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"The Gauntlet" is a cautionary tale of a change in our society, in our daily lives, that will soon be upon us. It is more than action, intrigue, mystery and even espionage. It is all those things, for those who cherish entertainment in the form of a "good read." But it is also an "Orwellian-like" look at the shape of things to soon come. A story that poses the questions of what determines our behavior, and why we do the things that we do.
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Linda Green, a satisfied reader about  Mirror, Mirror by Dalziel Laing (Murder Mystery):
The story begins in a very interesting way, giving us background into the main characters, however the way this is done - threaded gradually between the other chapters - is captivating and starts to paint a picture that helps us to understand exactly what is going on. Or so we think.

I have to admit that halfway through the novel I started to believe that the ending was obvious because as far as I could see we knew exactly who the killer was from the outset. His name had not been held back and the evidence was indisputable.

I could not believe the shock of discovering that I didn't really have a clue as to who it was until this salient point was disclosed to the reader through the investigative work of the detectives involved in the case. Even then it took quite a while to slowly dawn on me who we were actually talking about - they needed to be certain before they could reveal the true identity of the murderer.

The story gradually unfolded chapter by chapter, with a little more historical information and background intertwined just for good measure and just as we finally thought we had the ending all wrapped up and the story was over, another little nugget was thrown in to give us a final understanding of one man's power over his family and everyone around them.

This was a novel that gripped you from the start, holding your interest and making it hard to put down. Gradually as I read more and more, I really began to know the characters as they began to show themselves to me. To me they were real people with real lives and real pasts. I wanted to believe that they also had real futures and the end of the novel tied up the lose ends nicely, explaining what happened to each of them. For me this is something that I need and rarely feel I get when a story ends and we are left wondering where they all went and what is going to happen to them.

This is a novel definitely worth reading.
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This was a great story and well told. The characters were developed nicely and you felt a sense that you were involved in the drama and investigations as they evolved.

As the story developed I felt myself trying to work out who the villain was and even until the very end was not entirely sure - although I had a reasonable idea!

The scene was well set and it was clear that the author new the local surroundings as it was so well described.

All in all an excellent novel.
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Bitten by Books (http://bittenbybooks.com/?p=123) about  Jane Doe Mystery Series, Book 1: Flowers From The Grave by Wendy Laing (Mystery: Paranormal):
Rating: 4 Tombstones

Flowers From the Grave is the first book in a series featuring Melbourne Homicide Detective, Inspector Jane Doe. After being injured during the course of an investigation of a serial rapist/killer, Jane takes a month off to recover and rents a cottage on the coast about three and a half hours outside of Melbourne. Her landlord, Beryl Greenough, just happens to be the wife of a former supervisor of Jane’s. Having left the Melbourne police, he is now on the force in Port Campbell, a small village near Jane’s rental cottage. Jane is also using her stay to figure out if she wants to marry her boyfriend Oliver, who proposed the day before she left.

During her stay, she meets Ryan O’Byrne who, as it turns out, is a ghost. So far, only Jane and Beryl are able to see and talk to him. Ryan’s wife Nellie had been raped, murdered and thrown off a cliff near Jane’s cottage. Even though he is a ghost, Ryan is unable to communicate with Nellie and believes it’s because her killer was never found. Ryan tries to convince Jane to investigate his wife’s murder, but as it happened forty years ago and Jane is out of her jurisdiction, she doesn’t think there’s much she can do. That is until another body shows up on the same beach with the same injuries. Jane’s police instinct takes over and, with Ryan’s help, she works with the local police. They determine that the two murders are connected and set out to find the killer.

While I did like this book, I was able to peg the killer early on. When that happens, no matter how much I liked the book, it’s a bit of a let down for me when I get to the end. Other than that though, this was well written with wonderful descriptions. I’ve reviewed something else by Wendy Laing and she definitely has a talent for painting pictures in your mind with her descriptive writing. The characters were easy to like and I hope to see them again in this series.
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Tanya King, Stiletto Magazine, No 28 Winter 2007, Sisters in Crime Australia Inc. page 50. about  Jane Doe Mystery Series, Book 1: Flowers From The Grave by Wendy Laing (Mystery: Paranormal):
(print book version)

Wendy Laing's police detective, Jane Doe, is tracking a Melbourne serial killer, when he badly injures her and escapes, mouthing misogynistic obscenities.

