinity Annihilator is the fifth and final volume in the epic of Reality’s Plaything, as the ultimate powers meet head on in devastating battle.

PRICE: $4.99




Other books in the Ring Realms Universe:


New Release: Children’s Mid-Grade Reader (April 2017)

The Wingless Fairy Series Book 8: Rebecca and the Dragon

Author: Margaret Pearce

Genre: Mid-Grade Reader: Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-922233-70-7

Word Count: 16, 352

Dragons had arrived. One of them ate the district’s cattle which was against dragon law.

The cowardly dragon hiding down the creek is the only dragon left to fight it. How can Rebecca help it stand up to the dragon bully without either of them being burned alive?

PRICE: $2.99


RELEASE DATE:  22 April 2017

New Fantasy ebook release (April 2017)

Wild Sorceress Series, Prequel: Legacy of Magic

Author: Margaret L. Carter and Leslie Roy Carter

Genre: Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-925191-11-0

Word Count: 86, 364

Most people in the country of Saphradea admire sorcerers and dream of having magical powers. Not Merina, a young woman who detests magic because she thinks it ruined the life of her mother, a failed sorceress candidate who abandoned her in infancy.

When Merina’s fiancé, Trinames, announces he has decided to go for training as a Healer sorcerer, her personal world turns upside down. As heiress to a tract of rich farmland, she wants only to manage her own property and bring up a family in peace, a dream she thought Trinames shared. Yet events conspire to force her into a realm of magic and intrigue she never wanted.

When Trinames gets kidnapped and she strikes out across the wilderness to rescue him, in company with a wandering trader who turns out to be more than he appears, she runs into a crisis that awakens magical powers she shouldn’t even possess. Previous-generation, stand-alone prequel to the “Wild Sorceress” trilogy.

PRICE: $3.99

Or buy from the following distributors:





Cohesive Story Building (formerly titled FROM FIRST DRAFT TO FINISHED NOVEL {A Writer’s Guide to Cohesive Story Building}) by Karen Wiesner

Cohesive Story Building (formerly titled FROM FIRST DRAFT TO FINISHED NOVEL {A Writer’s Guide to Cohesive Story Building})

Author: bestselling Writer’s Digest Books author Karen S. Wiesner

Genre: Writing Advice

ISBN: 978-1-922233-64-6

Word Count: 107, 494

Revised, Updated, and Reissued Writing Reference

Second Edition

Without layering, a story is one-dimensional, unbelievable, boring. Layers mean stronger characters, settings, plots, suspense, intrigue, emotions and motivation. Layering also produces cohesion of all elements. Characters must blend naturally with the setting the writer has placed them, just as plot becomes an organic part of character and setting. If a story doesn’t work, it could very well be because the elements aren’t cohesive. Cohesive Story Building shows how each element hinges on the other two and how to mix them until they fuse irrevocably.

Additionally, Cohesive Story Building carefully explores each of stage of story development from brainstorming and outlining to drafting and revision. From a thorough look at the fundamentals of writing to comprehensive story building techniques, as well as submission guidelines and etiquette, this must-have guide will see writers through the entire novel writing process from start to finish.

Set within the framework of comparing the process of building a house to the process of building a story, Cohesive Story Building gives a solid plan of action from start to finish through in-depth examples and exercises, and leave-no-stone-unturned checklists that will help writers take the plan into their own writing. Features detailed examples from published novels to illustrate story-building principles.

Many who have read Karen Wiesner’s reference First Draft in 30 Days, which focuses on in-depth outlining and goal-setting, will find Cohesive Story Building a perfect companion to that book.

PRICE: $18.99




Rowland Sisters Regency Romance Trilogy by Catherine Dove

The Rowland Sisters Trilogy, Book 1: Mr Harding Proposes

Author: Catherine Dove

GENRE:  Regency Romance

ISBN: 1876962496 (978-1-876962-49-4)

Word Count: 55, 646

Mr. Richard Harding is an eligible bachelor who has his heart set on marrying his lifelong friend and neighbor, Miss Georgiana Rowland. However, they have been good friends for so long that, when he finally screws up his courage and proposes to her, Georgie thinks he is merely teasing!

Georgiana has good reason to be so distracted. Her younger sister is about to be launched into society, and most of the work and worry falls on Georgie. Also, despite her mother’s furious command, she has befriended the scandalous Lady Shipton, which brings both blessings and chaos to the Rowland family and to their kind uncle, Sir Henry. Worse for Mr. Harding, Lady Shipton’s charming stepson takes a strong liking to Georgie.

