Joann Rohrbach

Joann Rohrbach wears many talented and creative hats. She enjoys writing inspiration, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction for all ages.  Joann dabbles in digital art, webpage design, and music.  Along with designing and making beautiful jewelry, she enjoys writing about crafts and hobbies of all kinds.  Joann’s art appears on her greeting cards, posters, book covers and inside her illustrated books. She wrote the popular books for children, It’s Halloween! and The Magic of Christmas.
Other things that she enjoys are cooking, visiting interesting places, reading a good book, spending time with loved ones, collecting angels, and smiles.  She brightens up the day for many who know her.  More than anything, Joann loves sharing all of her creations with others. Look for more great works by Joann. Visit her website at

Author of:

The Magic Kite by Joann Rohrbach