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This Month's Free Books!

* Katrina Ogden Mysteries Book 1: KO'd In Honolulu by Victoria Heckman (Murder Mystery Series)

* Worlds of the Timestream Book 1: The Peace by Richard J. Sutcliffe (Christian Irish/Science Fiction)

* Commonwealth Universe: History: The Downfall: The Khrystal Series: Norbra's Children by Michelle Levigne (Science Fiction)

* Jane Doe Series Book 1: Flowers From The Graveby Wendy Laing (Mystery: Paranormal)

* The Frencolian Chronicles Book 1: A Chosen Love by Carolyn Ann Aish (Medieval Christian Fantasy)

* A Beth-Hill Novel: The Shadows Trilogy Book 1: The Prince of Shadows by Jennifer St. Clair (Fantasy: Vampire)

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