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As of 15 April 2015 Writers Exchange will no longer be producing our books in exe and dnl format. We still have 9 formats and this should not impact customer's ability to read our books on any device. We will be removing them from the site, but if you have bought a book in that format and need a replacement please use our contact form and we can manually send that to you, as the publisher will keep a copy for the next twelve months, for that purpose.

Also, we are doing a major upgrade of the covers of some of our series over coming months and these will be featured in the Carousel at the top of the page instead of being listed in the featured section below, which we try to leave for New Releases.

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Featured Books

I, SpiritKin by Frances Evlin (Fantasy)
(3 reviews)  
He can set fires with his mind, influence the actions of animals, and has the remarkable and unique ability to read auras. Orphaned at age 14, Gage, a SpiritKin, vows to hunt down his parents' murderers and kill them.

Also Available in Print.

Friendship Heirlooms Series, Book 4: First Comes Love by Karen Wiesner (Contemporary Inspirational Romance)
(0 reviews)  

Book Four Friendship Heirloom: Responsibility

At the age of fifteen, Chad Feldmann and Winnie McBride made an impulsive choice that led to pregnancy. Now, years later, they have a precious little girl, they've both graduated high school, and they're married. But all is not well in paradise. As much as Winnie loves her daughter, she can't forget the life she'd expected to be living. Her dreams were pushed aside ruthlessly, kicked in the dirt and all but buried with pregnancy and motherhood. While they were both caring for their daughter and trying to finish high school before they got married, she and Chad lived platonically and it'd seemed to her that they were both struggling and making sacrifices to move forward wisely with their lives. Once they're married, she discovers that Chad has used the college fund his father set aside for him to pursue the dreams he'd always imagined for his life. She's working two jobs and taking care of their child. She can't see that Chad is doing his part, sacrificing for their life together, anymore. The less he's there for them, the more her resentment grows....

A Heartstopper Horror: Brad Simpson and the Ghostly Field by Robin Helene Vogel (Mid-Grade Reader)
(0 reviews)  
From day one, however, Brad senses something seriously amiss on the set of "Pioneers"--terrifying visions, threatening ghosts, an accident that nearly costs the entire cast their lives. The director is forced to shut down filming while the kids recuperate, and it begins to look as if the show isn't even going to make it to the small screen--unless Brad and his scared but determined "Pioneers" castmates team up to play a game of baseball against the Los Angeles Pioneers, a ghostly, doomed baseball team made up of failed actors from the late 19th century. They need an ingenious solution--and Brad is confident he can satisfy both teams and keep their show in production.
Market price: $3.99
A Heartstopper Horror: Felicity's Curse by Robin Helene Vogel (Young Adult/Mid-Grade Horror)
(2 reviews)  
Frankie learns about Leams' unusual, horrifying history and realizes his sister's life is in danger. He must save her--and himself--from what is destined to happen. Will Tracy and Frankie escape their fate, or will they be the next victims of the town's tragic curse?
Market price: $3.99
Heart's Harbor by Kate Watson (Romance: Contemporary)
(1 reviews)  
Take two strong but wounded people, add cute kids, angry in-laws and a threat from the past and you've got a recipe for laughter, danger and love.
Market price: $4.95
Crabbo and Clever Crabbo by Wendy Nichols (Mid-Grade Reader)
(0 reviews)  
Ten-year-old Mark is lonely. He'd rather be at home with his computer than holidaying at the beach. But everything changes when he meets Crabbo, the talking crab. Together they take on the camping ground bullies and turn this holiday into the best one Mark's ever had.
Market price: $3.99
Fall of the House of Ramesses, Book 3: Tausret by Max Overton (Historical: Ancient Egypt)
(0 reviews)  
The House of Ramesses falters as Tausret relinquishes the throne upon the death of her husband, King Seti. Amenmesse's young son Siptah will become king until her infant son is old enough to rule. Tausret, as Regent, and the king's uncle, Chancellor Bay, hold tight to the reins of power, and vie for complete control of the kingdoms. Assassination changes the balance of power and Chancellor Bay attempts a coup...
Faxinor Chronicles Book 1: Heir of Faxinor by Michelle Levigne (Fantasy)
(0 reviews)  
When Andrixine falls ill and spends the winter recovering at Snowy Mount, a community of holy folk, scholars and healers, she never dreams it will be the first step of an adventure that will change her life. But her illness came from a murder attempt, and the same enemy tries to kill her traveling party on the way home.

When she seeks a weapon to rescue her mother, she is chosen by the mystical Spirit Sword to lead in the defense of her country, Reshor, against its ancient enemy. First, she must rescue her mother and uproot treachery from within her own castle and family. The friends she gathers along the way become her closest allies and supporters--and she is surprised when friendship with a young warrior turns into something more.

Sterling Lakes Series Collection Books 1 - 3 by Regina Andrews (Contemporary Christian Romance)
(0 reviews)  
Contains the first three books in the series:
Book 1: Light of the Heart
Book 2: Angels of the Heart
Book 3: Praise of the Heart
A Ring Realms Novel: Reality's Plaything Saga Series Collection Books 1 - 5 by Will Greenway (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
(0 reviews)  
Contains all 5 books in one volume:
1. Reality's Plaything
2. 'Neath Odin's Eye
3. Eternal's Agenda
4. Savants Ascendant
5. The Infinity Annihilator
Time Travellers Trilogy Collection by Linda Massola (Mid-Grade Reader: Science Fiction)
(0 reviews)  
Contains Books 1 - 3 of the Mid-Grade Science Fiction Time Travel Trilogy


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