A Heartstopper Horror: Felicity's Curse by Robin Helene Vogel (Young Adult/Mid-Grade Horror)

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I would like to offer a few words on how very much I enjoyed Robin Vogel's latest book, "Felicity's Curse".

I read a great deal, online and off, in topics ranging from poetry, to religious studies, to the classics; even the most simplistic of beginning books for toddlers... and I must say I sincerely enjoyed this work more than anything I have read in some time.

It has a bounty to offer. Humor, suspense, mystery...and all is presented in a manner that is so familiar and thrilling. I can see
this as a work a parent could enjoy reading aloud, a chapter each night-- to a room of wide eyed youths. Each chapter ends, with keen anticipation for what is to come.

The banter of the young is delightful, and to my ear, realistic...allusions made to modern music, etc, will delight the
parents. There is a lot to 'hold on to ' in this story. I immediately identified with the character of Tracy. Brother Frankie taunts her
mercilessly. This, with great amusement to the reader...but also we sense the bickering to be the fond sort that many of us with
siblings suffer at the age, but later recall quite fondly.

There is a famous quote that says something along the lines, that 'the best fiction for the young, can be enjoyed by all ages '. I have to put forth "Felicity 's Curse" as proof positive of that. The characters are believable, and engaging.

Early on the stage is set...tenseness, anxiety... that harbinger of *much* to come. The tale delivers thrills, and then some. Its plot
leaves us guessing to the last page. It touches on that fear we share at times, even with those closest to us, that we love best of
all...."How well do I really know this person? And what if one day, they change?" This is played to perfection, as secrets long kept,
begin to spill forth.

Tracy suddenly finds herself in the grips of something larger, that (without giving any spoilers, wink) has her questioning all she
thought she knew. I enjoyed it a great deal and recommend it to anyone who loves suspense...and perhaps a quick trip back to the tender time of that priceless age of (almost) 13.
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I finished reading Robin's story, FELICITY'S CURSE, and it was awesome! I was on pins and needles all the way up to the end! AND OH that ending, sheez!!!

It is a true horror story for kids AND adults alike! The little kid in me was excited, scared, upset, nervous and sad. The sister/brother relationship reminded me some of my own relationship with my older sister! I strongly recommend this book [AND I am NOT get any royalties for saying this! LOL].

You go girl!!!
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