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Tony Mandolin Mystery, Book 7: Stake and Eggs by Robert Lee Beers (Noir Fantasy/Mystery)
Added: 17/07/2017
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Sometimes it simply doesn't pay to crawl out of bed. That's Tony's feeling when he has to deal with the original Count Dracula and a massive hangover at the same time.

What does a rumpled Private Eye do when the original bloodsucker wants to reunite with his estranged tea-totaling vampire family, and he figures Tony is the only one to solve the problem?

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Bloodmoon Cove Spirits Series, Book 4: Return to Bloodmoon Manor by Karen Wiesner (Gothic Paranormal Romance )
Added: 04/07/2017
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Back into the mouth of hell...

Daniel and Hannah are newly married with their first child on the way when Hannah is bequeathed Bloodmoon Manor. After a lifetime of poverty, the wealth associated with that house appeals to her despite that she'd barely escaped it last time with her life. Daniel's worst fears are justified when the doors slam shut behind them. They've been lured here deliberately, and the horrors that haunt the manor aren't willing to let Hannah leave ever again...

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A Ring Realms Novel: Shaladen Chronicles Book 2: Anvil of Sorrow by Will Greenway (Fantasy/Science Fiction)
Added: 21/06/2017
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When re-assembling time just isn't good enough...

Saving the collapsing timeline cost Corim Vale his right arm and half of his soul, proving that the best of intentions can lead one to the abyss. In Corim's case--literally.

For the Protectorate, things have gone wrong in a big way. Meridian's attempt to destroy time has left Eternity's chronology in a mess. Aarlen Frielos the most skilled time diver of the Shael Dal lies in a coma, along with Beia Targallae, and three other women. To restore them all Corim needs to do is retrieve Aarlen's missing spiritual essence. Finding the lost soul is simple, it's getting it back from the death goddess who has it that might offer a challenge...

As a newly appointed gamma class Protectorate enforcer, Corim Vale has a lot to learn. He must hit the chronology running as Eternity is besieged by marauding extra-universal aliens, Kriar insurgencies, and mad wizards who simply refuse to die. If that wasn't enough to deal with, the mind patterns of an ancient magestrix are inexorably overwhelming his body...

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Incognito Series, Book 5: Under the Spell by Karen Wiesner (Romance: Contemporary Intrigue/Espionage)
Added: 04/06/2017
(1 reviews)  
Alex Lynch has spent a lifetime working hard toward the goal of owning the Triple Aces Ranch in Fever, Texas. His dream has finally come true when Gina Calhoun--a girl he'd loved all his life, despite her penchant for looking for trouble and his penchant for bailing her out--drops back into his life, seemingly out of nowhere.

Network Communications and Systems Analyst Justine Fielding, the former Gina Calhoun, is all grown up, more beautiful than ever...and even more restless.

Little does Alex know that the woman he's falling under the spell of all over again is there on a mission to uncover and stop the dangerous men who killed her father--Alex being her chief suspect. This time, Gina may be the only one who can bail him out of the trouble about to come down on him.

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