Mr. Harding keeps proposing, again and again, while still trying to support Georgie in her trials. But is it possible for such a good friendship to turn into love?

PRICE: $3.99



The Rowland Sisters Trilogy, Book 2: The Lazy Bachelor

Author: Catherine Dove

GENRE:  Regency Romance

ISBN: 978-1-921636-78-3

Word Count: 67, 022

Mr. Peregrine Tyndall has often been called the laziest man in London. But he is stirred to the enormous effort of matchmaking when a hunting accident suffered by his cousin, Lord Shipton, makes him realize that he stands in real danger of inheriting an earldom–with all its responsibilities. In his opinion, the perfect girl to marry his cousin and give the earldom another heir than himself would be their childhood friend, Portia Freestone.

Mr. Tyndall doesn’t know what formidable obstacles lay before him, however, when he joins a house party at the earl’s country home with this match on his mind. In the first place, his normally obliging friend Portia has a secret. She has no wish to marry the earl–she likes him very well, but the man she secretly wishes to marry is Perry himself. An even bigger problem is Miss Frances Armitage. She and her little sister Eleanor had been left in Perry’s guardianship, a duty he had benignly and completely neglected. But now Miss Armitage, furious, is about to descend on Lakeford Hall to demand that Perry take up his duties in a responsible manner, even if she has to force him to do it.

Thrust into just the sort of efforts he dislikes most, Mr. Tyndall tries his best to cope, and in the attempt, gets a great deal more than he bargained for.

PRICE: $3.99



The Rowland Sisters Trilogy Book 3: Cecilia and the Rake

Author: Catherine Dove

GENRE:  Regency Romance

ISBN: 978-1-921636-93-6

Word Count: 60, 087

Unpleasant experience has given Miss Cecilia Rowland a strong aversion to rakes, even one so fascinating and gentlemanlike as Lord Ravenshill.

She does her best to ignore his existence, but Fate keeps bringing them together. Even deep in the country, visiting the home of her mother’s betrothed husband, Cecilia finds herself in the company of Lord Ravenshill. Not only is he a neighbor of Mr. Clarke’s, but Cecilia’s stepsister-to-be, Kitty, develops a tendre toward Mr. Guy Dorne, Ravenshill’s best friend.

The Viscount Ravenshill is not the sort of man to regret his past, even when he finds himself unaccountably fascinated by the lovely Miss Rowland. He looks on his friend Guy’s growing attachment to Kitty Clarke with amusement and resolutely ignores the promptings of his own traitorous heart.

The grim past which made him a ruthless rake also makes him a completely unsuitable match for an innocent girl like Cecilia Rowland.

But when Cecilia and Kitty go to London for the Season, the same Fate that threw Cecilia toward Ravenshill takes an unexpected twist that endangers the loves of both girls.

PRICE: $3.99





Greenspell Fantasy Anthology by Kathy Ann Trueman

Greenspell: A Fantasy Anthology

Author: Kathy Ann Trueman

GENRE:  Fantasy/Anthology

ISBN: 9781921314407

A sorceress unravels a spell and gets a result she never expected; a young girl wins a contest and gets to speak with a god; a secret vampire fears she’ll be blamed for the depredations of another of her kind; a minstrel travels with a witch who has a pair of very unusual cart horses–these are what the reader will find in this anthology of fantasy short stories. Although each story is different, they have one thing in common–they all feature female protagonists.

This anthology includes “The Sow’s Ear”, which was originally published in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Sword and Sorceress anthology series.

PRICE: $3.99




Adventures in Amethyst Series Collection, Volume 1 (Books 1-4)

Adventures in Amethyst Series Collection, Volume 1 (Books 1-4)

Author:  Karen Wiesner

GENRE:  Contemporary Romance Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-925191-08-0

Word Count: 53, 347

Amethyst, Wisconsin is a small, peaceful town on a pristine lake with an active tourist season in summer. When the air turns chill, the area is transformed into a ghost town with only a handful of lifers who stay. Populated with colorful characters, Amethyst is bursting with mystery, romance, and jealousy. Come and visit a place where anything is possible all-year-round.

ADVENTURES IN AMETHYST SERIES is a collection of the first 4 novellas in the series, including A Rose for Romeo (Book 1), Revenge in Amethyst (Book 2), Reckless Rose (Book 3), Christmas in Amethyst (Book 4).


