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5 stars!5.0 out of 5 stars

Writer Wendy Laing has taken an actual lighthouse where she has been a guest at the lighthouse keeper’s cottage: The Cape Otway in Victoria, Australia as the starting point for her nicely wrought tale, and she has woven an entertaining book of eight chapters for early readers.

Through the magic of a time tunnel children Aaron and Gracie Brandon are taken to a long ago time where they meet a marvelous old Scottish sea captain’s ghost. The pair had been less than enthralled while vacationing with their parents to discover the old lighthouse where they are staying has no video games or anything else interesting for them to do. And, then they meet Captain Angus! When they do everything changes. Cap’n Angus takes the pair on virtual reality trips sailing on masted ships, with opportunity for meeting one of their ancestors along with watching a sea rescue and other adventures.
Wendy Laing has done it again! This talented writer continues to produce excellently written, well researched materials sure to be used in the classroom and for home reading alike. Captain Angus, the Lighthouse Ghost is an inviting venture for children sure to keep youngsters entertained as they travel through the interactive links allowing them to make a voyage through the internet. Writer Laing really understands how to make history come alive for young readers. Children will make stops at sites where they can tour old ships, discover lighthouses and learn a little about them in the process. Young readers are sure to enjoy following the links and learning a little of history without their realizing they are doing so. Captain Angus, the Light House Ghost is a delightful guide children are sure to like. The Links to sites will pique their curiosity.
Chapter titles include: Cap’n Angus, Spirits and Ghosts, Land Ahoy!, Rescue!, The Tower, Ship Ahoy!, Aurora’s Spirit, A Light in the Future and The Beacon of Hope. Captain Angus, the Light House Ghost is a read to book for the younger set. As such it provides a marvelous opportunity for quality parent child time as they sit together at the computer reading and traveling the links to various sites. Older children will enjoy reading and manipulating the work themselves.
The only thing I find lacking from a teacher standpoint, and in no way detracts from the delightful tale itself: I like to see a target audience noted and the word/vocabulary list at the end of the books I use in the classroom when possible. These just make it easier for teachers, and parent home teachers too to quickly decide if this book will fit into our particular teaching need at the moment.
Reviewed by: molly martin

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4 stars4.0 out of 5 stars Combining Mystery & History with Adventure

Aaron and Gracie didn’t want to spend their summer vacation at the Cape Lighthouse station, but their parents insisted this was where the family would vacation this year. They were sure it was going to be a long, boring summer. There was nothing to do!
They set off to explore the area on their first day of vacation and found a tiny, old cemetery near the lighthouse. It was eerie and creepy and it made them feel sad. But only for a moment. Then sadness turned to fear when they were startled by a deep voice behind them. The children spun around to find themselves face to face with a tall stranger in sailor’s uniform and a sea captain’s hat.
They were very nearly scared speechless. When the stranger talks to them, seeming to read their thoughts before they even speak them out loud, they soon realize they are looking at a ghost!
Captain Angus turns out to be a friendly ghost, and once they get past their fright, the children quickly become friends with the spirit who lives in the lighthouse. The kids don’t know it, but this lighthouse ghost has a special mission, and he wants the children to help him fulfill it. So begins a story of mystery and history in an enchanting ghost story filled with fantasy and adventures that Aaron and Gracie will never forget and children everywhere will enjoy reading about!
Children ages 9-14 will like this story and should be able to read it on their own. It’s a delightful, creative tale!

Tina L. Miller


5 stars!5.0 out of 5 stars

Teachers and Home School Parents Take Note.

This is a great resource for teacher or educators alike. The story is interactive and the hyper links make building lesson plans very easy. Many areas can be covered and lots of discussions can bring in new ideas and subjects. The story is well written and fun. The kids should find themselves drawn into the adventure and action. Home school parents, this is a must for your kids. I invite all educators to look close at this title and see if it does not fit your needs very well.