April 2016

This is not a look back at what has happened in 2016 as it is only April, but so much has happened and is happening, that I thought I would do an early update:)

For the past year and a half I have spoken of the mammoth task of updating all our books to the latest formatting etc, and for a lot of them, that included new covers.

This is finally, actually nearly finished (for the ebooks:). As of today we have one five book series (whose covers are just waiting the author’s approval) and two stand alone novels (one waiting for new completely new updated version from the author, AND  a new cover)  to go!

So now it is time to really do some catch up around here!  We are updating our print books, especially those that now have new ebook covers, but we will be doing this slowly through out the year. Our main priority right now is really trying to get some of our ebooks that have been on the slow burner during all this finally out and available! Yay!


buy-button-amazonThe biggest thing on our agenda for this year is trying to get our books found more easily on
Amazon and garnering reviews so they aren’t lost in the incredible crowd up there. To that end, we have been encouraging everyone to start  buying from Amazon instead of directly from WEE!!! And then of course to write a review of any of our books you like:)

Your help in this endeavour would be really appreciated.

We do have a couple of books that are only available through Amazon, which allows us to do specials (such as price countdowns) at Amazon. I can also do giveaways apparently, but I haven’t learned how to do that yet, so keep an eye out later in the year:)

Book Reviews appreciated


We are also being much more active on social media, especially facebook and pinterest. We are doing a semi-regular “Daily Quote” on WEE’s facebook page if that is of interest:)


JuneIn June we are opening to new submissions, for the first time in a number of years. Because WEE is always open to existing authors, we have been kept busy with our little family, but it would be really nice to get some new authors (fresh blood:) to add to the mix.

So if you are an author, especially of any of the genres we don’t have a big enough range in (think Science Fiction, Historical, Humour, Time Travel or Westerns) we are particularly looking for you!


Because of a Publisher Closure we have added two new authors to WEE, though none of their books are out yet. Please welcome, Margaret L. Carter and Dee Lloyd to the family!


We are also making free ebook collections that feature an entire ebook from five authors per genre in pdf that can be given away and passed around as much as people like.

Here are the covers for the upcoming free books (Romance, is actually now made, just not yet up at WEE’s site for download). Feel free to email me for a copy if you absolutely cannot wait for me to make the rest and put them at WEE:) Also, you are free to share them, give them away as prizes, freebies or what-have-you.

Sandy Cummins
Writers Exchange E-Publishing