Book 1: A Rose for Romeo

Dr. Melina Rose is sick of discussing, listening to, and writing about sex.  She’s spent her life avoiding intimacy in her own personal life.  After abandoning everything she’s worked all her life for, she returns to the small, peaceful town of Amethyst, Wisconsin she grew up in only to discover that everything has changed–everything except her crush on her sister’s old boyfriend Scott “Romeo” Romero.


Book 2: Revenge in Amethyst

After abandoning everything she’s worked all her life for as a nationally renowned sex therapist and author, Melina Rose has returned to the small, peaceful town of Amethyst, Wisconsin she grew up in and fallen in love with her sister’s old boyfriend Scott “Romeo” Romero. Scott and Melina are ecstatically expecting a baby and planning their wedding.  Everyone in town has agreed to keep Melina’s past as Dr. Mindy Rose a secret.  However, someone in Amethyst is driven by jealousy to see Melina’s dream-life come crashing down…


Book 3: Reckless Rose

Even bad girls need love…

When Reece Childs rolls back into Amethyst to stay, Lona Rose realizes her reckless crush on the older brother of a former beau is still waging hot and heavy. But how to prevent the rumors and mistakes of her past from ruining the start of something wonderful?


Book 4: Christmas in Amethyst

Eager to make it up to her son’s many disappointments in the past year, single mom Sheila Mason takes a shift at the restaurant she works on Christmas day in order to buy Dev a puppy. When a creepy customer follows her on the deserted road from the restaurant to her home in Amethyst, her holidays go from bad to worse.

PRICE: $5.99


A Beth-Hill Novel: The Shadows Trilogy – Fantasy ebooks

A Beth-Hill Novel: The Shadows Trilogy, Book 1: Prince of Shadows

AUTHOR: Jennifer St. Clair

ISBN: 1876962704 (978-1-876962-70-8)


When Alban’s father appeared at the castle door with a vampire in tow and apologies on his lips, Alban fell under his spell just like everyone else and welcomed him home. But Terrin did not return to live quietly in his brother’s kingdom. He had other plans, and with Alban’s untrained powers at his disposal, he begins his plan to destroy the Seven Kingdoms and rule them all, beginning with his brother’s death.

He engineers to cast the blame on his nephew, Teluride, intending to see the boy executed for his father’s murder. But there are those who would thwart him in his mad plan for power, and Alban forms an unlikely alliance with Skade, the reclusive Queen of Iomar, and Terrin’s slave, a young vampire with no memory of his name or origins. Although the future looks grim, Alban and the vampire attempt to stop Terrin, and they almost succeed.

But a darker history lies at the heart of Terrin’s treachery, and only Skade knows the true reason why Terrin would murder his own brother and attempt to destroy both Alban and the vampire to achieve his goals. The Ghost who resides in Skade’s mirror–her servant and slave–holds one of the keys to Terrin’s madness, but more than one person wishes for the past to remain the past and the future to hold no shadows of what might have been…

A Dreamer dreams the future when the past is not yet laid to rest. Ten years ago, a plague swept across the Seven Kingdoms. Ten years ago, the Queen of Iomar’s son was exiled, named the author of the magical plague. Now, in the present, Terrin works to complete his ultimate goal: control of the Seven Kingdoms, using his son’s power to supplement his own. But his attempt at dominion is not met without resistance, and the fate of the world rests in the hands of an exiled prince, a Dreamer, and a vampire…


A Beth-Hill Novel: The Shadows Trilogy, Book 2: Lost In Shadows

AUTHOR: Jennifer St. Clair

ISBN: 1920741429 (978-1-920741-42-6)


Events that were set in motion ten years ago come to a head as Skade and Nicodemus struggle to free Alden and the vampire from Terrin’s grasp. Old secrets come to light when Skade’s exiled son is forced to face his past–or die trying to redeem himself once and for all. Can the crimes of the past truly be forgiven? Only time will tell, but time is running out…


A Beth-Hill Novel: The Shadows Trilogy, Book 3: Bound in Shadows

Author: Jennifer St. Clair

ISBN:  1920741941 (978-1-920741-94-5)

GENRE: Fantasy

With his power crushed, Terrin is forced to take drastic measures to regain his sons and the power they possess. But he has an ally inside Espen’s house who works to further his plans. Skade’s son courts redemption to try to save his mother’s life, and the vampire dreams a dream that might save them all–or damn them to failure if they do not succeed. This is the conclusion of the Shadows Trilogy.



