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Wildvine Series, Book 6: Taksearhe by Michelle Levigne (Science Fantasy)
Added: 18/02/2017
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Bree has lived with the burden of knowing she is born to be a Taksearhe, but childhood trauma has blocked her gifts. She knows she travels to other worlds in her dreams, but the problem is she can't remember where she went or how, when she wakes up. The exiles from Rehdonna are depending on her, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to learn what is going on in her brain, in her dreams, and awaken her gifts.

When she joins a dream and sleep study program at Lyndvale University, she is relieved when Dr. Harland, the man her mother is dating, takes her under his wing to protect and guide her. With the help of her roommates and then contacts in other worlds, she learns to activate and then control her gift--but not before she attracts the attention of evil forces that want to use her to open the doorway to Earth.

The saying is, "Be careful what you wish for." Bree's wishes come true, but the cost if she takes just one wrong step could deprive her of friends, her heritage, and the soul-mate who has reached to her from another world.

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The Fairy Chronicles, Book 1: The Castle of Feathers by Linda Massola (Mid-Grade Reader: Fantasy)
Added: 08/02/2017
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Six babies were born in The Kingdom of Fairy on the same day that six were also born in the Land of Mortals.

When the fairy, Tatiana, is banished from The Castle of Feathers after trying to usurp her sister Queen Mab, she joins forces with the evil Drabon in the Kingdom of Gloomia. Together they come up with the plan to switch six fairy babies with mortal babies.

Without the presence of the six fairy babies, the feathers on the battlements of the castle disappear. This leaves the Kingdom of Fairy vulnerable. When the fairies reach the age of twelve, Mab is able to contact them in their dreams... Using the powers they were born with, can the children fight their way back to the Kingdom of Fairy and outwit Tatiana and Drabon and return the feathers to castle.

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Writers Exchange E-Publishing Presents: Fantasy Ebook Collection 1 by Multiple Authors (Free Fantasy Series)
Added: 06/02/2017
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Contains SEVEN COMPLETE ebooks:
  • A Beth-Hill Novel: Jacob Lane Series Book 1: The Tenth Ghost By Jennifer St. Clair
  • Guardians of Glede: Beginnings Book 1: The Triskelion By JennaKay Francis
  • Milward Chronicles, Book 1: Birthright By Robert Lee Beers
  • Outcast Trilogy, Book 1: Outcast By Patricia Bernard
  • The Islands of the Sixteen Gods, Book 1: The Amulet of the Hunter God By Stephen Symons
  • Wildvine Series, Book 1: Ja'Hanna By Michelle Levigne
  • Worlds of the Timestream: The Interregnum Series, Book 1: The Peace By Richard J. Sutcliffe
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Adventures in Amethyst Series, Book 7: Briar's Patch by Karen Wiesner (Contemporary Romance)
Added: 30/01/2017
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As a teenager, Roman "Bud" Marasek was shy, a farmer's kid who grew up to be a farmer himself. The first girl he loved was Briar Sankey, a popular girl destined to be only a wish. Years later, he married, had a daughter, and his wife died unexpectedly. Raising Harper hasn't been easy alone, and he turns to Briar for help. Suddenly she's seeing Bud in a whole new light...and falling in love with the sweet, shy man who's been there all along.

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Tony Mandolin Mystery, Book 5: Lucky Stiff by Robert Lee Beers (Noir Fantasy)
Added: 11/01/2017
(0 reviews)  
Someone is messing around with luck, and in a city with some of the largest underground gambling mobs in the world, it isn't long before Tony finds himself neck deep in Cartels, Triads and Russians, oh my. Soon our hero winds up in a card game where the loser gives up a whole lot more than just his chips.

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