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Pause A Minute With Daphne Taylor (Poetry/Christian)
(0 reviews)  
'Thoughts to lift your spirit' - 'cause you to question yourself' - 'to reassure you of purpose in life and your place in it'. These are all descriptions of this challenging collection of thoughts, individually and collectively.

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Priceless by Deena Marie Kaylee (Inspirational Romance)
(0 reviews)  
Piper McCall, a renowned artist, agrees to donate one of her sculptures for a local charity event, but she gives more than she ever anticipated. Her sister, Samantha, accidentally takes the wrong sculpture to be auctioned off. When Piper realizes her priceless sculpture sold, she takes matters into her own hands, determined to get it back.

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Prynne's Island by Claralice Hanna Wolf (Christian Fantasy)
(1 reviews)  
In the midst of a world of ambition, greed and class distinctions, Adam Prynne sets out to build a society based on love and mutual respect. He's the right man for the job; he has the vision, and the mandate. The "Red Prophet" has planted a seed that sets young Adam thinking differently than his peers.

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