Four Historical novels on special for only 99c each!

Writers Exchange is thrilled to announce this week’s specials on Amazon US (not sure if it goes on other countries as well:)

Dance with the Devil

Author: James Dressler


GENRE: Historical: American Civil War

ISBN: 9781921314865

Word Count: 144,439

Tom Holloway and his Southern friends are excited about their prospects in joining the war effort, but the only thing they know of battle is what they’ve read about in newspapers. They envision the whole thing as an adventure, something to prove their manhood, to make them into men, and a diversion from their sometimes boring school regimen. Ultimately, they anticipate becoming heroes on a winning team.

Words from a grizzled war veteran makes Tom wonder whether his ideas of war are more romantic than realistic. As he marches off with his friends to battle with the Yankees, he remembers the harsh illumination he’d been given from a soldier with experience. Watching friends and comrades die in a volley of gun- and cannon-fire on blood-soaked ground teaches the foursome the truth of war. Will hell, hunger, cold, fatigue, fear and resignation be the only comrades they have left?


Helga’s Story: A Child of NAZI Germany

Author: Peter Woodruff

ASIN: B005GL95B8

GENRE: Historical: World War II

ISBN: 978-1-921636-51-6

Word Count: 95, 952

Living history through the eyes of a young German girl. Based on a true story.

Like many little girls, Helga Reiter dreams of horses. More than anything, the six-year-old wants to learn to ride and become a great equestrian. But, in 1941, the world is at war…

Having overrun much Europe and North Africa, Germany’s glorious military has no spare horses for frivolous childhood dreams. Stubborn as any good German shoulder, Helga, contrives several ill-fated attempts to ride. By late 1944, Helga has no choice but to forgo her dream and face a terrible reality. Her country is losing the war. As Germany is crushed between the Soviet and Allied advance, the Reiter family struggles to survive one day at a time.


Scythian Trilogy Book 1: Lion of Scythia

Author: Max Overton

GENRE: Historical

ISBN: 978-1-922066-54-1


Word Count: 81, 391

Captured by the warlike, tribal Scythians who bicker amongst themselves and bitterly resent outside interference, a fiercely loyal captain in Alexander the Great’s Companion Cavalry Nikometros and his men are to be sacrificed to the Mother Goddess. Lucky chance–and the timely intervention of Tomyra, priestess and daughter of the Massegetae chieftain–allows him to defeat the Champion. With their immediate survival secured, acceptance into the tribe…and escape…is complicated by the captain’s growing feelings for Tomyra–death to any who touch her–and the chief’s son Areipithes who not only detests Nikometros and wants to have him killed or banished but intends to murder his own father and take over the tribe.


Alexander the Great has conquered the Persian Empire and is marching eastward to India. In his wake he leaves small groups of soldiers to govern great tracts of land and diverse peoples. Nikometros is one young cavalry captain left behind in the lands of the fierce, nomadic Scythian horsemen. Captured after an ambush, Nikometros must fight for his life and the lives of his surviving men. Even as he seeks an opportunity to escape, he finds himself bound by a debt of loyalty to the chief…and his own developing love for the young priestess.


Winchester Battles Series, Book 1: Winchester Doctor

Author: Herb Marlow


GENRE: Historical: American Civil War

ISBN: 978-1-922233-89-9

Word Count: 34, 137

Jonas Slaton, M.D. is a local Winchester, VA doctor when the Civil War begins. Because of its proximity to Washington D.C. and its many productive farms, the Shenandoah Valley is of vital importance to both the North and South and will be fought over many times during the conflict.

In May 1862, the Union Army under General Banks occupies Winchester but Stonewall Jackson’s Valley Army remains intact, fully expected to attempt to retake the town. Preparing for the first Battle of Winchester, Dr. Jonas Slaton invites a number of people to stay in the safety of his house for the duration, including the new storekeeper’s sister, Elaine, whose spell he instantly falls under…