Reluctantly agreeing to take time off to recover, Jane removes herself to a remote beach cottage along the Great Ocean Road; and area she's avoided since her parents died there years earlier. She's also escaping her personal life, giving herself time to reflect on her relationship with boyfriend, Oliver Tarrant, who has proposed. She's given him the evasive, 'I need time to think'.

At first the secluded cottage neat Apollo Bay appears perfect – comfortable and thoughtfully stocked with everything she could need. It's also far enough away from the well-meaning but talkative landlady, Beryl Greenough, wife of Stan, with whom Jane used to work many years ago.

Walking the beach early one morning, she meets Ryan O'Byrne, someone for whom she feels an immediate affinity. Ryan's wife, Nelly, was murdered on the lonely stretch of beach where h walks. In their first meeting, despite seeming so real, he confesses to being a ghost, having suicided after his wife's murder.

Ryan is grateful to fine someone with whom he can share his walks, and Jane finds it easy to talk to him – about the police force, and about Oliver. Bus is Ryan as good-natured and innocent as he seems?

When another broken and battered body turns up in the same place as Ryan's murdered wife five years ago, it all seems horribly familiar. Can a ghost wreak such damage? Is Jane the next victim?

Flowers From The Grave is an e-books, or print on Demand. The book is ordered through the e-publisher's website, and within a week a copy arrives. Wendy's books are therefore available worldwide.

This novel has a wonderful sense of location, along the beautiful Great Ocean Road, but Wendy's prose reminds the reader of the region's dangerous side as well. An interesting read.
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i purchased 2 audio books from you and would like to say thank you
very much they are excellent listening to as i am a truck driver and i have enjoyed them greatly again thank you
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Joann Rohr author of Su Ling’s Kite about  Trambu by Donna Louise (Mid-Grade Reader: Science Fiction):
Stars rated out of 5: 5
TRAMBU is a heartwarming story for mid-readers, but sure to delight the young-at-heart in all of us, especially children between the ages of 6 and 12.

Trambu, the main character in the story, is a lovable alien that comes from the planet Voel. His assignment is to observe other planetary systems from his space mobile and report to his superiors. He has his own mindset about things and is somewhat compulsive in his behavior, which is not always a bad thing. His deep sense of curiosity brings him to Earth where he makes a new friend named Katie.

Trambu is very excited to learn that by rearranging the alphabet, it could bring a whole new meaning to his planet. He was determined to find out if his ancestors came from Earth. Since he was stuck here anyhow, he decided to make the best of his new assignment and explore.

Now that he was on Earth, what was he to do? His new friend Katie offered for him to live in her tree house. With a mixture of chemicals and making himself invisible, he went to school with Katie. Trambu’s keen sense of curiosity caused mischief and got them both in and out of trouble at school.

In the meantime, Trambu discovered computers and was fascinated at learning how to access information on the Internet.
Trambu was called home when the safest route was found for his return. He was sad that he didn’t have enough time to say goodbye to Katie. He also felt that he had failed his mission, since he never did discover if Voel came from Earth.

His superiors assured Trambu that his was their greatest mission and accomplishment. They explained how the wall of information from the World Wide Web that surrounded the earth would help them learn about and understand the planet. With being able to access the Internet and setting up a user name as Katie had showed him, Trambu was able to reach and transmit messages to her.

The gifted author brings home the true meaning of love, no matter where our hearts live in the universe. Her creative imagination brings the story to life as she skillfully crafted colorful, lively, story details and characters. As the story unfolds, you will find humor and magic mixed in with many surprises.

