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The first book in the Incognito Romance/Espionage series is free for a limited time - you just need to tell me where to send it. 

"I found it to be a very solid foundation for what could very well turn out to be one of the best romantic suspense novels of the year. It overflows in action and drama, with just the right amount of romance. Outstanding!" ~Huntress Reviews

"In my opinion it's a classic. NO ORDINARY LOVE is no ordinary book, which is why I give it a perfect ten." ~Nicole Yarbrough for Romance Reviews Today

Kira Gunn remembers nothing about her life before Vincent Carson. The vague nightmares she's had as long as she can remember--gunshots, utter terror and the gentle eyes of salvation--and Vincent's tender resistance to help her discover the answers of her uncertain past are taking its toll on her body, her heart and her soul. 

Kira has become the sole reason for Vincent's existence since the moment her vulnerable, trusting child eyes met his own. As Kira struggles with unseen demons, Vincent fiercely guards the truth, even as his own heart takes the wounds of her battle. She wants the one thing he can never give her. To seek out the truth of her past would be to put both of their lives in danger... and could mean losing the only thing in the world that matters to Vincent--Kira's love.

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If you are not a fan of romance, worry not, we have four other books from other genres you can collect for free over the next four weeks!


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