My Mommy Is Insane by Koni Helton Coward (Children's Picture Book)

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Christine Spindler, E-Books for Kids,
"Kids, you drive me crazy." Sounds familiar? I bet. Sounds funny? No? "My Mommy Is Insane" shows a fresh perspective:

What happens when mommy is really driven nuts and dad takes over? Can he handle the chaos?

"Mommy is Insane" is perfect for parents and kids to read together to have some fun and take the sting out of the daily chaos. It rhymes, which always makes a story more memorable. A quick and comical read with "crazy" illustrations to match.
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Dr Bob Rich (http:/, an award-winning Australian writer who offers counseling over the internet
I was visited by two delightful young people: Rachel aged ten, and her eight-year-old brother Cameron. Since I had been sent an electronic copy of 'Mommy is Insane' by Koni Coward, with illustrations by Mary Mauritz, I fired up my computer and let the kids do the reviewing for me.

They giggled at the drawings. I got young Cameron to read the verses. He stumbled over one or two words, but easily got the meaning. He was a little tired of reading by the end of the little book.

Their mother certainly laughed at the ending. And both kids gave an enthusiastic 'yes' to my question: 'If you saw this book in a shop, would you ask your mother to buy it?'

My personal interest in 'Mommy is Insane' was rather different. I am a psychologist, and sometimes I need to help people with psychiatric disabilities. Often, my clients have children, who have to cope with the stigma and discrimination that attends mental illness.

A family like that would greatly benefit from an amusing book that shows that 'normal' families suffer from many of the same stresses, that you don't need to have a mental illness to be 'insane'.
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Sharon Wren (http:/
Every mother has at least one day (if not hundreds) when she thinks she's going to go completely, stark raving crazy. Koni Coward has captured that feeling perfectly in "My Mommy Is Insane". Her rhymes convey the stresses mothers feel in a light-hearted way that moms can identify with and families may (gasp!) actually comprehend. Mary Lacro-Mauritz's illustrations should be tacked up on every mom's wall so she can show them to her husband and say "THAT'S what my day has been like!!"

This is the perfect gift for one stressed out mom to give to another - if we can't laugh at ourselves, we're in big trouble.
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Rita Hestand for Rita's Kid Reviews
Rating ***** stars (for originality)

For orginality this one gets the award. Cleverly done poetry about the typical mother of a houseful of kids and a dad who has no clue. Koni Coward has put to rhyme what a lot of us have felt for years.

Children will have a ball in finally getting to read aloud these words of wisdom. What a treat for both children and parents although warning: Mom's don't take offense, it's all done in harmless fun.

For pure delight and entertainment you've got to read this sing-song little poem that makes perfect sense out of nonsense. A sure winner that the kids won't forget! Highly recommended read! Very unique!
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Jennifer LB Leese, ASTORYWEAVER'S Book Reviews
Stars out of 5: 5+

Beautifully illustrated by Mary L. Mauritz, MY MOMMY IS INSANE is an adorable story about a mother who literally goes insane. With "call school immediately," and "fatal error shutting system down," on the computer screen, noisy kids running around her, spilt milk, dirty dishes and mice, this mommy has had it! Boy, on certain days, I can certainly relate.

Ms. Coward has written a cute story of a mommy gone mad and after she's committed to a room of white, she is appreciated for who she is by her children and husband. Now they want her back. Does she completely blow a fuse?

I loved this book. My children, including my 10-year-old-son loved it. I had to read it three times and then they just wanted to stare at the pictures!

I highly recommend this story of a stressed out mom. Any mother who has children can relate.

The author, Koni Coward is a Christian wife and WAHM of three girls. She is a multi-published author of children's material. Visit her author web page at http:/
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