TRAMBU, by Donna Louise, is highly recommended by this reviewer.
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5 Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this childrens' book although I am an adult. This was a quick read. I must confess I had a difficult time putting it down once I started reading it. ALL kids will like this (boys AND girls). The writing is clever and has a few unexpected twists. Interestingly also, are the play on scrambled words which totally made sense once it is read! I highly recommend this book for children from grades K thru 8.
When is the sequel coming out?
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Joyce Handzo for Dancing Word http://www.dancingword.net/futureinanutshellreview.htm about  The Future In A Nutshell by Chris Williams (Christian Reference):
A Basic Prophecy Primer for Adults

The Future in a Nutshell is a concise and contemporary look at Bible prophecy. Author Chris Williams simplifies key teachings on this subject, while making these truths applicable to the modern reader. He begins this e-book with a powerful first sentence: "The world can be a scary place." From that moment on, readers will see how the often confusing and complicated Bible teachings on prophecy can be made clearer, while providing comfort in today's uncertain world.

Although theologically sound, this book isn't bogged down with theological language. It's written in a friendly conversational way and has a snappy pace. There is an orderly flow, with the foundation of these teachings being the Person of Jesus Christ. Each chapter title speaks to today's reader and deals with issues like "What happens when I die" and "The coming world wide holocaust" The author is faithful to show the significance of Bible prophecies to our modern life.

What is especially appealing about this book is that the author doesn't come across as being arrogant. He encourages readers to check out the Bible passages for themselves. In fact, at the end of the book he has written out every verse of Scripture that he used. For those readers who may not have a Bible handy, this is not only extremely helpful, but shows the sincerity of the author to reach his audience.

It's the author's prayer that the Lord will be pleased with his efforts and use this book to draw people closer to Himself. I can honestly add my "Amen" to his prayer. This book is highly recommended for both its solid Bible teaching and its contemporary application.

The Future in a Nutshell genuinely seeks to instruct readers without overwhelming them.
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The Future-in-a-Nutshell should come with a yellow cover like Cliff Notes. Written in a modern voice with the twenty-first century busy reader in mind, this e-book simplifies intricate parts of Revelation and other scriptures.

Williams sought to explain the coming Tribulation in street language and has succeeded.

As a believer, I find the book solid with substantial evidence cited. The printed Scriptures at the end of the text will allow a reader to flip back and forth without the need of a Bible. The chapter titles are catchy. The points tackled by Chris Williams have been made.
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Alan Moon (http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/20628) about  Jane Doe Mystery Series, Book 2: Severance Packages by Wendy Laing (Mystery: Paranormal):
Rating: 4 Stars

Downloaded this on a whim, and did not know what to expect, but found it a good read. Once I got started could not put it down. A well balanced easy read.
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Bitten By Books (http://bittenbybooks.com/?p=135) about  Jane Doe Mystery Series, Book 2: Severance Packages by Wendy Laing (Mystery: Paranormal):
Rating: 4 Tombstones

Severance Packages is the second in a series featuring Inspector Jane Doe, head of a Homicide squad in Victoria Australia. As revealed in the first book, Flowers From the Grave, Jane is able to communicate with ghosts after suffering a head injury.

This time around, Jane and her squad are hunting a very twisted killer. His victims are found dismembered with the various pieces wrapped in plastic and labeled SEVERANCE PACKAGE, 1 of 6. While on site where pieces of the second victim were found, Jane encounters Eddie, the victim's ghost. During conversations taking place over several days, Eddie is able to tell Jane information about his life and what he remembers of his attack. While unable to reveal her source of information to others in the squad, she confides in her fiancé Oliver, a doctor and profiler. Together they try to fit the pieces of Eddie's information together with the evidence Jane and her squad are able to uncover.

After reading the first in the series, I am familiar with and like the characters in this series. The detail of the case and its investigation are well written and put together. There's also a bit of a twist to the case at the very end. Personally though, I thought the ending was a little lackluster. Everything came together in the end, yes, but I guess I prefer to see the bad guy put up a fight and give the police a reason to thump on him or her a bit. But again, that could just be me and my personal vindictive attitude! Overall though, I do like the series and look forward to further installments.
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Rating: 5 Stars

I just finished Strings. I had started it a good while ago, read continuously up to the arrival at the prison camp, and then had to put it aside for awhile to steel myself for the rest of it. Tonight I finished the rest of it in one reading. Whew! What a powerful book! I haven't read many books about the Holocaust, other than The Diary of Ann Frank and a related book, but I've seen a number of TV and movie presentations; and I'd have to say that Strings is the clearest view I've seen of what it was like for the victims of the Nazis. It's even the most comprehensive, not in the sense of filling in lots of detail, but in the sense of giving an overall picture of the individual's experience.

