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Jane Doe Mysteries by Wendy Laing

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As the daughter of a policeman who died in the line of duty, Inspector Jane Doe, head of Melbourne Homicide, is single-mindedly driven to seek justice for all. But Jane is no ordinary detective. She can communicate with the ghosts of murder victims. Not wanting to be dismissed as mentally unstable, she must keep her secret from all but her husband and her senior officer, using each victim’s information to subtly direct her team in the right direction on each case. Jane realizes she’s the only thing standing between a killer being brought to justice and a monster getting off scot-free. But, with each case she solves, her fear that the police hierarchy will accidentally discover her secret forces her to walk a fine line indeed.

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Flowers from the Grave 3d coverBook 1: Flowers from the Grave

Recovering from near-fatal head injuries received from a serial killer, who is still at large, Inspector Jane Doe, head of Melbourne Homicide, is staying in an isolated clifftop cottage. Ryan, a stranger on the beach, befriends her. But Jane’s idyllic sojourn turns into a nightmare. Flowers arrive with threatening notes attached. Worse, she can’t help but believe that Ryan is some kind of ghost, and, if he is, is he friend or foe? Has the serial killer she apprehended in the name of justice returned to finish what he started and make her his next victim?Read More

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GENRE: Mystery: Paranormal     Word count: 40, 997

Severance Packages 3d coverBook 2: Severance Packages

Set in the peaceful town of Sunbury, Australia, Inspector Jane Doe, head of Melbourne Homicide, once again deals with a serial killer after grisly, dismembered body parts are discovered at a local winery and the rubbish dump. Jane has to act fast to stop any more of these ‘severance packages’ from being delivered. Read More

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Word Count: 40, 261

Haunted Heart 3d coverBook 3: Haunted Heart

Head of Melbourne Homicide, Inspector Jane Doe’s first Cold Case involves the recent death of a daughter of a Member of Parliament. After he disagrees with the first coroner’s verdict of accidental death, the MP secures a second autopsy that reveals his daughter was murdered. At the same time, Jane’s husband Oliver is dealing with a young heart transplant recipient who’s having nightmares of being murdered. Elsewhere, another law enforcement officer, Steve Ho, investigates the murder of an eminent heart transplant surgeon found in a local lake. Jane, Oliver and Steve become embroiled in a case that will surely haunt them all for years to come.Read More

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Word Count: 40, 636

Cadaver's Cave 3d coverBook 4: Cadavers’ Cave

Chief Superintendent of the Cold Case Squad, Jane Doe has a formidable list of special, unsolved cases littering her desk. Taking a break is a luxury she doesn’t often allow herself. However, during a rare weekend off, she catches a news story involving a dead body wrapped in a plastic shroud. The gruesome discovery was made in the cliffs below the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse–directly near the entrance to the Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, Australia. Rough winter weather combined with unusually heavy, high tides washed away the grave, leaving it partially covered in rocks and seaweed. The coroner estimates that the body had been buried there for at least a year. The last thing Jane needs is another case to hit her already groaning desk, but something eerie took place in Cadavers’ Cave and she may be the only one who can solve a mystery equally troubling and tragic.Read More

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Word Count: 37, 736

Jane Doe Mystery, Book 5: The Ghostly Gum 3d coverBook 5: The Ghostly Gum

Detective Chief Superintendent Jane Doe has a formidable list of cold cases on her desk. This latest one involves an unidentified person, murdered seventeen years earlier.

It is not only a perplexing case, but also an exploratory challenge for all involved as the squad try not only to identify the victim, but sort out suspects who are involved in money laundering, drugs and family feuds.

Jane’s team are challenged to find solid forensic proof to use against the main suspect, so he doesn’t get away with a cold-blooded murder. Read More

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Word Count: 42, 198

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