I hope you have been enjoying our blog, it is very much a work in progress, as I am so busy with making wonderful books for readers that learning how to blog is coming along slowly:)

I try to post at least monthly (news) though as of this month, September 2015, there will be more posts, as I am going to be informing everyone of our New Releases by blog posts instead of by newsletter.

You may have noticed that the links on the right are a bit more streamlined than they were, so is WEE itself!

We have spent quite a number of months this year updating all our books to the latest formats, updating covers, author bios and cross promotion to other books in the same genres.

As part of this, we have dropped two book formats that didn’t really make our books available on more devices and were very time consuming to make.

Looking forward to when it is complete!

We have also been adding our books to Google Play, so that adds to our already quite large distribution chain.



Also, as we update our books we have been putting them at the affiliate site, Payloadz, so that anyone who wants to can sell our books for money too! You can see all our current listing here.




Although we have not opened to submissions for a long time, we are hoping to do so again next year, but in the meantime, we have added one new author (by invitation), Lisa Mills. Welcome to the family, Lisa!

That’s all for right now,

Sandy Cummins
Writers Exchange E-Publishing