An absolute must on every teen's and adult's reading list!
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Rating: 5 Stars

Downloaded this on a whim, and did not know what to expect, but found it a good read. Once I got started could not put it down. a well balanced easy read.
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Night Owl Reviews (http://www.nightowlreviews.com/nor/Reviews/A-M-Donovan-reviews-Down-In-The-Dungeon-by-AJ-Walker.aspx) about  Down in the Dungeon by A. J. Walker (Fantasy Short Story Anthology):
This is an enjoyable 50 page collection of short stories by someone who has fond memories of late nights with friends, rolling the dice and using our imaginations. Hey, it worked for Dragon Lance.

He reveals a wicked sense of humor while telling stories of battles between good and evil, adventure, skull duggery and daring do.

Like with real life, good does not always win, but likewise, sometimes evil does good. Wither to prevent a greater evil (or quite by accident).
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Feb 15, 2013
Labad, a dying warrior who records a prophecy is the subject of the 'storytellers' tale. Charity, her twin brother Adam and Aunt Doreen listen enthralled. Long ago the Empire was ruptured by war. Now the various fiefdoms exist in an apprehensive truce while they wait the arrival of the Guardians who are promised to return and restore peace.

In the hamlet of Beri Doreen and her husband Bal appear as simple village folk, they are not. Someone is after the twins. After the twins are grabbed by unknown abductors Bal and Doreen are told to leave Beri by 'the storyteller' Nought. Gilgafed, the Sorcerer, sent the kidnappers after the twins.

The Dwarflands, Fire Island, pestilence, and a long extinct volcano are part of the tale. The last of the descendants of Labad are the ones who will effect the return of peace to the land. Nought, a wizard, follows fearful Ogren. Galtru, a dwarf, a Cave, Dwillkillion, and an extraordinary amulet continue the narrative. Escape from a frightful wyrm, a dwarf with a parcel holding clothing for the twins, and a parchment with Labad's words figure in the tale as well. A trolljin attack adds excitement.

There is a Sword for Adam, and a Bow for Charity. Mr Bustlebun Chauncey, a deal struck, and a huge fight keep the reader turning the page. A kitten, a blind child who gains sight, soldiers are captured, and an Elven village where a human/elven child is born continue the reader's remarkable pilgrimage. Morgan the blademaster, a war, wolves, a bathtub, a dragon or two and the reader is left wanting more.

Writer Beers presents a generously drawn tale occupied with all the conniving, commotion and intrigue fantasy lovers have come to anticipate. Birthright is a well-written tale filled with twists, complex story line and potent motivations. Plausible, thoroughly matured characters stride through the account carrying the reader along on an exhilarating journey.

Beers adroitly presents the wonderment, consternation and tumult necessary to hold the reader fully engrossed.

Believable, at times gritty conversation pulls the reader into the narrative from the opening lines and maintains reader attention right to the last paragraphs where we find Adam entering into a new, zestful part of his life. A compelling read certain to satisfy the target audience made up of those who enjoy a commendable, well written fantasy. Fine book to enjoy by the fire place on a long winter evening or in the porch swing during a hot summer afternoon.
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Tania Staley for Readers' Favorite (http://readersfavorite.com/book-review/12389) about  Greenspell: A Fantasy Anthology by Kathy Ann Trueman (Fantasy Anthology):
Aug 19, 2013
A Fantasy Anthology by Kathy Ann Trueman is a stunning collection of magical short stories. In "The Sow's Ear" the opening short story in the collection, previously published in Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Swords and Sorcerers" anthology series, Janell is a young mage who makes her living unweaving spells. She often takes advantage of her customers' despair in order to make a hefty profit. But when a customer isn't what they seem, Janell finds that her greed may be her downfall. Fans of "The Sow's Ear" will be happy to know that Truman has included a sequel, "Thief from Thief", in this anthology. The other stories are more varied in their plot, but equally as enjoyable. "Friends in Spite" tells the adventure of an unlikely pairing, a vampire and a warrior who specializes in hunting monsters. In "The God's Reading", the final story in the collection, Yula enters a contest to have her wish granted--to have Apollo read her poetry.

