A Beth-Hill Novel: Blood of the Innocents by Jennifer St. Clair (Dark Fantasy)

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Shona for Bitten by Books (http://bittenbybooks.com/?p=590)
There is a traitor amongst the Seleighe elves. The one man who knows the traitors name is a prisoner of the Unseleighe and slowly losing his mind. After years of torture and almost death Cullen as given up all hope of rescue. In his shattered mind he knows there is something he should remember but finding the answer would mean reliving the horror, something he cannot do.

The Seleighe prince, Orien, is also held by the Unsleighe who hope to break him. Making him a vampire didn’t work, but there is worse to come. Orien saved Cullen’s life and made him a vampire in the hope that the traitor’s name could be found.

When the Seleighe take the castle and they are freed it is too good to be true. The traitor moves amongst them, seeking Cullen’s death and Orien’s recapture. Cullen is banished from Faerie for his own safety and to heal. His sister abandons her duties as healer to help him, but he refuses to drag his sister into exile. With the traitor closing in, nowhere is safe. Orien won’t break, even after recapture and being force fed the blood of innocents, but death becomes the more appealing alternative. He has no place in Seleighe society and no desire to be driven mad by blood lust.

At times the story was confusing because of the number of characters scheming against each other. The ending will surprise you, and though I understand Cullen’s reasons, I ended up thinking he was selfish rather than brave. Orien was as noble as a prince of the Seleighe should be, even in his un-death and in the face of sunlight. While there was cruelty, torture, and death, I would have said Blood of Innocents was not horror, but dark fantasy.
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