Blood Bred Series by JennaKay Francis

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Gift of Blood 3d coverBook 1: Gift of Blood

Jaeger needs blood. Half Vector, half human, newly coming of age, he is now drawn to human blood for the first time in his already long life.

Rhiannon, a witch, has a problem with her blood–she produces too much iron to safely live. She decides on a partnership with the Vectors, but before she can approach them, she is attacked and left for dead beneath a pier. Jaeger finds her, unconscious and bleeding.

Fighting against the lure of her blood, he helps her instead. His actions set them both on a course of pain, hunger, terror and love. But can he save her from himself?Read More

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GENRE: Fantasy: Vampire    ISBN: 978-1-920972-82-0    ASIN: B003YUCBOQ   Word count: 50, 438

From the Heart 3d coverBook 2: From the Heart 

Baris had everything…a wife he worshipped, a child he adored, a life of comfort and security. But it changes suddenly and dramatically, with no explanation. Anika, his wife, shuns him and orders him to leave her side. His child claims that his mama is not really his mama. And Dierdre, a devastatingly beautiful young woman slides into Baris’ life, seduction on her mind.

When Baris attempts to take his wife to the Lair to be healed, she flees, leaving him alone with his child and Dierdre. To add to his agony, the child is bitten by a poisonous snake and Baris takes him to the Lair to save his life. Once reunited with Dierdre, the pair set off in search of Anika. But as the days turn to weeks with no sign of his wife, Baris must accept that possibility that she does not wish to be found.

As his life grows increasingly entangled with Dierdre, he makes the mistake of feeding on a young man who is addicted to a powerful drug called Hack. Baris is soon addicted as well, and now must struggle to reclaim everything that he once held dear. Or die.Read More

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Word count: 58, 131

New Beginnings 3d coverBook 3: New Beginnings 

A powerful Vector roams the dark alleys and streets searching for his next victim. But he is not interested in those with normal blood, only those in whose veins runs blood thick with hack. And if Adan can’t find someone who has just ingested the potent drug, he will use his powers to coerce them to do so before he feeds.

For Darius, the Vector Sovereign, Adan has become a problem. A problem he needs to fix.

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Word Count: 76, 782

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