No matter the tale, Kathy Ann Trueman can tell it mesmerizingly. Her tales draw the reader in with action and thrills mixed with a healthy dose of fun and humor. Her book is a wonderful collection for fantasy lovers. Fans of the works of Tad Williams, Terry Brooks, and Marion Zimmer Bradley should add Kathy Ann Trueman to their list of favorite authors. Greenspell was a fun and exciting read that left me wanting more. I highly recommend this collection, and I look forward to following Trueman's career and reading more of her imaginative tales.
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Steve Sorensen (Pastor and Radio Commentator) about  The Future In A Nutshell by Chris Williams (Christian Reference):
Sep 10, 2014
The area of biblical prophecy, or what has come to be called more technically, biblical eschatology, can be confusing. The Future In A Nutshell by Chris Williams is a fine place to start. It can give the beginner a succinct and easy to follow rendering of a very important topic. It is also a great place to go for a quick review of the basics as we move into a future God has revealed to us in the Bible. Chris has not only shared with us some scriptural truths about the future, but most importantly how your place in God's eternal plan of salvation for your future can be assured in Jesus Christ. It's a great read for discovery, reflection, and to share with someone else.
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Margot Finke (http://mysite.verizon.net/afinke/Book%20Reviews.htm#Review about  The Magical Door Series Book 1: The Artist's Magical Studio by Aytul Akal (Children's Picture Book):
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

The quality of the writing and the illustrations compares well with the best in hard-copy picture books. The Flip Viewer actually lets kids turn the page AND hear the sound. When a group of fanciful artisans get together, they wonder how Muti, an artist who works with clay, always has the most profitable day at the regular market where they sell their wares. There is much fun and sneaking around when they band together to discover the secret of Muti's success. Akal's delightful prose, and Delioglu's lush and quirky illustrations, keep your interest until the last word. Aytul Akal has long been one of Turkey's writing treasures, with many books for children and adults, as well as poems, to her credit. Mustafa Delioglu is an acclaimed Turkish artist and illustrator, having shown his portraits and other art work in many countries.

I highly recommend "The Artist's Magical Studio." This book is delightful

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Rachel Olivier (http://tcm-ca.com/reviews/130.html) about  Dead Certain by Forrest Barriger (Mystery):
4 Stars
Dead Certain, by Forrest Barriger, follows the travels of treasure hunter and private investigator Burke Thomas (an assumed name, his real name left behind in a colorful distant past). In this story, he gets involved in what he thinks is a cult rescue and recovery operation but soon turns into a labyrinthine plot including mining, land rights, old treasure, idealist aims, and of course, lots of money. The seemingly insurmountable problems faced by our hero are often solved in true heroic fashion by a combination of manly brawn and hard won, intelligent fact searching and puzzling. In the end, all the characters get what is truly coming to them.

Told in the first person, Barriger’s story paints a picture of a tough Southwest character who likes to solve puzzles. On the one hand, his first love is in treasure hunting, searching out sometimes centuries old facts to track down old booty. On the other hand, he often gets paid to use these same skills to solve mysteries for people. It felt like a cross between Tony Hillerman and old J.A. Jance. Other than a few stumbling blocks such as typos and a couple of descriptions that were just a tad unwieldy, this was a very enjoyable read.
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Rita Hestand for Romancing the Web Reviews (http://www.crosswinds.net/~romancingtheweb) about  Dead Certain by Forrest Barriger (Mystery):
Rating: ***** 5 STARS

When you begin reading Dead Certain you know it's different. Not because it is written in First person exactly, but because you get an immediate no holes barred picture. The author drags you into the scene with Burke Thomas immediately. Dead Certain is told through the eyes of Burke Thomas a private investigator. Contrary to what you might think this is no ordinary private eye story. Instead it's overall tone gives you a feeling of immediacy that doesn't leave you till the crime is solved.

