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This Month's Free Books!

* Isshuay Series Book 1: Through The Shimmering by Cheryl Scott Norman (Fantasy/Young Adult)

* Angels' Watch Series Book 1: Chimes of Light by J.M. Dubry (Science Fiction)

* The River Series Book 1: Outlaws West by Herb Marlow (Western)

* Nightmare Island Series Book 1: False Awakening by Stella Drexler (Young Adult Paranormal Mystery)

* Blood Bred Series Book 1: Gift Of Blood by JennaKay Francis (Fantasy: Vampire)

* Mary Anne by Daphne Saxby Taylor (Historical: Set in Australia)

Ebook Genres

Best Sellers

Coming Soon

* Siren's Song by Kimberley Grey
* Spotlight on Love by Regina Andrews
* Karen Wiesner's next book
* Drive the Pecos by Herb Marlow
* The Throne: Culmanic Parts by Rick Sutcliffe
* Wish Granter by Christine Schulze
* Next Islands of the Sixteen Gods book by Stephen Symons

Re-Releases (new covers and fresh edits):
* JennaKay Francis' Guardians of Glede Books 4 onwards
* Robert Beers' Tony Mandolin book 2

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