Family Heirlooms Series, Book 2: Shadow Boxing by Karen Wiesner (Inspirational Romance)

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Karen Wiesner
Jun 9, 2015
Awards & Honors:
2010 Love Romances & More Golden Rose Award 1st Place winner
5 hearts from The Romance Studio and Sweetheart Award nominee
WDRF’s Top Read of Excellence
4.5 star review from Single Titles
4 1/2 stars from Love 2 Read Novels Blog

5 Hearts! "Ms. Karen Wiesner has, once again, exceeded my expectations with her novel. This author had my attention from the first page and she never lost it. The series of poignant scenes and tumultuous soul searching was incredibly heart-wrenching. She wrote as if she knew the subject from first-hand knowledge. She wrote as if she had this extraordinary desire to see the couple find a happily-ever-after. To read this story was a highlight of my weekend and this is a book I will treasure. It will definitely go on my keeper shelf. Wiesner took these two main characters and expanded them so that it was impossible not to love them. This book was an uplifting story with several surprises. There were tears, laughter, and unique conversations. I highly recommend that you read this book. It’s appropriate for any reader who loves inspirational reading. Great job, Ms. Wiesner." ~reviewed by Brenda Talley for The Romance Studio

4.5 Stars! “Justine Samuels, a lawyer in a small town, has been married to Joshua for eighteen years. She has always wondered why he agreed to marry her; was it purely because she was pregnant and he felt it was his duty? She has never mustered the guts to ask him, fearing his answer. Joshua Samuels has wanted to express his feelings to Justine throughout their marriage, but had always felt there was a wall between them When their daughter prepares to leave for college, the tension between Justine and Joshua becomes more intense. Both are unable to read each other’s thoughts, but are to scared to reveal their true feelings. To complicate the already troubled marriage, Justine finds herself considering separating from her husband for his sake, thinking this is what he wants. Joshua finds himself in a difficult situation fending off unsolicited advances from another woman, add in a health issue for Justine and you have a marriage unraveling that you desperately want saved. What transpires is a delicate tale of raw emotions from a complicated marriage that is striving to succeed. Through the power of prayer and faith in one another, Justine and Joshua are able to find that love can conquer all. Karen Wiesner has written a riveting story about a married couple trying to find their way back into each other’s lives. I thought this was beautifully written with an inspirational message throughout. The struggles facing Justine and Joshua are extremely well written with extraordinary detail of their vulnerabilities. Highly recommended.” ~Emily for Single Titles

4 1/2 Stars! “What an emotionally packed tale! I read this very quickly because I found myself so immersed in the lives of both Joshua and Justine. You can tell (feel actually) that they love each other very much but don't really know how to express it. Once again this author allows you see inside the heads of our lead couple so you know just what they're thinking, and I really do enjoy that. I loved Joshua. He was all the things a good hero should be—kind, gentle and protective, but he really had difficulty with expressing his feelings. I liked Justine. She was very capable and yet unsure. I enjoyed watching this couple strive to redefine and save their marriage, grow as individuals, and learn how to be with each other. I also loved their daughter Vashti. She was so bubbly and interested in helping her parents. There is a little twist near the end that was great. I must confess that the missions trip is my favorite part in this story. I can see myself going back and reading that again. Great dialogue. If you've ever had problems in your marriage, many aspects of this story will be relatable. It deals with sin, guilt, forgiveness and love.” ~Sherry for Love 2 Read Novels Blog

4 Stars! “This is an interesting story of a couple facing their upcoming empty nest as distant companions instead of supportive mates. After 18 years of marriage, Justine still believes that Joshua only accepted their marriage out of duty as he has never really expressed his love for her. She has allowed guilt for her youthful sin to smolder, diminishing her own self-worth. She feels she is a burden to Joshua. Joshua works with his hands building unique and beautiful furniture. He believes his smart and professional wife is self-sufficient and doesn’t need him. It seems they have nothing in common except their daughter, Vashti, whom they adore. Now that Vashti will be going away to college, there will be nothing to hold them together. Neither Justine nor Joshua have learned to communicate in their marriage. Jos
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