What's really a clincher is that you think it's over, and it's not. You think you know the answers and you don't.

Dead Certain will keep you on your toes to the very end with one escapade after another, and it's charming first person tone that keeps you turning those pages for another mystery and another laugh. Dead Certain is full of dry humor, which I dearly love. This book has everything to entertain you. A little romance, a lot of humor, and more double crosses than you can keep up with. I enjoyed it no end and didn't put it down till I was through.

It's the ordinary guy solving the craziest swindles in the most precarious ways that keeps you glued to the book. Burke Thomas may not be Magnum PI but he can totally immerse you in suspense and make you want to help him solve it all because you feel as though you know the guy and you are right there with him. He's Magnum, Charlie Chan and Mickey Spillane all rolled into one gigantic man that knows the ropes better than Perry Mason. I can't say enough good things about this mystery. It had little romance (between Merrilee and Burke) but it had plenty of action, crazy stunts, and wild moments that were just plain funny. I highly recommend this mystery, to one and all. It's not a run of the mill book by far. The author, Forrest Barriger knows exactly how to tell a tale with facts and details that oddly enough make you wonder how. It's gritty, ingenious and fabulously entertaining! And you'll have to read it to understand why!
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Molly Martin: http://www.angelfire.com/ok4/mollymartin, 20+ years California class teacher about  Milward Chronicles, Book 4: The Patriarch of Pestilence by Robert Beers (Fantasy):
Review: Entertaining Read .... Recommended . 5 stars

The narrative opens with a letter to the Wizard Milward from his old associate Alten Baldrisson Grisham's Librarian. Milward was notified that war is underway, Adam continues to fulfill dwarfish prophecy, earth quake and a state of siege by the Ortian army are proving bothersome to those living in Grisham. The reader is carried forward with old acquaintances and new. The Emperor, Duke Bilardi, Bardoc and Captain Bilardi all play important roles. Adam and Ethan decide to leave Grisham and before long meet another group in the tunnels beneath the city. Neely, Flynn, Circumstance a ½ elf and adopted son of Ethan and Adam's twin Charity make up the second group. Charity is amazed to learn Adam will soon become a father. Both groups agree Duke Bilardi is a strong contender for the title of Most Evil Personage in Grisham. The Empire has been ripped into individual fiefdoms, Inquisitors practicing dark arts of torture abound and McCabe is on the loose. McCabe, former petty thief now a conduit for a shadow creature. a Seeker is a force to reckon with. Gilgafed the Sorcerer begs Milward for help in dealing with McCabe. Gilgafed is loath to admit that McCabe is on the loose due to his foolishness. Adam finds that while his magical abilities are improving they do need a bit of fine tuning now and again. The story roars on with travel by vortex, on foot and aboard Drinaugh the dragon. Adam appears to defeat McCabe, however the stench of rot proves that is not the case. Adam must use all his power to assure the safety of the known world.

On the pages of The Patriarch of Pestilence: Book 3 of the Wells End Chronicles writer Beers weaves an interwoven account against a imaginative framework of multiple narratives and innovative, exceptional characters including humans, dragons, machines, elves and wizards. All come hurdling from Beers' fertile imagination to offer the reader a most exciting read.

Writer Beers presents readers a lavishly drawn anecdote pumped up with all the deceitfulness, hubbub and machination fantasy lovers enjoy the most. The Patriarch of Pestilence: Book 3 of the Wells End Chronicles is a finely-written yarn filled with supposable, meticulously wrought characters striding purposefully through the chronicle. The reader is carried along on a stimulating trek as author Beers deftly presents propensity, enigmatic scenarios and puissant wonderment, consternation and tumult necessary to hold the reader fully engrossed. Credible, often abrasive dialogue pulls the reader into the narrative from the opening paragraph and holds reader attention right to the last lines where we find Adam enjoying new found respect.

