Isshuay Series by Cheryl Scott Norman

Ali’s life is about to change forever when she flies with her new friend Bern through the Shimmering into the beautiful land of Isshuay.

Book 1: Through the Shimmering

Shy, dreamy Ali is the only one with the power to save the magical land of Isshuay. When Bern, a boy she has only just met, convinces her she must go with him to a place she’s never heard of, her life is on the verge of changing forever. Who are the mystical Silver Ones who have chosen her for this special task? Can she find the courage to recover the stolen Lifestone and save the land of Isshuay?

GENRE: Fantasy/Young Adult     ISBN: 978-1-920972-27-1     ASIN: B003ZDO3UW     Word count: 62, 099


Book 2: The Time of the Missyl

Ali’s mother Jane tells her daughter of her own time in the land of Isshuay…

Isshuay’s border has been breached by a Missyl, a mysterious, shape-changing creature from a neighbouring land. Hopelessly lost in a hostile environment, the lonely Missyl is unwittingly contaminating the inhabitants of Isshuay as it searches for the way home. As the years pass, the land’s goodness is slowly disappearing through the breach in the border. Anger and despair have replaced the happiness that once filled the land.

Jane is selected by the fabulous Silver Ones as the one person who has the knowledge and skills to heal their land. Happily accepting the challenge, she travels with young Nestor across the Shimmering into Isshuay to begin her task of seeking the elusive Missyl and sending it home. Joined by Old Marje and other intriguing characters, she discovers the dangers and the wonders of Isshuay.

ASIN: B00890NQDG     ISBN: 9781921636066     Word count: 67, 770

Book 3: Troll’s Revenge

Goran the troll plots revenge by coercing two silversmiths into attempt the forbidden act of opening a path through the Shimmering to Ali’s world. Ali’s mother Jane is mistakenly kidnapped by the smiths and held prisoner in the Isshuayan tundra.

Ali knows she must return to Isshuay, but the only way back is through the Shimmering, which has become unstable. In a failed attempt to make the crossing, she almost loses her life. Both Ali and Jane are tested to their limits on different worlds. Aided by good friends, each must seek a solution to end Goran’s malicious plans.


ISBN: 978-1-922233-01-1    ASIN: B00BRBBXKC    Word Count: 56, 282