A Beth-Hill Novel: Jacob Lane Series

A Beth-Hill Novel: Jacob Lane Series Book 1: The Tenth Ghost

AUTHOR: Jennifer St. Clair

ISBN: 187696233X (978-1-876962-33-3)


When ten-year old Jacob Lane’s parents mysteriously vanish, she is sent to Darkbrook, the only school of magic in the United States. While there, she stumbles upon a series of mysterious deaths. Nine students have died in the past one hundred years. Nine ghosts haunt the halls of Darkbrook. Will Jacob be the tenth ghost, or will she be able to stop a witch’s reign of terror with the help of her friends?

PRICE:  $3.99


A Beth-Hill Novel: Jacob Lane Series Book 2: The Ninth Guest

AUTHOR: Jennifer St. Clair

ISBN: 1876962720 (978-1-876962-72-2)


When Ophelia’s family decides to open up their castle for guests, Jacob is invited to join in on the fun. ‘Spend the night in a vampire’s castle and live to tell the tale’ is supposed to be a fund-raiser to help Ophelia’s family pay the bills. (It costs quite a bit to heat a castle, after all.) But when the truth of an old secret is uncovered, what began as an innocent business venture soon turns deadly when the vampire hunters get involved.

For years, the vampire hunters have had only one goal: Destroy All Vampires. And with the help of a new friend, Jacob and Ophelia must work together to save Ophelia’s entire family from extinction.

PRICE: $3.99



A Beth-Hill Novel: Jacob Lane Series Book 3: The Eighth Room

Author: Jennifer St. Clair

ISBN:  1920972560 (978-1-920972-56-1)

GENRE: Fantasy/Young Adult

For two hundred years, the Selkies have kept themselves separate from those who live on the land. But now, the Selkies need allies or they will be crushed by their ancient enemies, the Finfolk.

What Jacob and Ophelia find in the eighth room uncovers a mystery that dates to Darkbrook’s beginnings, and might save the Selkies from extinction. With the help of the youngest member of the Wild Hunt, they must foil the Finfolk who desire the Selkie’s destruction…or die trying.

PRICE: $3.99


A Beth-Hill Novel: Jacob Lane Series, Book 4: The Seventh Secret

Author: Jennifer St. Clair

GENRE:  Fantasy: Vampire/Werewolf

ISBN: 9781921314681

After Niklas’ picture shows up in too many newspapers to count, Darkbrook is forced to go on the defensive. But there are more than dragonhunters in the forest, and as Jacob learns how to use her newfound talents, she helps to right an old wrong and must battle a teenage wizard intent on proving–once and for all–that magic is real.

PRICE: $3.99


A Beth-Hill Novel: Jacob Lane Series Book 5: The Sixth Stone

Author: Jennifer St. Clair

GENRE:  Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-921636-49-3

Word Count: 30, 402

Jacob and Danny stumble across an alternate world where the Hunt was never bound, and Darkbrook was abandoned a hundred years ago.

But when the Hounds wish to surrender, they are swept up in a whirlwind of heartbreak, betrayal, and a lost treasure.

PRICE: $3.99




Free Short Story: Bus Ride by Margaret Pearce (Children’s)


By Margaret Pearce


“We’ve missed our bus,” Amy said. “Little brothers are the worst pests in the world.”

“The biggest pests in the world,” Melissa corrected.

Their little brothers were found squatted by the overflowing rubbish bins.

“We’ve missed our bus again,” Amy scolded her brother Paul.

“You are supposed to wait in front of the junior school,” Melissa yelled at her brother Gerry. “Drop that rubbish.”

“This guy threw an unopened parcel in the bin.” Gerry held up a neatly sealed square parcel.

“Yeah, finders keepers, losers weepers,” Paul chanted.

“Maybe it’s a brand new set of colouring pencils,” Gerry said.

“Maybe it’s a box of donuts,” Paul said.

Amy produced her key chain, unfolded her small pocket knife and slit the parcel down one end. Inside the brown paper parcel was a plastic packet. Melissa slid it back, fast.

“It’s only salt or something,” Gerry said in disgust. “No wonder it got thrown out!’

