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    Do you ever wish you could go back into your past and change the choices you made and the actions you took then? Do you believe doing so would make your life better? Journey to the realms of the mind...if you dare!

    Katherine Hurston, obsessed with changing the past so her married lover will be free to be with her, agrees to participate in a revolutionary time-travel project. The process introduces a combination of biofeedback into the human brain, the use of psychotropic drugs and psychic ability to open the doorway to the past. The fact that the experimental program could prove fatal does nothing to deter Katherine from agreeing to submit. 

    Matt Martin, the scientist in charge and a close friend to Kat's best friends, Chuck and Callie Barnes, has his own reasons for wanting the project to succeed, as do Chuck and Callie. Matt's brother has just found the lost scrolls of Egypt, containing the secrets to eliminating major diseases. He was murdered for his discovery and the killer was never found. Matt wants to find out who killed his brother. Chuck and Callie want Matt and Kat to be free to be together, and Callie's psychic ability assures her that her future lies in the project's success.

    Unknown to all, the real powerhouse behind the funding of the program has his own agenda...one that could get them all killed if they survive the journey back in time to places and events that threaten to consume both body and soul. 

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