A Beth-Hill Novel: The Shadows Trilogy, Book 1: The Prince of Shadows by Jennifer St. Clair (Fantasy: Vampire)

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Sally for Bitten by Books (http://bittenbybooks.com/?p=313)
Rating: 4 Tombstones
Palace intrigue and kingdom building - paranormal style.

The Prince of Shadows is the first book in the Shadows Trilogy by Jennifer St. Clair. The series focuses on the machinations of the truly malevolent villain, Terrin, and the efforts made to stop his plans. Terrin is a wizard who wants his brother’s throne and much, much more at any cost. The story is set in the Seven Kingdoms and starts in the Palace of the Kingdom of Leysan where the King has just been killed by his son, Teluride, or so it seems.

We are quickly introduced to Alban, Kyne, and a vampire. Alban is the son of Terrin and a powerful, yet untrained, wizard whose power is being siphoned by Terrin for his own use. Terrin has Alban under a spell. But who has bespelled Kyne and the vampire?

Skade, the Queen of Iomar, takes an interest in Terrin’s plans as they are old enemies. She sends her ghost to find out what is happening in the Kingdom of Leysan and determines to aid Alban, Telluride, the vampire, and Kyne.

There is a great deal to this first book in the trilogy. The story is full of twists and turns, unexpected revelations, and unique characters all woven into the unique tapestry that is the Seven Kingdoms. It’s a wonderful, fast-paced read that will leave you wondering what happens next in the trilogy - and wishing for a speedy demise for Terrin!
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Christina Lewis, Kids Book Shelf (http://www.kidsbookshelf.com)
The King has been murdered and his son Teluride is caught holding the murder weapon. But Teluride is very sick and does not know what happened, and that's exactly how the king's brother, Terrin, wants it to be. He plans to see Teluride executed for his father's murder while he takes over the kingdom. Terrin's magic is powered by the hold he has over his son Alban and the vampire. Terrin is using Alban's power as a wizard for his own dark purposes, but somehow Alban manages to break free from his father's spell. It is now up to Alban to stop his father's terror. Can Skade, the Queen of Iomar, and her prisoner, the Ghost in the Mirror, help Alban defeat Terrin before it's too late?

"Prince of Shadows" is a terrific first book in a trilogy that promises to be both exciting and intriguing with a very interesting cast of characters. Ms. St. Clair does a wonderful job pulling the reader into the story and moving the plot along at an exciting pace. I did not want to stop reading this book and am anxiously awaiting the next one!
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