The girls stared around. Who was using their school for a drug pick-up? A big black car with tinted windows was parked outside the school fence. The car door opened. A man jumped out and started climbing the school fence.

“You kids come here,” he yelled.

Amy dropped the package in her bag. The two boys took to their heels, their sisters close behind. They sprinted through the gate at the front of the school. The bus to the shopping centre was pulled in, its door slowly closing.

“We missed the school bus,” they yelled.

They squeezed up the steps into the bus and it pulled away. A man who ran out of the school gates after them ran back along the street.

“That big black car is following the bus,” Gerry said.

“Sure is a sore loser,” Paul agreed, his nose pressed to the window.

“He’s following us,” Melissa gasped.

“My big brother Mark will be at the Pizza Parlour in the shopping centre,” Amy said. “He’ll know what to do.”

The bus drove into the shopping centre. The big black car was in the car park. The car doors opened. Two men sprinted towards the bus.

Amy, Melissa and the two small boys hid behind the passengers and edged around the other side of the bus shelter as the men rapped on the bus driver’s window.

“We had to pick up two older girls, one white and one Asian and their little brothers from the school and missed them.” one of the men yelled. “Where did they go?”

“Probably at the phones ringing their parents.” The driver pointed across to the phones.

The men ran towards the phones. The passengers and the children headed into the shopping centre. The men talking by the phones spotted the children. They hurried towards them.

“Follow me,” Paul whispered.

He darted for the escalators, Gerry and the girls close behind him. The two men shoved everyone aside as they tried to catch up. Paul led the others along the arcade, through a restaurant, into the kitchen and through the back door.

They ran down the back stairs, past the public toilets, along a narrow passage and back into the mall. The men were already there!  Paul darted into an Amusement Arcade.

It was crowded with teenagers and noisy with the machines and kids yelling. They pushed into the thickest group of spectators and dropped to the floor, crawling through a forest of jean clad legs towards the rows of machines.

They wriggled through a narrow gap between the machines and hid in the shadowy space behind them. After a fair while their sinister pursuers seemed to have gone! They ran to the Pizza Parlour and into the kitchen.

“Where’s Mark?” Amy demanded.

“Out doing a delivery,” was the answer.

They were firmly pushed outside. Their pursuers drifting past spotted them. Paul started running. He must have led them all over the shopping centre, up and down stairs and back passages and through shops. Sometimes they lost their pursuers, but were always found again.               Outside the street lights started to go on. There were less shoppers around. The shopping centre became more brightly lit.

“I just can’t run another step,” Amy groaned.

Suddenly Melissa realised what they should have done in the first place.

“The Manager’s office and security centre?” she snapped at Paul.

Paul led through another maze of back passages and always upwards. Running past a shop of mirrors Melissa saw their pursuers reflected in them.

“They’re back!” she called.

Paul bolted for a narrow flight of steps, Gerry close behind. The girls, hampered by their heavy school bags, lagged behind. Amy screamed as one of the men grabbed her! The other grabbed Melissa! Melissa swung her heavy bag at his face and screamed as well.

The door at the top of the stairs opened. Two security guards burst out. The men flung the girls aside and fled, the security guards after them.

“The cameras tracked the men chasing you towards the Centre Office,” the manager said, standing at the door.

Melissa and Amy handed over the package, told about their school bins being used as a drug pick-up, and how the men had followed them from school.

“Those guys were real sore losers,” Paul and Gerry explained when the parents arrived.

The little brothers were considered the heroes of the day because they had memorised the registration number of the big black car and the four men were caught.

“Once you were safe on the bus, why didn’t you ring the police?” Amy’s mother asked.

“How could we ring the police?” Melissa asked.

Amy’s face deepened from its normal pale gold to a deep purple red. “I had Mum’s mobile phone in my bag, just for emergencies. I was so scared I forgot!”

“Scared!” Gerry said. “It was a real fun afternoon!”

“Yeah,” Paul agreed. “A real fun afternoon!”

“Fun!” Melissa and Amy yelled as the two little brothers ducked behind their parents.

There was no problem about dodging drug dealers, but cranky sisters were a different matter.

About the Author


I am a compulsive writer. I started off life as a copywriter and just kept on going, through marriage, children, Arts Degree at Monash and grandchildren. I live a fairly secluded life in an underground flat in the Dandenongs in Victoria. I cut my teeth on sci/fi and never quite recovered from it being my first love as a genre.

You can keep track of all Margaret’s books on her author page: