Children's Picture Book 10 Pack No. 1 Ebook cover

Children’s Picture Book Pack No. 1

Children's Picture Book 10 Pack No. 1 Ebook cover

A PDF collection of ten of our picture books!





The ten books included in this first collection are:


10 Purple Monkeys Interior and cover


Ten Purple Monkeys by David Freeman

Find and count the purple monkeys as they play through their busy day.


A Chef for the Queen cover and interiorA Chef for the Queen by Helen Ksypka

Uh-oh! It’s meal time, and the queen is about to throw a tantrum. When it seems no chef in the entire world can please her fussy palate, a peasant boy prepares a treat sure to impress even the most fickle. Do you think you know what it is?


An Elephant Named Fiesta with interior and coverAn Elephant Named Fiesta by Josie A. Okuly

With a flower behind his ear, Fiesta the Elephant loves to dance the tango. Everyone makes fun of him until a new friend comes along.


Baby Monster Interior and cover


Baby Monster by Sally Murphy

Baby Monster is hungry, but when his mother offers him a treat, he’s not interested. What is it Baby Monster wants?


The Magic Kite Cover and InteriorThe Magic Kite by Joann Rohrbach

Can a small princess save the people in her honorable kingdom from falling into the hands of enemy soldiers in this magical, fact-based Chinese folktale?

With the help of an astrologer and kites, Su Ling masterminds a plan to win peace that benefits everyone. Learn the timeless, ancient art of building and flying kites that will soar high in the sky while learning the fate of Su Ling and those in her kingdom.


Being Kind to George interior and coverBeing Kind to George by Jo Dunningham

‘Being Kind to George’ is based on a true story and real life characters. Set in a beautiful Country Park in the heart of Wiltshire, England, it tells the tale of how man can affect the wildlife around him.

The story tries to show how even in kindness, man can damage not only the delicate balance of the environment in which animals live, but by befriending a wild animal they can remove the instincts that help it to survive.


Christopher Cuthbert Caterpillar interior and coverChristopher Cuthbert Caterpillar by Daphne Taylor

An unusual friendship exists between Christopher Cuthbert Caterpillar and Mervyn Magpie. Although Christopher has been warned attending Mervyn’s birthday party will be dangerous, he’s filled with bravado and insists he can take care of himself. Christopher learns a hard lesson that courage is admirable but sometimes doing what we want to isn’t always the best thing for us.


Gordon and the Aliens interior and coverGordon and the Aliens by Jenny Smedley

What’s going on? Who is Gordon? Are the aliens real?

Small children will love the fact that this is a story with suspense and a surprise at the end.


I Am Gifted Too Interior and coverI am Gifted Too by Valerie Hardin

Kara, a bunny rabbit, hates school, not because she doesn’t have friends but because her “learning disability” makes her feel stupid. It takes one special friend to show Kara that, despite dyslexia, she has gifts that make her just as special as her classmates.


Jill-a-roo, The Kangaroo Interior and coverJill-a-roo, The Kangaroo by Kate Sellen

Jillaroo has fallen out of her mother’s pouch and now she is lost. The little joey is scared and tired. Poor Jillaroo doesn’t know what to do.

Can Emily Emu help?  Will Wally the Wombat be nice, for once? And how can Maggie Pie lend a helpful wing?

A delightful and humorous story combining wonderful illustrations of Australian native animals.