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The Kaye Berreano Mystery Series by Christine Duncan

Battered women’s shelter counsellor Kaye Berreano searches out the complexities of minds and hearts…along with solving the seemingly never-ending mysteries that keep cropping up around her.


Safe Beginnings 3d coverThe Kaye Berreano Mystery Series, Book 1: Safe Beginnings

When the fire alarm at a battered women’s shelter goes off, counselor Kaye Berreano rushes to evacuate the residents, but she’s too late. Her patient Mary Ellen is dead. Farrell, the skeptical arson investigator, believes Kaye knows who set the fire.

Farrell’s main theory is that Mary Ellen, in a moment of suicidal crisis, set the fire herself. Kaye knows Mary Ellen was not suicidal.

Kaye launches her own investigation while dealing with Farrell, attending to her divorce and caring for two teenagers. From a roommate who fought with Mary Ellen, to another patient at the shelter who’s in the safe house mistakenly by court order, to a fanatical minister from Mary Ellen’s church who doesn’t believe in divorce for any reason, Kaye discovers suspects and motives aplenty…while the truth remains just out of reach.

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Genre: Mystery     ISBN: 978-1-925191-49-3     ASIN: B07DKFGNBY     Word Count: 61, 638

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Safe House 3d coverThe Kaye Berreano Mystery Series, Book 2: Safe House

With snow falling and Thanksgiving coming up fast, Colorado is plunged into a winter wonderland. Battered women’s counselor Kaye Berreano doesn’t have time to celebrate. She has two teens at home that tend to claim most of her attention along with a new relationship with police investigator Pete Farrell. Already feeling overwhelmed, Kaye isn’t sure she can take much more when a kid she’s known since birth turns up dead and her own son RJ becomes a suspect. Forced into an investigation, she’s led from the safe house…to her own house.

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ISBN: 9781921314674    ASIN: B004FGLS2E     Word Count: 63, 322


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