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Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 2: Revenge in Amethyst by Karen Wiesner (Contemporary Romance Short Story)
(0 reviews)  
After abandoning everything she's worked all her life for as a nationally renowned sex therapist and author, Melina Rose has returned to the small, peaceful town of Amethyst, Wisconsin she grew up in and fallen in love with her sister's old boyfriend Scott "Romeo" Romero. Scott and Melina are ecstatically expecting a baby and planning their wedding. Everyone in town has agreed to keep Melina's past as Dr. Mindy Rose a secret. However, someone in Amethyst is driven by jealousy to see Melina's dream-life come crashing down...
Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 1: A Rose for Romeo by Karen Wiesner (Contemporary Romance Short Story)
(0 reviews)  
Amethyst, Wisconsin is a small, peaceful town on a pristine lake with an active tourist season in summer. When the air turns chill, the area is transformed into a ghost town with only a handful of lifers who stay. Populated with colorful characters, Amethyst is bursting with mystery, romance, and jealousy. Come and visit a place where anything is possible all-year-round.

Dr. Melina Rose is sick of discussing, listening to, and writing about sex. She's spent her life avoiding intimacy in her own personal life. After abandoning everything she's worked all her life for, she returns to the small, peaceful town of Amethyst, Wisconsin she grew up in only to discover that everything has changed--everything except her crush on her sister's old boyfriend Scott "Romeo" Romero.

The Stregony Sequence Book 3: Wish Granter and Other Enchanted Tales by Christine E. Schulze (Young Adult Christian Fantasy Anthology)
(0 reviews)  
In Wind Whisperer, Aurora is cursed with eternal invisibility--until David discovers her. David is the only person in the world besides Aurora's captor who can see her. An old Stregoni Benefici, he understands a thing or two about dark spells. But the breaking of Aurora's spell will summon an ancient enemy, throwing the two of them into a dangerous love triangle...

These exciting stories filled with mystery and magic conclude Schulze's trilogy, The Stregoni Sequence. Sit back, prepare for adventure, and grab your magic books--there are a few last spells to be broken before the end.

Milward Chronicles, Book 1: Birthright by Robert Lee Beers (Fantasy)
(1 reviews)  
The barrier between the world of men and the world of shadow is beginning to thin. In the tiny village of Beri, twin brother and sister are bout to be thrust into the ongoing war between magik and sorcery. The freedom of creation depends on their being able to survive.
The Scarlett Quest by Margaret Pearce (Mid-Grade Reader: Fantasy)
(0 reviews)  
John Scarlett, a slightly unsuccessful young man, has moved into a parallel universe in search of adventure.

It is unfortunate that he lost his soul and memories to the ferry witch, and that he is even more humiliated by being tricked into becoming a sorcerer's apprentice to his ex-tomcat Quill.

However with the aid of a small girl who believes that he is so stupid he has to be looked after, he might just manage to survive.

Outcast Trilogy, Book 3: Rule Changer by Patricia Bernard (Young Adult: Fantasy)
(0 reviews)  
The group of four climbed in single file, their hands on their weapons while the snow-covered Zoner, surrounded by his dogs, watched. Just as they were close enough to greet him, the Zoner began to change into an enormous snarling bear...

The Oriacans are on the move and will soon break down defences erected by the Kinsmen of the Wilderness Mountains. Follow Fish, Ari, Weed and Branch as they flee over the Glass Teeth Peaks to warn the Outcasts, Zoners and Megas of the impending war and encounter the golden-clawed bear that scarred Weed so many years ago.

Fall of the House of Ramesses, Book 1: Merenptah by Max Overton (Historical: Ancient Egypt)
(1 reviews)  
Egypt was at the height of its powers in the days of Ramesses the Great and the young king confidently predicted that his House would last for a Thousand Years. Sixty years later he was still on the throne and one by one his heirs had died and the survivors had become old men. When he at last died, he left a stagnant kingdom and his throne to an old man – Merenptah. What followed laid the groundwork for a nation ripped apart by civil war.

The northern tribes rebelled and joined forces with the Sea Peoples, invading from the north; while in the south the king's eldest son, angered at being passed over in favour of the younger son, plotted to rid himself of his father and brother. An ageing king takes to the field to fight for the House of Ramesses.

Cohesive Story Building (formerly titled FROM FIRST DRAFT TO FINISHED NOVEL {A Writer's Guide to Cohesive Story Building}) by Karen Wiesner (Non-Fiction: Writing Advice)
(8 reviews)  
By bestselling Writer's Digest Books author Karen S. Wiesner

Revised, Updated, and Reissued Writing Reference

Second Edition
Without layering, a story is one-dimensional, unbelievable, boring. Layers mean stronger characters, settings, plots, suspense, intrigue, emotions and motivation. Layering also produces cohesion of all elements. Characters must blend naturally with the setting the writer has placed them, just as plot becomes an organic part of character and setting. If a story doesn't work, it could very well be because the elements aren't cohesive. Cohesive Story Building shows how each element hinges on the other two and how to mix them until they fuse irrevocably.

Additionally, Cohesive Story Building carefully explores each of stage of story development from brainstorming and outlining to drafting and revision. From a thorough look at the fundamentals of writing to comprehensive story building techniques, as well as submission guidelines and etiquette, this must-have guide will see writers through the entire novel writing process from start to finish.

Cohesive Story Building Worksheets by Karen Wiesner (Writing Advice)
(0 reviews)  
Bonus! Worksheets, Checklists, and Exercises

One of the questions I was asked most when the first edition of this book was published by Writer's Digest Books was whether the worksheets, checklists, and exercises were available in a usable format. With this second edition, my new publisher and I are offering a download of all of these that are in a usable format, namely Rich Text Format (RTF), which allows for cross-platform document exchange and which most word processors are able to read or write to. In other words, the file allows you to type right into the document and use it over and over as needed! Additionally, for those who prefer a printed version, a paperback booklet is also available.


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