The Patriarch of Pestilence: Book 3 of the Wells End Chronicles is filled with the spirit, dialogue and character of fantasy settings known and loved by young and old alike. Ingenious author Robert Lee Beers has constructed a fascinating domain infused with both base and charitable, blameless and depraved, loveable and detestable characters the reader is sure to find engaging. Teeming with strife fittingly resolved in this masterfully engineered suspense filled narrative; The Wells End Chronicles Book 2: Whispers of War paints a razor sharp, focused account of destiny, cupidity and perseverance. Effect dialog, well-drawn scenarios and characters to love and hate the book is an enjoyable read.

Meant for pleasure reading, The Patriarch of Pestilence: Book 3 of the Wells End Chronicles target audience of young adults will find the book has all the ingredients they wish for in a good fantasy work. Fine book to enjoy by the fire place on a long winter evening or in the porch swing during a hot summer afternoon.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.
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Molly Martin http://www.angelfire.com/ok4/mollymartin, 20+ years classroom teacher about  Weather or Not! Fall (Autumn) by Lynda S. Burch (Children's Musical Picture Book):
Entertaining Read
5 stars

Weather or Not! Fall is a musical eBook designed for the 3-7 set. The project is intended to cause children to think about weather and how it relates to the seasons of the year. Lyrics set to instrumental music ask questions, point children's thought to the world around them and help them understand better what weather does for us. Pictures are easily discernible for children and help them understand more about what they see and feel as they are enjoying the book.

Fall leaves, Pumpkins, Jack-o-Lanterns, Farmers Fields, Tractors and Children. Beautiful photos, children climbing trees, playing with Halloween jack-o-lanterns, charming words set to music; all capture the feeling of the colorful season we call fall. Weather or Not! Fall blazes with excitement, color and fun.

Writer/Photographer Burch and Photographer Roberts have outdone themselves to produce a delightful work sure to please children, parents, day care providers and teachers alike. Weather or Not! Fall lends itself to use in both the home and school library where it is sure to be a favorite for 'unit work' and pleasure reading. Weather or Not! Fall comes to life with vibrantly colored photos. There is a question and answer section sure to tickle the curiosity of children as they explore the wonders of the fall season with parent or teacher. Older children will enjoy reading the book to younger siblings or with classmates.

Weather or Not! Fall is a book I would use in my own Kindergarten/FirstGrade.
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Jennifer LB Leese, Maryland Author, http://www.geocities.com/ladyjiraff about  Weather or Not! Fall (Autumn) by Lynda S. Burch (Children's Musical Picture Book):
Lynda S. Burch's children's book WEATHER OR NOT: FALL is the first musical illustrated picture book this reviewer has ever had the pleasure of reviewing. As we all know, fall is a beautiful time of year. Burch's book could easily be used in schools, libraries, and day cares as a learning tool of the seasons. It is a great way for parents, educators, and children to play on the computer while learning a wonderful story set to instrumental music. Her book teaches and explores the wonders of the fall season.

This book comes to live with vibrantly-colored real-time photography by award winning photojournalist, MarySue Roberts. At the end of the book readers will find a "Question and Answer" section where children can find out the answer to "Where do the leaves come from?" and "What yellow face lights the night?".

WEATHER OR NOT: FALL by Lynda S. Burch is another splendid addition to the world of electronic books!
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Jennifer LB Leese, Maryland Author, http://www.geocities.com/ladyjiraff about  Weather or Not! Spring by Lynda S. Burch (Children's Musical Picture Book):
WEATHER OR NOT: SPRING is a musical illustrated picture book by author Lynda S. Burch that brings well-deserved attention to the world of electronic books. There is nothing like spring. Even though the rain can damper happy spring day feelings, Burch's musical book is a wonderful way to teach children about clouds and rain and how flowers and grass grow. It makes the rain a little more tolerable.

Burch's book comes with vibrantly-colored real-time photography by award winning photojournalist, MarySue Roberts. Burch answers questions, such as "Where does rain come from?" and "Where do the clouds go?" in story format set to instrumental music. WEATHER OR NOT: SPRING should be in every classroom, library, and day care center. It gives parents, and educators time to play and learn on the computer with children while learning about our wonderful seasons.

This book comes highly recommended by this reviewer and her two young children ages six and seven.
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